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Victim of Greed (Worker)     03 July 2013

Attempting suicide twice in frustration

Hello Experts,

My SO-CALLED lady tried to attempt suicide twice after marriage. She had issues with my parents post marriage. She did not wanted to stay with my parents because she love freedom but she had never revealed about this before marriage. So, she had made a perfect plan to make me stay seperately by going to her maiden place one fine day telling me and my parents that she will be back within a weeks time. on the 7th day, when i called her up to ask when is she returning back, she said that she do not want to stay with my parents so she will only come back if i take up a seperate house on rent. I tried my best to convince her but she is very stubborn and even her parents were supporting her and had always been supportive for her even if she take any wrong decision. She was one month pregnant and so thought to better stay seperately for a year or two from my parents till everything gets sorted out.

So, finally i took a house and this maharani started staying with me. Ofcourse, it was only me and her staying in that rented house. 10 days passed by, and she used to get frustrated on any silly things... Absolute silly things such as paperboy did not deliver newspaper in time and bla bla bla... I was zapped seeing her wierd behaviour.

Then, on the same day, I had some conflicts with her and she got so damn frustrated that she took blade and was about to rip off her left hand vain but i stopped her. This was her first suicidal attempt.

It was my biggest mistake that I did not inform about this to a nearby police station as I thought she might not repeat the same thing again. But i informed her parents about this and she did not admit that she had made such attempts. I did not inform about this incident to my parents as they will surely blame me for living seperately from them and staying with such maharani.

Months went by, and I invited her parents to stay with us as I got scared about her suicidal tendendy. She then delivered a boy and after he was one month old, there was an another incident where she told me not to go my granny's place as she dont like them. I paid no heed to her baseless argument and I met them but when I came back home, she got very aggressive and took a bottle of Phenyl in her hand and was about to consume but her dad stopped her doing so. This was her second suicidal attempt. Again, I did not inform about this incident to the police station thinking that her parents are witness at the time of this incident.

Instead of making her understand about her mistakes, they were convincing me to stop being in touch with my parents and all relatives.

I had no other option but to inform about the scenario to my parents. The day after her 2nd attempt, she went to her maiden place for recreation. We were in touch over the phone and again we both had conflicts on the phone but I do not know whether she again comitted suicide there.

Since, she was already at her maiden place, my parents called them up and told her parents that if this is going to continue then we will not be held responsible. They agreed to it and my dad told her dad to take signature from her on a letter which states that she had already committed suicides two times on silly issues when she was living with her husband. Henceforth, she will not commit any suicidal attempts and if she does, no one will be held responsible. Also, she will visit Phyciatrist if needed.

The above contents were already been finalised over the phone with her dad and I handed over the letter at her maiden place. He told me he will read it over again and will tell her to sign accordingly.

10 days passed by but they did not turn up so I called him up asking about the letter and he was very much rude saying that she is not willing to sign on any letter.

I had no option but to approach the Family Court for divorce. At the time of counselling in the Court, she has a peculiar style of crying out loud in front of the counsellor saying that she was been forcibly pushed out from the rented house and she never attempted suicide two times. Even her dad denied to reveal of any suicidal attempts done by her wonderful daughter. Instead, she had put allegations saying that I have forcibly pushed her out of the house and told her to sign a letter.

Now, fortunately, I have all her messages on my cellphone in which she had admitted that she had committed suicide two times and one audio recording of the telephonic conversation too.

My question is :- Can messages be considered as core evidence if they are not altered ?

I have backup of these messages on my computer already but my nokia cellphone is not working anymore. So, is it okay if I restore these messages from the backup (using Nokia PC Suite) which is already taken on my computer to some other handset ? Just for you info., if I restore all messages using Nokia PC Suite, then all messages sent from the recipient will be retained as-it-is. Other alternative is, I can show all messages on computer screen to the Judge.

Please suggest me for the best possible option.


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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     03 July 2013

She needs psychiatric help.  In the counselling session, you get her accepted for psychiatric counselling and take her to psychiatrist and get her case file prepared finding out the reasons for her suicidal tendency.  If any untoward incident happens in future, that her medical file will help you defend from the allegation of abetment.  It is a better piece of evidence than any other type of evidence in divorce case as well as any potential criminal case.  

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Victim of Greed (Worker)     03 July 2013

Thank you Mr. Chandu,

I had always been emphasizing in front of the Counsellor for her to undergo psychiatric help but she had denied to do so and the counsellor did not utter a single word.

However, I will keep requesting the Jugde for her to undergo psychiatric help, but till then, I hope messages exchanged between me and her will be taken into consideration.

fighting back (exec)     03 July 2013

yes.  msgs are admissible evidence, you need to submit your handset in the original condition, dont give it to the repairing centre, the court will sent it to the FSL, if you do it, then it will be tampering, make cds of it along with transcriptts

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Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     03 July 2013

recently i had some case like this were his wife was also attempting in similar situation and once she was admitted into hospital and she was shifted to her parents house and the husband filed rcr through me and we succeded and she came back to him with extra power in the sense lot of discussions were gone between wife and husband and parents and one month they stayed together and now husband shifted to jaipur and also his wife is staying happily tne case is one year old and they are happy right now 

before transferring to jaipur he had taken a break of one month and taken her to kollam and ooty and stayed there had a happy life and he had a very health discussion in mean time he had taken her to doctor and he also treated her and told no problem and now they are happy

some times we should come down when opposite party is scolding us but we should be very careful in such peculiar incidents 

now already you have filed divorce and the messages with date and time will work as evidence and also do not erase the phone number and take a print out and show it as evidence in the court 

if possible if everything goes well take her out side for couple of days and have a good life if you think of reconciliation 

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Victim of Greed (Worker)     03 July 2013

Thanks everyone.

Unfortunately, the cellphone which contained those messages is actually misplaced while shifting my residence. Am sorry to mention that it was not working.... However, I do have the backup files which will also show the date and time I have backed up those messages. And also, If i restore those backup files to any Nokia cellphone using Nokia PC Suite, all messages including date and time will be retained automatically. So, Can i opt for this option ?

What I would like to ask you is, is it okay if I will restore all messages to another Nokia cellphone and show to the judge ? Everything else will remain the same except the handset. OR should i remove printouts (screenshot) of those messages and show as evidence which will show her cell number, date and time of messages also ?

Kindly suggest !!!!

Victim of Greed (Worker)     03 July 2013

@ Mr. Mahesh,

Thanks for your expertise but I am not interested in reconciliation as she is more interested in removing money rather to live happily with me forever. If she really want to come back, she wouldnt have approached women's social cell long before I had filed my divorce petition.

Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     03 July 2013

yes once a legal battle starts from any one person then there will be very limited options to reconciliation and why i was asking this reconciliation because you had given only her mental behaviour suicidal attempts and nothing about and recently you may have read in a newpaper that in mumbai court about 100 divorce cases are given chance of 6 months for reconciliation to speed up the process and to reconsider there plea 

and the print out will work as a valid proof and also save in the computer 

Rakesh Prashasr (CEO)     03 July 2013

Dear Members,

I m suffering with thesame problem, but not approched the court or police.

I have various recordings, not tempered but i have copied them from my cell (now not on cell ) and put it in the pendrive, to be saved.

as cell can be lost or damaged.

will this recording now be admisible? as i have not tempered them, only copied in the same format.



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