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Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     30 June 2016

7th pay commission


If someone can / wants to challenge .....



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JustAdvisor (IT)     30 June 2016

i believe that government employees should be paid salaries at par with market standards. this would create a corruption barrier hopefully. it won't eradicate corruption though.

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     30 June 2016

* Compare at any level, were the salaries any less for the sort of pEEErmanence, pampering etc etc?


* It is being agreed Corruption will not reduce. Then what is the raise for? Why should well fed roll callers be paid more at our cost?


* I quote my own case: Even minimal money does not come in honest ways. I cannot thieve, plunder etc. Costs increased. I cut even on food, became anaemic & was admitted in Emergency in Gvt hospital. I dread to think of what is to come.


I am sure you are able to see that I am well qualified, technically competent. Thus, the issue is, if this is the case with me, what will happen to the lower end honest people? RAISE UP FRIENDS, RAISE UP. LATER ON, WE CANNOT EVEN SURVIVE IN OUR OWN PLACE

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     01 July 2016

Originally posted by : P Suresh

If someone can / wants to challenge .....


what/why you want to challance.

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     01 July 2016



There are many many people who are suffering deprivation etc. I am sure you are abreast with issues on the LCI forum & would like to draw your attention to Sh, T.V Krishnamoorthy's  grievance at the thread "Improve Justice". He has been a digitization specialist at the times when the world did not even know of it. Today, he is not getting pension. Those salaries were triffle for the services from such sorts of rare gems. This is the same with many many top notch who served in PSUs etc. - My real life woes have been recorded in this very thread. - There are many many more people with many, many more heart rendering issues.


The point is: How many people deserve what they are taking home? Are they doing justice? V/s Real life conditions of the huge population that feeds them. Sir, every nia paisa matters. Contributors are suffering all sorts of problems & it is all luxuries galore for those who somehow got their names enrolled. 


The rest are not even able to get money in honest ways (No Jobs, etc)., But pEErmanent, timely Pay Commission to these select few & now this too! This is going to offset even more. There is NO JUSTIFICATION FOR THE PAY COMMISSION (TOPIC). THUS, IT IS HOPED THAT IT WILL BE CHALLENGED FOR THE SOCIETAL GOOD.


FACTS WORTH PLACING ON RECORD: (Points on Top Of Mind included here at this point of time)

1. The erstwhile govt set it up just 3/4 days before the last date & elections were announced soon after. 

2. This is a major decision & affects entire society. But the setting up of the Commission was not at all discussed in public.

3. People neither the language fully or know how to reach their views & make all the difference.

4. This is also true with regards to their education, using money.

5. The Gvt is taxing the taxed & rewarding the rewarded.

6. The real life conditions of even lowest strata on rolls is much better than the more educated,, unfortunate who could not get Gvt jobs. Thus, what is the justification for increasing the gap even more?

7. India was amongst peaceful, respected countries in the world. People were hard workers, experts in their own fields, loved peace, lived simple lives & these caused highly moral conscience society. But today, even youngsters talk “Paisa fenko”.

8. This sort of money is offsetting time tested professions & killing them.

9. The Commission has not specified sources that will feed the salaries for such huge numbers; number of employees etc (Even on detailed RTI. Further, it refused even an appointment). Now the Gvts will go on increasing the costs, taxes to offset their burdens & the entire weight will fall flat on the common man who is already cutting even on his food.

10. The corruption, non-accountability will not reduce.

11. The case is not that ALL beneficiaries are top notch & things like that.

12. The case is not that ALL beneficiaries are toiling hard, contributing their best etc. Some are not doing even minimal justice.

13. The very employment cost the respective peers etc (rest of the society) something or other & are suffering amputations.


It will be nice if you (or anyone else too) take up the issue of challenging the Pay Commission in Court/apt authority.

Thank You,

Sh. P. Suresh

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     09 July 2016

anyway.  salaries need to be better.

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     09 July 2016

Originally posted by : Sudhir Kumar
anyway.  salaries need to be better.


Almost all of the traditional, time tested jobs that had got India a place in the International Scenario have all got mauled. The families spend their everything & educate their kith & kin to add value to the profession, fame to their families, Nation. But the kith & kin have all turned foreign, this & that. The Indian systems have all lost, are losing their value. While the foreign systems want to kill them, the kith & kin have all got corrupted.


The system in place is highly deficient & lacks self-sustainablility right in its design. Even RTIs have not neither begotten even basic definitions, sources that will feed the mechanism etc nor sensitised the LEEEEdeers. Increasing taxes, costs, cutting weights etc will be the only way out. People have got forced to invest their everything in the system & they/their kith & kin are not getting returns the way they used to get to keep their head high up. What a calamity, more & more of pains.


But, the system is happily coming up with bills, more & more to erode nature (some field, water body, mountain, animal, this or that in some nook & corner or other) to generate Paper money. Nothing much, almost nill of worth while work is happening for the sorts of investments that are being sucked up forcefully.


While the true leaders are suffering, the LEEEaders are on the look for an opportunity to go on foreign trip, make speaches, have gala, this & that & are doing a damn for the Indian society. All these are happening at the money out of blood, sweat. EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG FOR THOSE WHO PLACED TRUST. More & more imbalances are getting created & most of the population who were otherwise happy have all lost their everything & the costs are forcing them to cut even on food.





If it is taken up for challenge ....

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     31 July 2016

any expert could comment if anyone can understand even a single word what Mr P Suresh has said.

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     31 July 2016

# 8


Originally posted by : T V Krishnamurthy in the thread "Improve Justice"
Pay commissions are fraud on people.

Power groups - elected representatives, public servants, judicial officials, public sector employees for this group and increase ther own benefits and entitlements in tandem.

All public servant benefits can be linked to average pay of workers and professionals and there is no need for pay commissions.



Originally posted by : Sh. P Suresh in the thread "Improve Justice"
# 22

.... Absolutely right. Only such system can be self sustainable. Lest, someone eats & eats for entire life at someone else's cost. ...... 


Very mechanism that scribes people's name on rolls is full of fraud & double fraud. - pEErmananance DOBLES THE FRAUD & FROM THEN ON THERE IS NO CONTROL AT ALL: TIME BOUND PROMOTION, PICNICS ALL ACROSS, EATABLES ON & ON- This MACCHINNARY is ruining India's everything: Ethics, work culture, self sustainability, professions that got India at the top most slot......



Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     31 August 2016

# 9


News is that the bank accounts of the mortals who work the least, enjoy the most, politicise & eat up everything will swell up tonight. THEY WILL BE SWELLED & SWELLED & SWELLED FOR NOTHING BIG PERMANENTLY. OTHERS WILL BE STONE WALLED, STONE WALLED & STONE WALLED FOR SWELLING THEM. A GREAT MECHANISM, INNOVATION THAT BLEEDS ONE ONE TO PAY THE OTHER. NOTHING IS WORTHWHILE IN MOST OF THESE S/HES & THIS MEANS. THIS IS YET ANOTHER GREAT DISSERVICE TO FELLOW BREATHREN, UNIVERSAL ENTITIES BY LIEDERS (BOTTOM TO TOP; PAST, PRESENT), THE GREAT INNOVYSHERS! THE GREATS' die-c-SHUNS MAKE SOMEONE CRY. CRY FOR INJUSTICES ALL THROUGH THE LIVES & SOMEONE ELSE HAPPY, HAPPIER & HAPPIER FOR NOTHING TOO BIG! Double standards & the paper that puts one to advantage over all others alone wins in the country that speaks of equality, tollerance etc. Talking one, doing something else makes one become big this & that lieDER & not ingenuity, hardwork. All these are because of the mortals whom we trust by force. The ills are not dying at all. The continuous extensions of ills virtually becomes noose for the unfortunate people.



Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     12 September 2016

# 10


The Delhi transport has virtually got monopolised & metro is threatening to hike fares to Rs. 10 ---> Rs. 50 per trip (one way). All this is summarily due to Pay Commission.


Imagine, sick patients who cannot afford medicines, even food; but are forced to travel for routines. Imagine households that have college goers etc who fancy this & that & do not use cycles etc & use metro even to nearby places, all at the drop of the hat. Why, even necessary travel, whoever it be will be burdened.


All the friendly blue line BHAIAS have changed their avatars & some are even gone (The advancements in science could have replaced their machinery etc & turned them into very useful resources. They were all done away with in an organised manner). Everything is becoming a Gvt this & a Gvt that. Everything is coming under a tax this or that, inspector raj, checking squad etc etc etc.



4 years ago Common man's Cream biscuits used to weigh 100 grams every pack. Today same money fetches 70 grams of ordinary, simplest biscuit. This is also set to go down. There are no jobs. Masters then cheat the workforce in every possible way & not even pay the earned salaries


These are just the beginning. Many many more things are to come, happen automatically.


Delhi, India per se is DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME AS WHAT IT WAS IN 1995. Soon, man will eat man


THANK YOU POLITICIANS, GOVERNMENT MASTERS (there used to be times when they used call themselves servants). THERE IS SOME BLOOD LEFT SOMEWHERE. A billion ideas will tap it too & the machinery will suck it up all in a jiffy.


Land Rover etc have come up with crystal clear real time photographs that suggest that 'Planet Mars', once upon a time sustained life on its surface. There is one more photograph even today https://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/Article.aspx?eid=31808&articlexml=UNRAVELLING-MORE-RED-SECRETS-12092016017017. Planet Earth is all set to follow suit.


Money is needed to the other sectors. They are suffering, will suffer more. GVT FELLOWS DEFINITELY DO NOT DESERVE. BUT THEY ARE BEING PAMPHERED. It may still be reversed. But mortals may not do that. There are far too many secrets, far too much of greed. All happens on common man's account. ---------------- WHAT A WISE             "BY",          "TO",            "FOR"        the people GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN INHERITED! Where to cry? How much? Will anything worthwhile happen.

MANY THANKS, with tears, curses.

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     27 October 2016

# 11




News is that DA has ONCE AGAIN been raised by 2%. This will replicate automatically in PSUs, academies, deemed organisations, educational institutes, State Gvts all across, their XYZs, Local Gvts, their XYZs etc etc. Every roll caller will benefit at the cost of the average society. People's conscience permits to ask these sorts of things you see. All the more, XYZ signs up these sorts of things. Conscience is all dead. The same things happened in mid 1990's in the 5TH PC & in 6TH PC. Very good for children quiz & children's mathematics 1, 2, 3, 4.....8, 10, 12.....  No one is trust worthy. No one. No one. No one is LEADer. Everything is eating for having got enrolled, got power, this & that. The person/s who signs up these things is not the one who pays. It is the common man's money that the person/s signs. - Distinct RTIs have not begotten reply on the sources identified to feed the increase. The beneficiaries did NOTHING big to deserve this. THESE RAISES ARE HAPPENING WITHOUT ANY CLEAR IDEA, DEFINITION, PROCESS CRITERIA ETC.Someone else pays you see & so why not AUTHORISE FORCE in some tricky way. There is no sanctity in PC & this sort of raises. PEOPLE SHOULD ACCOUNT FOR EVERY NIA PAISA THAT THEY TAKE from common pool money.


It is attributed as Diwali gift this & that. But gift to whom, at whose cost, to whom, by whom. The organised groups have been doing same things & will continue doing so. It will keep happening on & on & society, nature will keep paying the price. Where is the recommendation for this? MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHERE IS THE PEOPLE'S CONSENT FOR THIS? Is the person/s who signed it everything? The unseen are going to get affected. This is not a cracker, a new form of nuclear bomb & will affect even generations ahead. Pl. wake up. The fight is very big. Collective action HAS TO stop this nuisance.

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     28 October 2016

# 12



Issues in today's news is presented as a Case Study:
News Item # 1
Oct 28 2016 : The Times of India (Delhi); Page 8
Fees unpaid, students made to sit in library
New Delhi:
On deeper, impartial analysis, both the sides have their points right. One side says Rs.15000 to Rs. 20000 monthly fees & the other side says teacher salary is Rs. 150000 to Rs 200000 each, peon salary is Rs 50000 to 60000 etc etc. 
What suffered? Education.
Who caused it? The handful of persons who signed.
Case above pertains the highest strata of society. Facts in the lower stata of society is worser. With lesser & lesser avenues to earn money in honorable ways, many unseen who have high priority for honesty, self respect/dignity sleep half stomach or no food at all or on water & air TO PAY THE EVER BUGEONING BILLS EVEN ON ESSENTIALITIES & KEEP HIS/HER HIGH UP.         ----               AND the fellows, most of whom do nothing proportionae are......  by the laders.
The mortals are not that big, nor they do anything that big & earn that. What is silently happening in actuality is as below. Timber is great business. So also are fishes, elephant horns etc etc.... Be informed that it has crossing the danger mark:
News Item # 2
Humans have wiped out 58% of wildlife in 42 years
The Times of India; Oct 28. 2010, Delhi, Page 23
Human appetites & activity have driven to extinction over half of all animals with a backbone-fish, amphibia, birds, reptiles & mammals, says the Living Planet Report by WWF-Zoological Society of London

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     29 October 2016

# 13
Special attention is drawn to:
Mike Barrett, Head of Science and Policy at WWF said:

If it's business as usual we will see continued declines in these wildlife populations. But, I think now, we've reached a point where there isn't really any excuse to let this carry on.



Force is being used left, right, centre. When fence eats grass, there is no way out. 


There is no accountability at all. Shortsight is pamphering the persons, while most of whom should be charged for using the facilities. 


Pl. help sound the persons who sign these sorts of SINS & cause miseries to the unseen, uncared, honest brothers & beings.

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     07 November 2016


# 14



Nov 07 2016 : The Times of India (Delhi)

Metro fares may be raised today


.... increased from Rs 8 to Rs 10 and maximum fare should be raised to Rs 50 from the present Rs 30. ....


Diwali bomb is to explode right on the face. Direct consequence of pay cammissan. Cost of every thing will also keep raising with OMs, lectures etc etc.... , all automatically!!

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