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priya (student)     23 May 2011

Woman threatening our family by having affair with dad


we were happy family of 4 with my mother & father living happily together until a low lying women had slowly lured him into the fact that she cud help him get rid of problems created by his brother in his business by jadu,tona,tantra mantra etc. slowlyhe was under his influence & started talking like he is his husband &  he'll giv divorce n live with her.after lot of talking by seniors relatives & finally filing a complaint in police (which i dont have in electronic form so i have not submitted it online)he got back to his senses.after all this our reputation got very low in the society(he was & still Is a reputed man in the society).when she was summoned to police,elders adviced to settle it within ourselves & tell police that we'll solve it.but she is really wicked she said keep me in a separate house from her mother's house & give her maintenance & visit her two times daily.father said that they got married in gayatri mandir,court & she has all the papers & she threatens to produce them in police & sue him for double marriage.he & us all are really confused & desperate to get this thing over.we dont want to destroy our reputation any more so please advice us.
father told her to take 50000 rs & leave us alone,but she dose not want to leave & threatens him everyday to come to him two times a day n give her money 
please help so that my mother's & my family's rights are duly protected  against the unjust & unfair acts of theat wicked woman.
this can even affect my future live of my husband n family
what can i do? 
can we get a restraining order against her? we just want her out of our lives.please help us.


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Your dad is responsible for all the mess he has created,besides this "honourable" woman.He dug his own grave.


I cannot advise on the legality of this complicated case,but I feel that your dad now needs to give her a heavy amount to get rid of her.Still I am not too sure about this aspect.

  I think she can't file a bigamy case against your dad.Only your mum can.But your mum supports your dad.Also this woman was v.much aware of your dad being married,yet married him.She was also an equal party in this crime.So what case does she really want to file?


If they had this relationship only for a few days or weeks or even a few months,I don't think she has right to claim any alimony,all the more also since your dad was  a married man at that time,and now also.

Kindly wait for legal advice here,but also repost your query in EXPERS section under family and criminal laws both.

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priya (student)     23 May 2011

its been 9 years since it started... we knew about it just four years before and filed in police...since then she has been threatening him to provide for her,rent a home,go to her two times ...we really wanna end all this...


For how many days did yor dad and the "honourable" woman live together?

priya (student)     23 May 2011

in 2001  it perhaps started...but were not living together., she used to live in her mother's house..from 2007 we knew n filed a report in mahila thana...then  she removed herself frm her mothers house and threatened her to take a new home and come ther two times morning n night for atleast two hours evryday..

her whole family is on this...all are wicked


I am not so sure,but if they have never lived together like a couple,she can't ask for anything.

That's why I am asking you to repost this entire query in EXPERTS SECTIONS namely CRIMINAL AND FAMILY LAWS as well.Only lawyers advise there.


Hi Priya,
I just got your mail but after reading this, I feel I am not qualified to advise you. I think Meenal is giving you sound advice.

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priya (student)     23 May 2011

ya meenal i did post it under family law


she might say ki he has been physically abusing her or anything which is for female protection and misuse it...

priya (student)     23 May 2011

thnx uma for seeing...i just need any help i cn get...

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     23 May 2011

my dear priya


that woman cannot allege of torture just like that.she needs to prove.


also u may say in court,if at all your case goes there,that if your dad was abusing her all the time,how she managed to have an affair with an abusive man continuously?this is against the law of nature.,u cant remain attracted to a man who harasses you.u cant even have s*x with him,unless he forces.

also if ur dad was so abusive,why did she come out with the abuse complaint only when ur mum and other family elders reunited your dad with his own family?why was she keeping quiet all the time?


it's good u posted your story link on other thread also.let the men there know that having affairs outside their marriage is not just bad for family life,but is a risky affair as well

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priya (student)     23 May 2011

thanx can not only affect us but my future family as well..not to mention about the embarassment...

i am ready to give her money to end it permanently or sue her...just i want to end this ...


Make sure that your dad married her legally.If they married in filmi style,the marriage will not be valid.Is it registered?


If he married properly,know the law.When a man remarries despite his wife being alive,and the other woman is also aware of his marriage,both the man and this other woman can be tried by the 1st wife under IPC,as far as I know,though am not sure.

If this is true,let your mum file a case against her for deliberately marrying a married man.If she can file this case without involving your dad under IPC,ask her to go ahead.Let the tables get turned.She will get scared and escape from your life.


If you are embarassed about your own reputation in your marriage,never take along your husband in any family or police meeting.I am sure all such meetings take place during the afternoon when your husband is at work.If you live only with your husband,minus inlaws,go alone.Also have a hood understanding with your maayka that they should telephone you only during the time when your husband is away,ie,during his work timings.So no one will hear your telecon regarding your parents' issue.If you live with inlaws and they are present around you always,interact with your mayke wale either through mobile phone after going out of your house or through public telephones.See,you have to devise your own ways to avoid getting embarassed




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Check from a lawyer if your mum can file bigamy case against her about which I mentioned above(under IPC),without involving your dad in bigamy case.If yes,ask your mum to go ahead,if money cannot buy her.


Be v.careful in money matters also.If she's a habitual blackmailer,she will harass you even after getting money.


priya (student)     23 May 2011

thnx meenal..but m  currently not married but worried about future...i think they married in gayatri mandir...n probably it will be illegal n void...

mom already had filed a report in mahila thana against both in 2007...people suggested dont take it too far in police, what if she files against ur we gave a written statemnt in thana with the inspectors advice that for now we are settling it out of thana , but she did not settled infact then she was living in her mother's house and after the report she forced him to  rent a house n come to her two times a day n maintain her...

but now 4 years have passed and just because of f ear we wernt able to do anything.. but in future my life could also be affected somehow and this must come to an end..

thats why i am here...


That's what i want to know,how she'll sue your dad,when she herself participated in this bigamy.

Why no lawyers are replying to this query.


Did your dad finally get her a rented house?Any proofs of communication where she's abusing,threatening,blackmailing,etc?


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