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Tejal (house wife)     30 May 2012

What if husband ran away after beating wife & her family??

My husband & his father came to my house with third person before 4 days & they suddenly attack on me ,my sis & my mother. My neighbour saved me & took me out side at that time i called police by dialing 100 no . & lock my husband & his fathe . but when police came my FIL had been arrested & my husband had been ran away...Police took me with them & filed an FIR..

My FIl has got a bail on the same day ..&  My husband was wanted , can he get the bail while he is wanted  or he can get bail only when he'll be arrested ?


& how can i get details about my FIR , i dont know the sections & the charges of my complaints & i have not apointed any lawyer yet...


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Appoint a good lawyer he will guide your for

-Attempt of murder


-DV etc

By the way how your 100 number worked I tried continously for 2 hours at the time of theft etc but it says you are in queue.

As far I know 100 number is a waste number.

Tejal (house wife)     30 May 2012

I also surprised that My call was attended in the first attempt. & police has suported me so well & filed an FIR . I heard lots of bad impression of police. or might be the police of ahmedabad is so cooperative they didnt take any paisa for filing complaint.

I m finding a lawyer , still i want to know . about my questions .

1. Can my husband get bail as he is in "wanted "list of police or only after arrest he can get bail ?

2.When police was writing my complaint & took my sign he didnt metioned any sections or chargees on that paper . how can i get to know about the charges filed against my husband & his father ?

Tejal (house wife)     30 May 2012

& what action they can take now ?

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     30 May 2012

you ask the police for FIR and they give you a copy as you are entitled for the same.  Sections are mentioned on top right corner of the FIR.  If the offences are bailable husband will get bail from the police station itself.  If the offences are not bailable he will be produced before the magistrate and the magistrate exercising his discretionary power, may or may not give bail.  If father was redhandedly caught but got bail, there is more likelihood, the husband also will get it.

HK_Jain... (498a Fighter)     31 May 2012

My husband & his father came to my house with third person before 4 days & they suddenly attack on me ,my sis & my mother.

what a guts..hats off..

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vijay (M)     31 May 2012

I have a doubt. There could be an another side to this story. A perfect trap for the poor husband
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manish (cdsdfasd sdf)     31 May 2012



Tejal (house wife)     31 May 2012

Thanks Chandu sir, & @ comments While husband & inlaws can have gutts to kill his wife or their DIL , beating wife & her family is nothing. Pls Advice if u can rather than making comments on someone's position .

Originally posted by :Tejal
My husband & his father came to my house with third person before 4 days & they suddenly attack on me ,my sis & my mother. 

 Where is the third person?

 Police would have asked all you people for medical checkup . Was all your family member medical checkup done because all of you was beaten?

HK_Jain... (498a Fighter)     01 June 2012

498a is non bailable.

But after FIR he will get the bail..

**Victim** (job)     01 June 2012

Once again how to misuse 498 (a) is being taught by several members this needs to stop when someone is involved in beating someone then cases such as DV is applicable how the hell dowry case gets involved here......husband came to her door and beated her @ Tejal r u saying that this will happen or this has happened ........god knows what happened ? You post your queries with different possible scenarios everyday you will get good advice on daily basis after all it's all free here.........

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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     01 June 2012

Section 498-A is a cognizable and non-bailable offence.  Section 320 IPC is only definition of "grievous hurt" and is not an offence as such.  Section 498-A is attracted if physical or mental abuse is there without having any connection with dowry issue.  It is not dowry harassment preventive section as popular belief goes.  It is prevention of "husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty".  So, if a wife is harrassed either mentally or physically not connecting dowry demand, then also wife is entitled to file Section 498-A case.

**Victim** (job)     01 June 2012

Let me rephrase my comments one more time " WHAT IS 498 (A) ? " Curelty Of what ? (Dowry Demand) Harassment of what ? (Dowry Demand) i hope we all agree on this 498 (a) is meant for dowry harassment only not to be used or misused for any other types of harassment. Upcourse womens are going to approach police station and say that she was beated becoz of dowry harssment or illegal demands and this the problem in our society that no one know what is 498 (a)......but all they know is that easiest way to put husband and his family behind bars is 498 (a) hence there is nothing wrong in filing 498 (a)

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     01 June 2012

@ Victim

Observation - You are beating your head against a wall (Chandu) who will in some other post reply will say next that if husband comes late from work then also 498 a is applicable so I will spare your anxiety and high blood pressure rising reading his chamber made self convinced replies

Suggestion - Read the bible as written by one old hand who showed these Advocates the right path during his days here before his account got deleted under professional pressure of peers



I hope Madam ji and Chandu lordship have read this very old post link to get un-beatable ideas?

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