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Sunil (manager)     06 March 2011


My wife filed 498a and 506 case against me on 10th Sep 2010, its been 5 months I have not heard back from the court, wifes side are threatning to my parents that they will file more charges and arrest me again and send a written complaint to my office no terminate me from the job...can you please advice me what else they can do to me and may parents legally, wat all cases they can file on us, they already sent me , my parents and my younger sister jail once.

I am too dippressed and i dont want to live more. ashamed. please advice


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Sunil (manager)     06 March 2011

thanks for the advice, but what is my proof? they spread this with their own people and pass the message to us, these people who send the message would not support me in the court.

Sunil (manager)     06 March 2011

what all cases they can charge me for?? (def)     06 March 2011


Plz do not panic so much, u & ur family already been to jail, think worst is over. Do u have any bail protection? Do not feel scared from their threats. Try to record such conversation.

There is no need to ashamed. So many ppl are facing this LEGAL TERRORISM at the hands of these goons. Tell ur boss about the developments urgently. Make a supporters circle (friends & neighbourhood) who may be of emotional/physical help in case of need.

Let the other party start their game. Be bold!!

Sunil (manager)     06 March 2011

thanks for the message, i need more of these... :(

My relatives gave the bail protection... can they file any more cases on me? I have not told this in office yet. few of my close friends knw about this not everybody, i belongs to Chandigrah and i m working in Delhi, so noone knows here wat happened. should i change my job??? i am so confused.. i am waiting for the court summon.

Sreenivas V (S/W)     06 March 2011

Sunil don't worry at all. In the initial stages you will feel all these things. Later you will get adjusted to it. Don't be ashamed at all. I also felt same way like you. In couple of months I understood about this and since 3 years the case is still going on. Now the other side who put this false case are running here and there on how to escape from this and a lot of pressure felt on them. Now they are fighting with their own lawyer for this.

Sunil (manager)     06 March 2011

thanks Sreenivas, i was also keen to knw can they file any more cases on me? for ex: DV

prashant pundhir (Criminal Lawyer)     06 March 2011

Dear Sunil, 

                      I have all of my sympathys with you,but the missuse of 498A is not a new thing . But now 

you have to look forward and protect your family from 406 I.P.C which may be the next step of your wife 

and she will involve you and your family member . Also she will ask mentinance from you .

Advocate Anuj Anand (Advocate)     06 March 2011


Have you heard  barking dogs seldom bite. Still consult some Good advocate as many things need time and place to explain


Vijaymbhave (It Developer)     07 March 2011

Please visit website where 300 judgements related to 498a, Divorce and maintenance are kept. Those judgements are very useful for victims.

Download required judgements which will be useful to your case and submit to the court.


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