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What happens at Police Station :-?

Scenario One. [ You can write your experience !! ]

Police :
What is up?
IPC 498a Bakra : Sir You called me here.

Police : Your wife complained on you
IPC 498a Bakra :I lived with her happily till march 2010. In fact she bore two children through me. Actually she was pregnant then and went to her parents house.

Police :Then why is she complaining about You now. You must have done something wrong.
* background - Girl and her Group will shout various accusations.
IPC 498a Bakra : Watching up the corner of roof.

Police : Come on . Tell what happened. Unless you are made to take "Poridge" in jail you will not be alright.
IPC 498a Bakra : Madam, I have not done anything wrong. Madam, if you think what they say is true then I deserve Jail.

Girls lawyer : See sir how adamant he is! You should show your power now! They think they are raja, because they are educated and employed.
IPC 498a Bakra : Watching up the corner of roof.

Police : Do you want to live with her.
IPC 498a Bakra :If you order so madam.

Police to Girl : What u say ma'm?
Girl : He drinks and beat me everyday! His mother is not allowing him to live with me.
* background - Girls and her Group will shout various accusations.
IPC 498a Bakra : Watching up the corner of roof

Police : Silence. Silence. OK You are very hard nut to crack. Where is your parents?
IPC 498a Bakra : I only married her Sir.

Police : Then I put your parents in Jail.
IPC 498a Bakra :Sir I want 3 minutes privately please.

Girls advocate : See only now he is coming down.

Police and
IPC 498a Bakra go private.

IPC 498a Bakra : Please do not mistake me madam.
Police : Ok tell

IPC 498a Bakra : If you put my parents in Jail, madam,,madam ... I will separately take care of you madam.
Madam You Know they only found this girl and loaded her upon me. instead of living with her,  Jail is a better place for me madam. So I will be happy if you can put atleast my mother in jail madam. Please don't tell anyone madam,
Police : yes I understand, Come,

Back among the crowd.

Girls advocate : I know this won,t work. Give him a chance. We have given 500 sovereigns and spent 76 lakhs. First ask him to return everything.
IPC 498a Bakra : looks at roof corner.

Police : First return her articles.
IPC 498a Bakra : takes out list from his pocket (List of articles left behind by wife containing 6 old Bras, 8 old chaddis, 12 expiry date lipstics etc,)
Sir all items are readily packed and kept ready. right now they can go and take it, else I can get it here right now sir.

Police :
Where are the jewels.
IPC 498a Bakra : All other items she has taken it with her.
* background - Girls and her Group will shout various accusations.
Police : Silence. silence...Constable make remand report ready. This fellow deserve only stick. Show who we are.
IPC 498a Bakra : looks at roof corner.

: See Young Man. You have rest of our life to live. As a sister I tell you. Better settle the matter.
IPC 498a Bakra : OK madam. I will do whatever you say.

Police : How much you want to give. The are asking 50 lakhs.
IPC 498a Bakra : madam whatever you say.

Police : Ok Advocate , you discuss with him.

[In Private]

Advocate : Where is your advocate
IPC 498a Bakra : I do not have advocate. Polcie called me at 6 AM and asked me to come immediately to Police Station.

Advocate : OK don't worry I will settle the matter for you. I can convince them for 40 Lakhs.
IPC 498a Bakra : No problem. I am ready to settle an amount if the Inspector orders in writing.I do not have that kind of money. I will earn and give.

Advocate : bulls*it. you think all of us here are fools? I will see that you don't get bail at all.
IPC 498a Bakra : Watching up the corner of roof.

Advocate to police: This fellow would not budge. better put him in jail. He wants us to pass an order in writing!!
Police : What do you think. and may even attempt to assault.

IPC 498a Bakra : Madam I am willing to pay any amount if ordered by court. If it comes to going to jail I am really ready madam.
Police : OK where are the articles?
498a Bakra : I told you sir, it is with her.
498a Bakra : Watching up the corner of roof.
* background - Girls and her Group will shout various accusations of mortgaging or selling her jewels.

Police : Where are the jewels?.
* background - Girls and her Group will shout various accusations.
IPC 498a Bakra :OK sir Let them say where I have mortgaged or sold. I will right now redeem and give.

Police : OK Silence . (takes you away)
You appear to be a very shrudy guy. OK tell me what is the problem?
IPC 498a Bakra : No madam certain things I cannot say, Nobody will believe me also. Anyway forget it. See madam once my wife wants me in jail there is nothing more to loose in life. It is ok.
Police : OK OK what is the real problem? Take me as our sister.
IPC 498a Bakra : Madam We should not say something which we have not sen by our own eyes. OK OK I do not want to sa those thinks. Anyways nobody will listen. Leave it madam. It is my fate. I should have ran away long bacK. see the Children...

Police : OK Ok I have understood. These days girls want more than one man. *****s !
IPC 498a Bakra : madam don't tell anyone. You can remand me madam. I can get bail within a week or max fifteen days. I will be out of all my problems.

[Police takes the lawyer in private and announces]

OK all I would suggest you all go to Court and settle your matters.
Constable Make an FIR and give it to the girl.

Girl side please wait and give a statement that you will sort out the matter at court.

Advocate shouts and insists on arrest.
Police : you get an Order from court. You can not tell me what I should do.

PS.: You will be let off from CAW Cell and it is better you meet madam and offer her some money ! Saam, daam, dund and now time to keep marching...............


 2 Replies

Ziaul Haque Ansari (Advocate)     31 August 2010

bahut sahi hai


@ Ansari Sahib,

Sukriya, yadey sahi hai na..........

Kutch aap bhi farmaiye aab....scenario 2 onwards apkey liye chodh rakha hai ............

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