are gods dreams of men ?

I came across an excellent article

"GODS ARE DREAMS OF MEN: The Story of Darwin, Creationism, Evolution and Law" by Honorable Justice Yatindra Singh, Judge, Allahabad High Court. This article is available on Allahabad High Court's website. In the context of some of the issues discussed in the article, I would urge that:

1. God is men and men are God - one in all and all in one - "तत्वमसि" . The ultimate thing is smallest as well as the biggest at the same time - "अणोरनीयान महतोमहीयान" and "यथा पिंडे तथा ब्रह्मांडे" .

2. A person dreams for few minutes while sleeping when his mind creates an universe of itself in which there may or may not be the things of awaken life. It can be said that the life is a bigger dream of soul and the universe is even a bigger dream of a greater soul.

3. There may or may not be existence of God but belief in it's existence is extremely desirable in the interest of society.

4. Unless the existence of God is disproved it should be treated as proved, because, the society in general believes in it. One set of the evidences of common belief in the God is the oath taken (in the name of God) by the Honorable Judges and Parliamentarians themselves and oath administered on litigants in the courts.

On the basis of above 3 and 4, may I submit that the believers have - primafacie case, balance of convenience in their favor and apprehension of irreparable loss; and thus they fulfill the conditions for grant of interim injunction restraining the atheists from propagating any adverse ideology that may be injurious to the orderly society !!!

To see the article of Honorable Yatindra singh kindly scroll in "other head lines" of high courts' page or click on this link . You may have to wait few minutes to open it.



Thanks sir, It is something like " When you are telling something to the God, You are Praying. But when God is telling something to You, You have Schizophrenia."


Thank you Mr. Jayasawal !

There may be some instances creating confusion between schesofrenia and spiritually under developed state of mind. But, I think that a person who has reached  realization would not behave in such a way . Further spiritual power is not easy to bear . Highly inflamable fuel can not be stored in an ordinary bag. Even Arjun who was friend of Lord Krishna, was not able to see the  form of God by his phisical eyes. Krishna provided him special vision to see the God -

तु मां शक्यसे द्रष्टुं अनेनैव स्वचक्षुषा
दिव्यं ददामि ते चक्षु: पश्य में योगमैश्वरम ॥  (Geeta, 11/18) 

One could say that "Shukdev" was chizophrenic when he was walking naked and was completely detached from worldly affairs. But he was so realized that the trees spoak and answered to his father "Vedavyas" on his behalf.How it did happen? - Shuk dev was so realized that all phisical barriers, not  amongst human  beings only, but even between human beings and other natural objects had vanished for him. He was perfect example of all in one and one in all !!!




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