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Why hindus are not allowed for second or multiple marriages?

Why Hindus men are not allowed for second or multiple marriages?

Before HMA 1955, Hindus males were allowed to have more than one wife.

Why that rule got changed ?

If that rule was in picture the Hindus women will be giving respect to husband and his family.

Because they will be knowing if they don't do that next girl is in queue for her husaband.


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Ramanathan G (Independent practice)     14 June 2012

It is for the benefit of hindus, this law is made. In Muslim countries, the Muslims also do not have right to marry more than once, if what i read in News Papers are reliable. Luck is about life and not about marriage.


Can you please tell some Muslime country name where this rule is applicable?

Atleast in India,Iran,Iraq,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Afganistan,UAE etc I did not hear about that.

Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     14 June 2012

join some LL.B course to find out the reasons 


need to have some sound mind to understand the change of law in 1955.

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Ranee....... (NA)     14 June 2012


Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     14 June 2012

It is wrong to say that - In Muslim countries, the Muslims also do not have right to marry more than once,

they allowed upto four as india. it is their religious right, no govt interfere into it.   might be some newspaper spread false information.

Ipc already makes the monogamy as a compulsary rule since it's begining, ie far before independence; but the said law did not applicable strictly as like today.


These laws made by perliament. they are the legislator. intention of the legislators available in notesheets, debate of perliament and the then news. only a research schooler may reach upto that point. anyhow i feel for your feelings.


but one thingh you should appreciate that if females have the right to keep more than one husband, like males, what the consequencies male may face? 

Aftab4u (PVT EMPLOYEE)     14 June 2012


There is no Ban put by any Hindu Scriptures or vedas that a Hindu Cant Marry more than once then why non muslim brothers are restricted to monogamy.


Amit (NA)     14 June 2012

It might be to stop exploitation of women.

Also, as some one pointed about scripttures. Yes, there are no restrictions for a man to marry several women but there are no restrictions for a woman to marry several men either, though uncommon.

Also there are no strict guidelines in our scripttures on how to maintain the interests of all parties in the cae of polygamy and make no injustices are done like in Islam which has laid down guidelines.

Also, scripttures are so vast that some one will find some contradiction somewhere and there's no one scriptture that everyone wish to follow.

So keeping all this, I think there are two options. (1) Allow a man to marry multiple women and vice versa with strict guidelines (2) Allow only monogamy.

Probably the Govt. chose the easy option of (2).

Arjun Gupti (Business)     14 June 2012

I think a man (any religion) who is undergoing 498A should be allowed to remarry as no man will like to live again with the b**ch who has filed a 498A against him or his family members. So he should be allowed to marry again. BETTER SOLUTION IS - when a wife files 498A, she should be granted divorce immediately. So women will be more disciplined before filing fake 498A cases against their husbands. 

Originally posted by :Kiran Kumar

need to have some sound mind to understand the change of law in 1955.

 It means before 1955 our forfathers was not having sound mind.

Other religion scholars who made 1 male to 1 or more women were also not having sound mind.

In my view they were having more sound mind than today's generation.

All these rules were made/influnced by our respected ladies polticians.

Yes, I understand there should be some rule when a husband should do 2nd marriage.


1)Wife is not staying with husband for so and so year

2)Not able to conceive

3)Wife is cruel


Note: A lady should not be allowed for more than one marrige.As per scintific rule and Mr. Zakir Naik also said there are more birth of baby girls than baby boys(If girls are not killed) ,girls can pass STD more easily than male.

if Hindus will not change their rule as per conditions surely suffering Hindus after/before getting divorce will change to that good religion where male are more secure.

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Amit (NA)     14 June 2012


Granting divorce immediately after filing 498A is dangerouos for men.

The lady would file 498A, get divorce, get married to her boyfriend and live happily while the man faces 498A. And also for him to marry again while a criminal case is running against him is hard.



I agree that our forefathers were better judge and had better social sense than we do today. But I also believe that the society should be completely free with strict guidelines against misuse of everything. I also do not buy the argument of STD passing. It's a marriage and not prostitution. If a person has STD and marries another then the spouse will get STD eventually whether man or woman.


Having said that, I believe and as I said in the other threads. People should be allowed to marry whomever they like even if multiple people at the same time. Provided there are pre-nuptial agreements that are just and comprehensive. If a woman has no problems being a second wife why should law any problem? Make pre-nuptial agreement (which spells the current situation of both spouses and their agreed way of leading life) compulsory and most of the matrimonial problems would reduce.

rajiv_lodha (zz)     14 June 2012

Yes I agree, making pre-nuptial agreements legal in India is a FAR SIGHTED APPROACH, SOCIETY'S EVILS WILL COME TO BARE MINIMUM

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Arjun Gupti (Business)     15 June 2012

@Amit - Thanks, and I agree with your explanation. But still I feel there are some women that do not wish to remarry and in the process harass the husband by not giving him divorce easily. So husband is getting f**ked in 2 ways - a) fighting a fake 498A and b) cannot remarry as the wife is not giving him divorce. There are some cases where some intelligent parents understand boy's situation and allow her daughter to marry him but if the first wife is bent upon making his life hell (both 498A and no divorce) then situation becomes very painful for the person and his family members. A genuine girl will file divorce (and not 498A) if she is being harassed. All 498A cases (without divorce) are fake and the only motive is to harass the husband and extort huge sum of money. 

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     15 June 2012

"no Ban put by any Hindu Scriptures or vedas that a Hindu Cant Marry more than once"



- HERE  religious ban not in question: legal ban is in question. It is there not only for hindus but for all except mohamedans.


" It means before 1955 our forfathers was not having sound mind."  -  ha..ha..ha...


MRRpersonality (Knows very little about Indian laws)     15 June 2012

Monogamy is the wisest and the best law ever made in the human history for the good health of the human kind.  Monogamous marriages are the most complex legal puzzles in many countries, especially in India.  Adding one more parameter to it would be disastrous and human kind would have been wiped off by now.

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