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kumar   13 July 2017

Wife harassment by suicidal attempts and false complaints


My name is kumar, I got married 7 years back and we have 1 daughter, her age is 6 years.

My wife is immature and has some psychological problem ,due to my job we have been living in separate city, but when my mother or sister comes to my home she never compromise on anything , she talks with them anything without any respect . so they stopped coming to my home, I have no brothers hence I have to take care of my mom also, so when I tried to make her understand to bring my mom to my home, every time it became a war and from the day 1 every time she has been screaming and threatening me with her suicidal attempts to control me, gradually for her it became a weapon to ride on me for all the discussions, all of my neighbours are well aware of her behaviour as she screams like that.

After 2 years of my marriage I called their parents and mentioned I want divorce as in all discussions.she is screaming and threatening me by doing suicidal attempts ,  Her family members blindly supports her whether it is bad or good, but after having lengthy discussions her father & my wife agreed on white papers by mentioning  that till date she threatens me with her suicidal attempts and it won’t repeat in future. I still have those letters.

But after 6 months she again continues with same behavior, I have been trying to change her but didn’t succeed . Last month she went to her hometown and given harassment complaint on me in police station, FIR is not filed yet, Upon recieving call from PS I went to there and explained about her behavior and asked them enquire with neighbors, they did enquiry and found my words are true, So now in PS they asked her to compromise with me but I mentioned I am not ready to take her back as she actually harassing me with her suicidal attempts and with all of these false complaints.  Since i am not agreeing  to take her back, now inspector started supporting her and forcing me to take her back and saying my wife can file many cases on me .

Please help me, I wanted to teach a lesson to her and her family , their hairs should become white in fighting with me.

I am ready to fight with her , do I have rights?  

What is the best approach to start? Should I send any legal notice or should I complain in PS to file any case on her ?

What are the chances of getting divorce with the proofs(Letters written by her father & my wife) I have?

 My wife is post graduate but she didn’t shown any interest in doing job though previously I asked her to do a job, she preferred to ride on me only. My salary is 65k per month, and every month home loan EMI is 45K? how much maintenance should I pay ?

 Do I have any rights to get custody of my 6 years daughter? 

Thanks in advance.




 10 Replies

Kumar Doab (FIN)     13 July 2017

Generate irrefutable evidence and witnesses of everything that you have posted.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     13 July 2017

Mr. Ramesh Singh is right.

It can be stressful,expensive,protracted litigation.

One should not jump and dump oneself in courts and avoid litigation as much as possible.

IN the meantime one should gather irrefutable evidnece.


Ms.Usha Kapoor (CEO)     14 July 2017

Agree with  Kumar Doab's  opinion.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     14 July 2017

Thanks for agreeing Ms. Usha Kapoor.

Ms. Usha Hegde (CEO)     15 July 2017

Wait till she commits suicide. Then remarry.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     15 July 2017

Pls nobody may commit suicide.

It shall be too disastrous for self and families.



veedu (-)     16 July 2017

what kind of human being are u. ur wife is obviously going through some trauma. Instead of taking care of her as a family member, you are trying to dump her for other wordly pleasures. You have lived with her for 7 years and have a daughter. Why do u even label urself as husband and applying for divorce? Whatever u did with that lady is not at all marriage. As a family member, you have to take her to a psychiatrist and take care of her but u are an animal to do this to a patient. U were with her till u were enjoying marital bliss and now since he has a medical problem, u are trying to abandon her. This is not called family and u are not at all her husband so dont strain urself applying for divorce. Your mentality will come out in court. Will you abandon ur daughter or ur mother if they have psychiatry issues? Wat will u do wen ur daughter gets married and her husband abandons when she is going through some issues? Don't u feel responsible to take her to doctor instead of threatening her and her old father to sign in stamp papers?Shame on people like u.

veedu (-)     16 July 2017

U better apply in court then ur dream of second marriage will be shattered as no other self respecting woman will marry a person like u who dumped his wife when she is sick.

veedu (-)     16 July 2017

@Ms Usha hegde, Are u a woman? u r waiting for some human being to commit suicide so that this one husband guy can remarry? Hope u dont get a family and hope ur employees are safe.

A walk alone (-)     16 July 2017

Your story is almost lie. No marriage can survive for 7 years if one partner has some psychological problem. Main problem is as a husband you fail to make a bond between your mother and your wife. You want divorce from starting. You are irresponsible person as a husband or as a father. As a father what you have think about your child after divorce? When your partner need your care you want divorce.
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