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wife give threats of 498 and demands cash and half property

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Adv Archana Deshmukh (Practicing Advocate)     11 September 2010

I don't mean to say that you keep sufferring meekly but, if then you have to be strong enough to fight out the battle.

vipin yadav (none)     11 September 2010

yeah m ready now...i wanna know sumthings bout d case ...can we chat on any messenger adv archana ji? 


@ Vipin,

1. Have patience

2. Set a target date of 10 months ot 12 months from today to file a Pet. for Divorce on grounds of "Cruelties".

3. Till that time record all her acts of cruelties (verbal - non verbal - non cohibitation) etc. Records should be of good quality !

4. You hv. spent 5 L till date as you say and some 4 - 5 years to work out a marriage so spent another year or so and prepare for next level of contest (498a / DV and others).

5. In your presented two briefs there you have no legal way out under current form of Law except helping your wife with best medical (ART) specialist help since she feels insecure minus a child of her own.

vipin yadav (none)     11 September 2010

@ D arun kumar...sir...all my frnds and family members say dat my case may take 5-10 years or it true??

can u suggest me any lawyer who can asuure me dat my case will be done in 10-12 mnths??


i heard dat aftr sum time...every lawyer fixes meeting with other party's lawyer and forced to pay big amount....n at dat time if d client refuses to pay den d lawyer says dat it means never ending case....m so confused



1. Tell me HOW MUCH she is demanding to settle the matter ?

vipin yadav (none)     11 September 2010

ohh she is not demanding .....her father and other member asking for 50 lacs.....they spend just 12-13 lacs in marriage...also her brother got divorced and paid 4-5 lacs....i can give 8-10 lacs...


1. A lady with her family who can spend 12 - 13 lacs in marriage, Sir, do you think she is going to leave you in 8 - 10 lacs ?

2. A husband who is ready to pay 8 - 10 lacs is not family law contest material but a quickie....

3. You will come out of your miseries much cheaper if your keep quite for 10 - 12 months investing into collection of evidences of cruelties via audio / video recordings (these softwares / items in grey market cost under 80 K - 1 lac all inclusive setup cost.

4. In your briefs emerging scenarios even if a honest ld. advocate is guided the deal will fail because the girl family spent nearly 13 lacs as you say which even 5 yrs back was not a poultry farm material.

I somehow can't guide any further in this case. Please pardon me.

Democratic Indian (n/a)     11 September 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen,

As the facts have merged in this discussion and very wisely D. Arun Kumar has declined to guide further in this case. The following are my personal ideas, everyone is free to oppose or support as per their conscience:

The lesson/s that emerged to me, out of this entire discussion till now is that marriage should be based on an emotional and spiritual bond between husband and wife, and NOT on monetary transactions/wastage running into lakhs of rupees. 12-13 lakhs even by today's standard is a life changing amount for most of people in this country. It is wisely said "So shall you sow, so shall you reap." If we base marriage on emotional and spiritual bond, tolerence and sacrifice, we will get the same in return. If we base it on greed and other vices, will will get the same back in return.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     11 September 2010

not infertility but impotency is ground for divorce.

of course, impotency leads to infertility. but both are not exactly equal.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     11 September 2010

mr cheated,

now i am thinking that khap panchyet should take this issue that the infertility should be a ground for divorce. our hindu tradition advice us - marriage is for to begotten for a son, and a issueless person is can not meet the secrament duties to one's forefather.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     11 September 2010

And since when talking of divorce became ground of creulty? It is cruelty to call police for the false reason, throw parents out of home and pass threats, and saying that they will implicated in wrong 498A cases.

- obviousely cruelty, if the case is false.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     11 September 2010

As long as your wife is cooperative for medical treatments you can not say it as cruelity or non cooperation. In case wife is not cooperative in medical treatment or ignore treatment is cruelity. You need to gather all medical records to prove above cause.

- very good and wise explanation.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     11 September 2010

wise and practical guidence by mr arun

vipin yadav (none)     12 September 2010

okk...but wot if they spent 12-13 was not my demand....they did it for their own standard issues......and let me clear 1 more thing.....i also spent about 10 lacs in my marriage.....


okk i knw it may be rediculous but i wanna compare all things side and their side respectively....


                  my side                                                          their side

          gold given about 5 lacs                                gold given about 50 thousand

         dinner - 3 lacs                                                dinner- 3 lacs but now i will less KANYADAAN about 1 lac

                                                                                                 so its about 2 lacs......

          clothes given about 1 lac                               cloths n vehicle given about 5 lacs

          other expenses about more den 1 lac        other expenses about 3 lacs (bcoz it includes engagement

                                                                                       lunch etc)

        total near about 10 lacs                                  total near about 11-12 lacs


okk but its only me n my family who suffer after spending almost same amount.....then y u people ignoring my side???

i think things r much clearer now.....i want ur answers now......


@ vipin


plz follow the advice of archana jee


but i have a feeling that u wrote that your family also spent equal amount of money on marriage as your wife's family just becoz few days back i started a thread which says only girl's family spend on marriage...


r u frenz with the non-lawyer men of family forum,who hate women coz of which u tried distracting the attention of family forum members like this?

as i can see,u newly joined this forum,and wrote abt ur problem at 3:01 AM....even if someone is v.harassed by his spouse and wants legal advice seriously,he will write abt his problem after a good night's sleep,so that he can reproduce all facts of his case perfectly...not at 3 am....and at this time few men of family forum are also awake,posting different i doubt

if i m am wrong, i apologize...and wud again ask u to follow advice of archana...i wud also ask u to take marriage counselling

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