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amit (service)     27 April 2014

Wife left without any reason one year ago...

I got married with a girl (love marriage) from same city. We lived together for 1.3 years.

She left without any reason with her father & brother after that. And its 1 one year now. Her parents live local and they are not ready to talk. They are not telling anything even after I got involved her father's uncle.

She is not in the city. I have come to know that she is living in Delhi lonely. But have no address. Delhi is so big to find a person without any address or clue.

I have proof (video) of her father and brother taking her with them.

Now, her where about is not known and her parents/family is not telling the reason. What I can do? I have been conveyed indirectly that she will not come back she want to live in Delhi.

She has been living in Delhi and I am not aware of her activities. What steps I can take to get Divorce since she will not come back to home?

I have only her parents' address.


Pls Guide.....



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satish bhaskar (Litigant)     27 April 2014

For divorce, as it seems the marriage has broken down unfortunately,  you will have to file case in court, through a lawyer. Meet some lawyers.

Mahesh R. Sonawane (Lawyer/Fight for justice)     27 April 2014

File missing complaint to police station,

after all she is your wife.

If police are not taking any action, then file writ petition in High court.

Vishal Srivastava (ADVOCATE)     28 April 2014

I think first of all u should file a FIR  for ur missing wife.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     12 June 2014

left without any reason with her father & brother


hard to believe.

Gani (No)     13 June 2014

Dear Sudhir Sir

Nowadays the ladies are started to do like this since indian law is not restructured as per current trend. This is the time to wake up the indian law dept to tailor a good law against these kind of stupid fellows. wife affected by husband is old and the new is vice versa.

Dowry law should be redesign to file a case against male. Currently all ladies are using the dowry law opposed to gents for even small matters.

I am also experiencing the same issue. Dont know how to handle such things.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     13 June 2014

you are right but she has left.


There might be some reason (justified or not justified)


This reason can perhps serve as key to mitigate sufferings.

Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     13 June 2014

well  the conclusion of "left without a reason" or with "a reason" only comes to the fore when either police knocks your doors or breaks open your windows OR you get a court summon.

Go again with elders to their parents and this time with voice/image recording gadgets .. asking them where is your wife,you are unable to live with her, her Delhi address and that you want to join her in Delhi.Tell them that you are concerned about your wife and ask them to accompany you to file a missing person complaint. Whether they deny or not  should be all recorded.

satish bhaskar (Litigant)     13 June 2014

Celebrate and enjoy your out of court single status.

Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     14 June 2014

"out of court single status is fine" unless and until you face  the financial consequences of it  read 498,DV and MC. You are well advised to see the long rung financial consequences and act accordingly in your own good interests and not take the disappearance of your wife lightly.A TYPHOON is likely to hit you... a forecast.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     14 June 2014

you have to carefully read and understand what Mr Gautam Kapoor has said.


Peaceful reconciliation (either to live togather or peacefuly seperation) is possible nly whenyou analys the reasons for her leaving rather that believe that she "left without any reason"

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