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Why the legal profession is the last choice

Page no : 4

SIDHES JENA (CEO- Jena & Company www.jenasworld.com)     10 November 2009


I know this is a noble profession,  I am not making any comment  to our profession, I respect a lot to my profession that’s why I have left my 7 years accounts practice and started practice in Law, and I am quite happy with my profession, don’t take it otherwise, my only concern is why we are doing such things when everybody knows  that is a wrong thing, why we are not raising our hand for a good cause.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     10 November 2009

 Is a profession?

Ms. Bobby Anand (Advocate)     13 November 2009

I absolutely agree with Ziaul, Law is indeed the most noble and honourable profession and One has to have a cause to do a thing, a cause towards the society, a cause towards the clients  and also a cause for the self... there can be no better cause than serving with sincereity and hard work. The second reason is lack of education at the grass root level, Our system is changing now, National Knowledge commission's are recommending to include a bit of Law in school curriculum also. Instead of insisting on having a system like BA, LLB why can't we have BA Law or there can be a doctor-Lawyer or an Engineer-Lawyer etc.

The day it spreads out and is understood that Law is a necessary element of our life and cannot be confined to law colleges alone the probably everyone should be keen to have some degree of knowledge of Law. This wil prepare Legal professionals who play a decisive role not onl as advocates practicing in courts, but as legislators,judges,policy makers, public officials and civil society activists.


An interesting debate indeed! One thing crops into my mind. If you see how the judges of our country have been delivering the judgments comparatively decade after decade, their quality, appreciation of submissions of both sides. A true lawyer is being killed every day by so many errant judgments. When the word spread about the acts of the errant judgments/judges, our young generation getting vexed about the legal profession. In early times, the judges used to watch both sides' arguments. But today's judges have started opening their mouths in the middle of advocates' arguments which has resulted in gagging the mouths of lawyers and the lawyers are interrupted extensively before completing their submissions. This has also discouraged many good advocates. Another reason is frequent change of judges in a court, which causes a great frustration to a lawyer who has to argue each and every time a new judge takes over the court. How many times a client will pay the fees to his lawyer? It is not worthwhile to take fees only once and argue many times. Hence this profession is not lucrative compared to other professions. In other professions, there is job satisfaction, but not in this. Even a good lawyer finds it very difficult to deliver goods to his client, because he has to face several hurdles right from numbering the case till he gets the judgment copy!!!!!!!!!!! That's why this thoughtprovoking topic has invited so many unending comments.......till the cows return home (as one of our brothers has rightly commented).

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     28 December 2009

 Corporate lawyers practising in the SC are charging crores of rupees.

Almost all the leaders of the freedom struggle were legal luminaries. 

Please name anyone from the legal fraternity after independence who has done any worthwhile service to the nation in the political field. I am talking of service to the nation not becoming a Minister/MP.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     28 December 2009

 By the way, how is the legal profession noble and that of a cobbler not. Those who earn their bread by honest means are all entitled to be called "belong to noble profession".

There is nothing sacrosanct about legal profession. I beg to disagree.

Prodyut Banerjee (Advocate (Corporate Lawyer))     30 December 2009

For me legal profession is not the last choice. I have dual qualification of law and company secretaryship but I would like to start my practice as a lawyer only. I know that there are some bottlenecks to this profession in India in the initial years of practice (this is certainly not the case in the developed countries. Legal profession is the best choice there) but at the same time it is also true that if a person has proper knowledge and toughness to fight, the world will become very easy for a legal professional only within few months of starting practice. 

I understad that the stadard and morale of some lawyers have decreased but it is only our duty to upgrade it again. After all a true doctor and a true lawyer is considered as angel by his/ her clients.  It is our duty to be a friend, philosopher and guide of our clients. The tremendus magnitude of faith and respect a client has on his doctor or lawyer is not available in any other profession. 

G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     30 December 2009

 I agree with Prodyut.

I am a graduate in Computer Science and then i preferred law. Before I complete Law, my Software friends completed their Master Degree and joined in MNCs and well settled as they got good money in their job.

As an beginner of my profession i felt shy and complex to stand with my software friends as they got big bikes, High Development Mobiles, LapTops etc.

But today, all getting advice from me, though they know i am earning a meager amount. This too a quality of this profession.

Though some opportunities came to me in MNCs to join as legal consultants, I denied to go as i have gained knowledge from this profession.

SIDHES JENA (CEO- Jena & Company www.jenasworld.com)     30 December 2009

I am agree with Mr. G. Behera,

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     30 December 2009

 How can one profession be better than the other one? 

Blowing one's own trumpet does not make one's profession superior. I still maintain that the best profession is the one where a person does his job honestly. 

Mihir Kanti Majumdar (Professional)     22 January 2010

It is because uncertainty lies from the beginning and days to come if uncertainty goes different outlook may develop changing the taste and habit as concomitance. So it is opted by those who like to find them  best within uncertainty , and others not as a recourse to option but as their last resort. Be hopeful so long here and no way otherthan go ahead by adjust and compromise accepting uncertainty as life philosophy.

Prodyut Banerjee (Advocate (Corporate Lawyer))     25 January 2010

As per me legal profession was never the last choice, is not the last choice and will never be the last choice. Yes initially it takes some time to establish. This is true for every profession- be it medicine, chartered accountancy, company secretaryship or cost accountancy. In some profession it takes a less time and in some profession a bit more. Regarding uncertainty - practice of every profession involves uncertainty. People who do not want to take chance should go for a job in stead of starting own practice.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     25 January 2010

 Well said Mr. Pradyut. Well balanced and appealing to common sense.

O. Mahalakshmi (Law practiece)     28 January 2010

 Dear Friends,

                    Though Legal profession is a nobel profession, intially there is no income and should have vast experience in the Law field.  The experience will be acquired only after some years.   So many more advocates showing no interest to practice this profession.  Only some back ground law graduates i.e (if his reletive or father) lawyer then they are practicing and getting good income.    


                       Income is not important satisfaction is more important than money.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     28 January 2010

 No body has expounded as to why legal profession is noble and that of a cobbler less noble? If work is workshop, forget the profession.

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