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sagar jadhav (employee)     11 October 2015

Will i be in trouble

my dv cleared in familycourt

i found one girl on matrimony site ,she put her status as divorced but she not even filed case ,will i be in trouble by marrying her


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DV  cleared and ready for marriage immediately,what about divorce with R wife? Found a divorced girl on a matrimonial site,better enquire about her profile completely in all aspects and proceed or else U may again have to run after courts.

sagar jadhav (employee)     11 October 2015

answer is not at all related to my query


Firstmakeyour own query clear. we see that many of querists try to hide facts and ask part question that suits their goal.

Law or no law. The boy and girl should not have exiting marriage before they tie the know. Period!

sagar jadhav (employee)     11 October 2015

my query is very much clear and simple english


I will be in trouble or not,question mark

I walk alone (Asst Manager)     11 October 2015

Mr. Sagar. here is the clear answer for you.. You will be in double trouble.

  1. You are not divorced yet. Just a DV case is cleared. Your wife might file it in High court if she is not satitsfied against the judgement & as you are not divorced yet, she has a very good base to file another case.
  2. Since the girl from the website is not divorced yet too, if you marry her, the existing husband can file a case against you.

I hope this clears you query!

One suggestion (if you're willing to take) first get divorced. then think of marrying someone else.


Better get it drafted by someone in a clear way


What kind of question is this? If you marry twice you arebound to be in trouble. This is simple matter any one can understand. Unless a divorce decree is passed by a court of law. You will be deeemd to be married.

See from this angle. A wifeis harassed and cruelty is done to drive her out from home and then husband remarries without divorce? if we allow this thing there will be chaos in society.

sagar jadhav (employee)     11 October 2015

kindly brush up ur english skills its open forum and u r degrading urself by not reading basic english


my first sentence says "

my dv cleared in familycourt



still if u dont understand then plz leave this thread


This is UR 7th query on the same case,which has been earlier repliedand suggested well by all the experts who responded.BY DV(do u mean domestic violence or divorce) make it clear.What do u mean by cleared by family court(U are clear in expressing UR query),If it is dovorce cleared U have to wait till the appeal time limitation is exausted for marrying UR matrimonial alliance.If it is domestic violence cleared  and divorce not granted, even if U look matrimonial profile UR in trouble.Hope U understood my simple english.

sagar jadhav (employee)     11 October 2015

now ok

thanks for ur persistence and thrive to help


1) my divorce is clred

2) she did not even filed divorce but she hide fact from me


Jadhav your attitude not good and respectable. Those who are taking time and replying you, you areasking them to leave thread.

Your english and communication is defective. We need not blame you for this being Indian. But you should show respoect to others

I too understood dv as domestic violence. Cealred is not right word. You could use word granted  by court. Abbreviations should not be used in legal queries.

If you have already got divorce why you are asking questions here? Go and mary any one you find.


I walk alone (Asst Manager)     11 October 2015

Mr. Sagar

Well, I hope you're not an alien calling "DV as Divorce", even Google understands "DV as Domestic Violence" in all ways.

Anyways, still you would be in a trouble (Single Trouble though)

your new wife's ex husband (who eventually is still a husband) may file a case upon you, for having adultry on his wife and marrying his "STILL EXISTING WIFE"

I hope that clears your doubt.

And your another thread of concern, Yes, with a good competent lawyer, your wife still can file an objection on the divorce you obtained after she signed the NOC within 90 days at Higher court.

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sagar jadhav (employee)     11 October 2015

dear friends

thanks for help

plz dont take anything personally


its mcd ,so do I hv to wait 90 days?

also that girl hide fact fromme that she got divorced,so how can her husband book me?


Ignorance of law is no excuse. But yourn marriageb will be null and void.

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