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Best way to fight against false domestic violence

Page no : 5

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (rockysmith4calcutta@gmail.com))     09 September 2015

The Magistrates have power to register perjury however unfortunately they don’t exercise it (Because of corruption). The accused should submit an application/petition before them.

Atur Chatur (LAWYER ADVOCATE NOT REQD BECAUSE I FIGHT MYSELF PARTY-IN-PERSON (aturchatur@yahoo.com))     09 September 2015



I was intimidated by ASJ to appear PIP for FA. I forwarded few letters & guided PIO & FAA that r/w sec-27/28 of RTI Act it is NOT mandatory & even the FAA / ASJ does NOT have powers to summon the applicant. At the most he can inform the applicant as per law of natural justice that if he wishes he can attend the FA hearing. I also submitted my legal & technicality based arguments.


DAK deptt refused to accept & I put their name & wrote to DJ just one day before FA hearing which reached DJ just minutes before FA hearing.


RESULT:- No decision on FA. Matter on hold. No information anywhere at https://delhidistrictcourts.nic.in

Further, this lego-technical issue requires Ld MM (DV) and PIO and ASJ and DJ all to sit together and make a stratgy to decide FA because they are in a fix because as per the FA by me their has been malafide intention between few authorities & PIO (District Court) and these authorities are none other than Ld MM (DV) and ASJ and DJ itself involved in this connivance & the technicality relates to the involvement of Ld MM (DV) in Court Record Tampering & thereby initiation of ACTION by relevant authorities. This is also a success for me regarding judicial goonism faced by me two days back (posted above). Thanks all you guys for the blessings due to which I have got this excellent birthday gift between 1am to 2am. Further time-based technical proofs have been gathered by me so that if they will try to do any bias/ discrimination then I will use those proofs. Hopefully I won't be burdended by them to use those further proofs against them & they might dismiss the DV so that I can launch many other fights/ agenda's based on that complaint for which I resrved my right thru APPROX 550 PAGE WS (mostly thru Lego-Technicality based Preliminary Objections). Thanks all.

498 A fighter (Advocate)     10 September 2015

Rocky Smith

sir, i am contested this as she filed it in march 14 i appeared in it on july15 after she gave publication the main objective of me is i am giving her divorce on my condition not on her secondly she lied in her petition which may be useful to me in my 498A  if her evidence again change then i got more evicences against her if i wont contest then i am not able to use her application in other cases as all her application differs they are useful to me..........as contradiction arise in all lastly i file divorce on the basis of cruelty of 498 A 

the most important is untill 498A will not finished i dont allow her leave free as this is our 498A victims strategy.....

Atur Chatur (LAWYER ADVOCATE NOT REQD BECAUSE I FIGHT MYSELF PARTY-IN-PERSON (aturchatur@yahoo.com))     10 September 2015

Originally posted by : pleasant
ld. advocate,
read news " Fake address epidemic has bailiffs on the run " in Pune Mirror | Sep 12, 2014, 02.30 AM IST and shocked to know it is a routine practise.
like to know why does not it attract 'perjury' to misguide the hon'ble court as well giving false information on sworn affidavit on oath.

besides, please give the full name stands for cited below various public authorities u described  FA on District Courts, and FA on HC

be pleasant

FA = First Appeal

HC = High Court

SC = Supreme Court

REG/VIG HC = Registrar Vigilance of High Court
UIDAI = Unique Identification Authority of India
AERO/CEO = Assistant Electoral Registration Officer
RTO = Regional Transport Office
RPO = Regional Passport Office
MHA = Ministry of Home Affairs
PHQ = Police Head Quarters

Further, I got little busy with upto 300 representations per month including RTI, FA, SA, FA Arguments, FA Advise, FA based RTI's, FA based representations, Complaint u/s 18(1)(a) RTI Act'2005. Currently trying to break in the sub-judice blockage / restriction imposed by SC to rstrict the flow of information. Sought compensation of 25,000 from AAI through CIC. I will become active again as & when I get time. Please keep posting queries. I might reply in brief if busy. Thanks

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Atur Chatur (LAWYER ADVOCATE NOT REQD BECAUSE I FIGHT MYSELF PARTY-IN-PERSON (aturchatur@yahoo.com))     12 September 2015

My Success with Judiciary (First Appeal) Respected FAA (District Court) has given me such a reply that it opens doors for both Complaint & Second Appeal (but I might go only for SA as information is more important than just seeking compensation arising out of inaction by judiciary on lego-technical fallacy highlighted by me in the light of court record tampering). Further, since I raised questions on connivance of high rank judicial officer/s & PIO hence they have tried to get a way out by allowing my first appeal partly which would just give them way out to go for manipulations with back dates which of course I will catch very easily if done. Further, my appeal under RTI gave them tough time to decide is proved because firstly they did not passed the order same date. They passed the order after 1 or 2 days but declared it been passed on back date for which I have proofs (to be used at CIC) Secondly, they have tried to tamper my statements within their order sheet related to INTENTION. Thirdly, they have NOT provided me information wrt fact whether there is any second appellate authority in existence or not which is mandatory to be discloed under the RTI Act, 2005 while disposing off first appeal by FAA/RTI. Furthermore, many more points I have caught & hopefully I will be able to vehemently & specifically prove to the Hon'ble CIC the malafide intention of PIO & FAA who worked in connivance (preceded by PIO & High rank judicial officers who worked in connivance to ignore my same point). I will post the details after posting my CIC second appeal against order to FAA (COURT) under RTI. Thanks all of you for the best wishes.

Atur Chatur (LAWYER ADVOCATE NOT REQD BECAUSE I FIGHT MYSELF PARTY-IN-PERSON (aturchatur@yahoo.com))     13 September 2015

@jatinder Singhania, One need to go Party in Person ONLY if you are about to challenge the wrongs done by judiciary
Originally posted by : Jatinder Singhania
respected hon'ble atur chatur sir, i found your blog https://documentsmisplacedbycourt.blogspot.in really helpful to help overcome gender bias. i want to know whether i go through a lawyer or party in person will bear better results against a biased judge.

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Atur Chatur (LAWYER ADVOCATE NOT REQD BECAUSE I FIGHT MYSELF PARTY-IN-PERSON (aturchatur@yahoo.com))     30 September 2015

latest update:-

i have received threats from a public authority official, in response i have filed a RTI instead of a criminal complaint in ps as these threats relate directly to my RTI's & complaints to public authorities. lets pray for success, fingers crossed.

498 A fighter (Advocate)     30 September 2015

If any problem arise please tell us without hesistaition we are always with you for any support whatever is possible.... dont feel harrased ever......fight with courage and to kill opponent..

Atur Chatur (LAWYER ADVOCATE NOT REQD BECAUSE I FIGHT MYSELF PARTY-IN-PERSON (aturchatur@yahoo.com))     08 October 2015

My beloved's license is about to be cancelled I guess as I received a threatening call from DTC Headquarters. I intended to file a PS complaint but relied on RTI instead to find out who disclosed my DND number to them which I never use in any of my communications.

Hidden Fact:- I filed Complaint to DTC Hq's (RTO) & also FA to RTO and it semed to be a pressure tactics to threaten me. But I have asked the other way round so they will themselves come out with the facts.


Further, on last court date my first girlfriend tried to seduce me. She herself has filed divorce but she is herself seducing me so I am confused. I need opinion of you guys (PM me). Please tell me through private message your opinion whether I should work fr my family of should I work for my nation. I mean FAMILY FIRST or NATION FIRST. Should I keep fighting for all these identity frauds done by her in various institutions or should I accept her back if she wants to come back? thanks 

b.goheel   08 October 2015

admirer of tactic of ur counter attack cum defense.

Atur Chatur (LAWYER ADVOCATE NOT REQD BECAUSE I FIGHT MYSELF PARTY-IN-PERSON (aturchatur@yahoo.com))     09 October 2015



got success from UIDAI/PIO who has informed me in writing that her previous aadhaar card is valid which means her subsequent attempts to get an aadhaar card in another name were fraudulent & invalid.

I am now looking for right time to place these proof on record. three important info from banks, cic & another confidential deptt coming thru RTI & I will club this proof with those to make a strong case. thanks all for your blessings

Atur Chatur (LAWYER ADVOCATE NOT REQD BECAUSE I FIGHT MYSELF PARTY-IN-PERSON (aturchatur@yahoo.com))     09 October 2015

Originally posted by : b.goheel
admirer of tactic of ur counter attack cum defense.


Thanks, I call my tactic as KABADDI TACTICS wherein I have put zero allegations on my beloved. Even though she may be wrong but still I have not even mentioned a single allegation against her. Instead I have just pulled her words & put those back in her nazuk neck so if she will push her petition then her neck will itself be pulled ny her own actions & I am sitting quitely. Similarly, my tactics is just to work for the nation so if I have found something wrong done by my beloved then I have simply informed all those authorities that SEE this lady has done this fraud & this comes under this/those sections. I have nowhere mentioned spouse to get any info. I have not even mentioned matrimonial dispute or FIR due to which I need info. I have simply mentioned this is wrong as per your own prospectus & I being a noble citizen am informing you and that your esteemed authority is bound to take action. And if you do not take action or connive then I shall have no option but to move the higher court/ authorities all because I am a noble & honest citizen of India & I can not see any wrong being done in the society.


REMEMBER:- NO FALSE CASE ON ENTIRE EARTH IS STRONG ENOUGH TO PUT YOU IN JEOPARDY. Read my first post at page one of this thread to find out my original tactic. Best Wishes !!!

Atur Chatur (LAWYER ADVOCATE NOT REQD BECAUSE I FIGHT MYSELF PARTY-IN-PERSON (aturchatur@yahoo.com))     17 October 2015



Situation 1) Gave complaint against Judicial Officers of upto high ranks of Delhi High Court to Supreme Court of India.  


Situation 2) District Courts Judicial Officer gave me certain hints which seems that he/she is about to make blunderest mistake which if he did then I will be in a position to get a judicial precedent (but a lot of efforts will be required I guess as the above situation 1 has some ingredient/ hnits in retaion thereto). I will write more once that mistake is officially stamped.


Situation 3) Situation 2 officer seems to have called OP and guided them for a big drama to protect his/her wrongs which I am about to expose (hopefully I might be able to go that way). A lot of pressure but I will be hopefully soon out of it with flying colors.


Situation 4) In my life I was never intimidated so much as happened to me recently by aforesaid officer level (illegally), Just looking for his right mistake to take my next step. 


Friends, Sorry for not disclosing some facts as the matter is sub-judice. But let that officer make the mistake which is in my mind & for which I have non-rebuttable evidences & I might have to work very very hard to get success due to corruption prevalent at various levels of J & of course intimidation. In a lot of pressure right now as work load has increased but I will achieve hopefully all on time. Thanks all wellwishers & others for your best wishes as I was thinking about many of you when I was feeling powered from inside.

husbandinneed   07 November 2015

Dear Atur,

I have a question,

My wife filed DV on me earlier this year, I filed for child access and visitation. To which i got an order for custody of my child everyday, monday to saturday. 

My wife refused to obay this order and did not followed this even for single day, i filed contempt prtition in the same (JMFC) court, but now i know this court may not take any action on this contempt petition.

What can be the solution out of this? 

My lawyer has filed for DV case dismissal based on the fact that she has not obayed the same court order and thus the mail application must be dismissed....


i need some technical help and understand how can I put this case more strongly,


Atur Chatur (LAWYER ADVOCATE NOT REQD BECAUSE I FIGHT MYSELF PARTY-IN-PERSON (aturchatur@yahoo.com))     26 November 2015

@husbandinneed, If you do NOT want an application to keep sleeping for years in the court backyard then you need to PRESS THE APPLICATION.

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