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Breaking of engagement

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louis.brandon99@gmail.com (louis.brandon99@gmail.com)     10 September 2011

Thank you so much Rohit. I will talk to her asap. But please let me know if any laws are involved in this case that can harras me in any way. As I posted earlier that I am not going to accept any kind of money from girl's father but there are certain laws which he can misuse to torchure me. So please advise me in terms of laws. 

Again thank you so much for these suggestions..

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     10 September 2011

There are two types of cases, the girl's father can file against you.  the first one is civil suit for damages for breaking the engagement and the second option is to file a complaint before the police that you demanded dowry and it can become a criminal case.

If you decide not to marry that girl, to avoid this complication or minimize the problems you may face, file a detailed complaint before police about his black mailing and keep a copy of that with you.  You also write a detailed letter explaining every thing and your innocence and send the same to girl's father by speed post and keep a copy of the same with you along posal receipt.

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louis.brandon99@gmail.com (louis.brandon99@gmail.com)     10 September 2011

Thank you Adv. Chandu. I was expecting this kind of solution. I will start this process now and will let you know about further situations. 


Now,it is the thing that the girl's father has a filed a false case based on demand of dowry.Now,I am not able to decide what to do.Please guide me with some solutions of the case.

Mahesh (Owner)     07 November 2011

Sir, what kind of a person you are! You claim to be a defence personnel but can not defend your stand in front of your parents. Really shame on you. Had you stated the same before engagement, that good girl would not have gone through the rough patch. I am male but I also have sisters,daughter etc. and I know what kind of social pressure the girl will face after this engagement breakoff. I smell something fishy here cause you did accept the amount of 50 thousand and now may be you are not ready to return the said amount.Also, I believe the amount of 1.5 lakhs is too low. If I were the father of that girl, not only I would have put you for a lot more amount but also I would have filed a law-suit for social defamation against you.

Please pay the father of the girl the amount he rightfully owes you and also be thankful to them that they are sparing you from further lawsuitsif any.

I also think that you and your parents are breaking the engagement for the sake of dowry and now when everything is going against you, you are crying hoarse. It is just because people like you, innocent people who do not demand dowry get behind bars.

You sir, are really a jackass.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     07 November 2011

do u have recording / evidence of them asking u 1.5 L for settling.

collect proofs , evidences , try to record their demands on electronic media.

contact a good criminal lawyer, no harm will be there to u or your family.. dont hire a matri lawyer.

if they are really making a false case , you are lucky you did not marry her.

u too can file criminal cases against her and her family for implicating u falsely.

Aishwarya (Teacher)     08 November 2011

U can meet the demands only what had been genuinly given to u, not more than tht.

.u can still amicably solve the issue with help of society members ,

rather going for filing any cases as it would be the best way out to avoid any social problems that may turn legal otherwise if u still intend to

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     09 November 2011

The moot point is, why got engaged under pressure?


If you have done something which is ethically wrong, you should be liberal in compensation.





Shonee Kapoor


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