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raj malhotra (M.D)     21 August 2011

Wht to do after all this bullshit?

got arrange marriage...totally devoted to my wife...she withold s*x...forced to leave gurdians...left everyone in family and started living with wife as i wanted to start my own life...still wife withold s*x...used her tactics n mind to defame me and obtained money by coercion...lost my job due to mental tension n depression...wife took all money n gold...wife n in laws forced for divorce...now 6 months waiting time is going on...

i lost my respect,job,money,relatives,family,confidence...and i still love my wife...feel like commitin suicide...how to forget my wife...i still love her too much...pls tell me how to do this???


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Aishwarya (Teacher)     21 August 2011

 if there's lil scope for talk and communication give it a try as she must be good to you which is why she still has her place in ur heart..do ur bit..make some efforts..

still you got time 6 months if you can accept and forget the past only then you two can cohabit..demand the same from her to forget the past and restrt a new life .

see you have time thts main thing agar rehna hai toh abhi karo and i see u wish to ,once time is gone it wont come back niether wil she. so ask her for some talk and also see a marriage counsellor.

best of luck


nowadays, its common to loot under the name of marriage... thats why people are demanding financial compatibility or dowry... just forget it as if you have visited a prostitute... life is hard but need to swallow sh*t... no hard feelings... get transformed...

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niranjan (civil practice)     21 August 2011

Do Bhrashrika.

Originally posted by :niranjan
Do Bhrashrika.

what is this??pranayam??

gaury..fight to win (Education)     22 August 2011

Originally posted by :srinivas
nowadays, its common to loot under the name of marriage... thats why people are demanding financial compatibility or dowry... just forget it as if you have visited a prostitute... life is hard but need to swallow sh*t... no hard feelings... get transformed...

dont say like this.I am a victim of a male whose women is a passion.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     22 August 2011

Visit a psychatrist, its better than visiting such forums.


The problem is emotional don't seek legal remedies

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Be a man..face the truth..that she ditched you...

In fact if you closely analyze..you will see that you do not love her...it is your ego..and your emptyness saying that you love her...I can guarnatee that you do not love her...the moment you find another female...you will forget her ..it is no love..please accept that it is no love...

You are lucky that you are going through MCD...we went to jail, fighting 3-4 cases simultaneously..and still trying to enjoy life...we are learning about life...

we would love to go through MCD..but alas..


wake up and live your life...or be DOOMED..

@ Gauri - I think your ex is a happy man..he does not get emotional like us..Woman is passion for him...i feel for him women are like cars...Katrina kaif would be a BMW 750 or a Porsche 911 Targa 4s...great...whatever be it...you cannot stop other from saying what he/she wishes to...



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chori chori hotha hai marriage marriage... nowadays dono mil gaya hai... last week i read one news in this forum that american nri lost his flats to his wife... and that wife is running away with another... what is this marriage or prostitution or chori... all mixed up... educated and behave like terrorists... if one crosses 50 (s)he will be suffering with diabetes blood pressure and blood sugar and then what you will do with flats... you cant even digest what you eat... why there is a need for greed to loot husbands... disgusting married women prowling and hiding under maintenance and alimony and looting by way of divorces... outright prostitution... love is only between mother and child everything else is not at all love... fundamentals of trust care love are totally washed out in this generation...

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Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     22 August 2011

I agree with Shonee Sir , the problem is emotional/psychological ........ & by the way just correct your interpretation of "Love" .......... You lost everything and still love her ..... & you still complain. Its all one big mess, get yourself clear first out of all this emotional stuff and think dispassionately, what actually you want from life ..... Trust me life is so better after all that. Cheers! Good luck!

Dose Husband has right to file a case against her, since the previous case has spoiled his social respect & also made lot of financial loss?

Actually what happens is girl uses 498a for other similar problems. 498a is for harsh circumstances. Since coercing is not proved case is considered as false. Which give no result. Also , think from side of a husband. If a false 498a is applied on his family. (Suppose 100% fasle ). Than which is a better option ? settlement on 1-2 or 5-7 or 10-20 lakhs or spending his time , money & life in fighting cases in court ??? when this problem egoism will solved????????


its not financial loss its a financial loot... chori... anyday before law chori chori hi hai...


dear raj you need a jhappi for 5 minutes... meditate for 5 minutes... do it for 3 months... you are out of this cloud...

Aishwarya (Teacher)     22 August 2011

time,,,, time,,,,,,,,and,,,,,,,,, time is the best healer. .


 mann ke chalawo pe naa jao apni akal lagao

 yeh mann ki hi mrigtrishna hai thoda sambhal jao..

samay lagega bhulane mein yeh sach hai

par maanlo jindagi ki ab yehi asliyat hai...


thanku thanku..

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