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Nandha (NIL)     18 December 2011

Wife often visiting her parents house

Dear Ld. Advocates,

Can someone clarify me the following:

I am working abroad. Due to some visa problem, i told my wife to stay with my mother & grandmother alongwith our kid (in our matrimonial home). But most of the days in a month she stays at her parents home. Since my mother is also not well, i told her not to stay in her parents home more than 3 or 4 days and look after my mother. Now she is intentionally staying in her parents home the whole month and makes a two day visit to my home. When I confronted this, she says that since i am not in my home she is not bound to stay in my home and look after my mother!

My question is whether the law says that :

if husband is away from matrimonial home:

--'the wife has no obligation to look after the in-laws in matrimonial home,

--it is not mandatory to carry out household duties

--she can stay anywhere away from matrimonial just making a visit to the matrimonial home.

If all the above is not accepted by law, will this make a strong point to prove that she is not interested in matrimonial life and does not care about the home!

Thanks for your reading.



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no.Instead it can backfire your old mom with women biased laws.

Why not you keep a maid for household works and also discuss the matter with her regarding your mother rather than dictating her .

Think of your son not law.


This is no issue at all yaar..

AS A "BAHU" her efforts should be towards winning the confidence of the MIL and FIL..and take charge slowly as time passes...

This does not show that she is not interested in marriage...

Yes, as a good wife, she should also start taking charge of her matrimonial home which includes taking care of your mother..but she is not duty bound...

I feel it is no problem..and please do not make a problem out of it..

If you force will never happen..


Give her time..AND relax


Nandha (NIL)     19 December 2011

@utpala - Thanks for your advice


@Gautam - Thank you so much for your advice. 

Aishwarya (Teacher)     19 December 2011

yeah i agree with gautam ji..

 it even came to me tht why are u here?

..ull get more suspicious , more overly careful and bug ur mind with all this..tht may not help u out in any is to talk out the whole matter with ur wife and even u do what u can to adjust ..let both the sides bend a bit bit..

Darshan Sharma (Lawyer-cum-detective)     20 December 2011

Hire  a detective to report her activiries. She may be staying out for some body else.

Nandha (NIL)     24 December 2011


Ld. Lawyers, 


I have read the following from this forum posted by tajobsindia.



"Wife indifferent to household duties – often go to her parents house – quarrels with husband. Wife held guilty of cruelty.

Standard of proof required - Your and or family members Proof Affidavit statement followed by just cross examination is all that is required to get divorce from a fact that happened in "closed four walls of your home !"."


The first line reads, "often go to her parents house" as one of the cruelties. Whether this also applies when husband is not staying in the same house? In my case, i am abroad but my wife often goes to her parents house without even taking care of my elderly parents!


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