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Tips to win court cases----are here

HOW TO WIN A COURT CASE Steps to Win A Court Case Step One: Do your homework and collect all the relevant facts related to your case. Extensive search on relevant cases and must have latest judgements that fit your case criteria. Law is always about cases that have preceded the one that you may be involved in or working on. Make notes that how cases were decided and look at all aspects of the case even the opposing party's case at the time of the judge’s decision. Present your case in the same manner emphasizing the winning arguments that are relevant to the current case of which you are covering. Clear all doubts related to your case and look first impression is the last impression so case statement is most important. Your job as a lawyer to win a court case is to erase all reasonable doubt or to present reasonable doubt depending on the nature of the case. Step Two: You as a client must present all the facts truely to your lawyers even those facts which you would not like to present in the case and may go against you. Lawyer must be aquanted with all the materialstic facts of the case. Also your lawyer must be trustworthy so there shoud be no leakage of information /facts/privileged information shared between the attorney and the client so your lawyer as well you have full confidence while representing in the court to win the court case. Explain to your client how you propose to present the case. You must have the confidence of the client and have the confidence in your ability to present the case to win. Your client’s confidence in you will increase your confidence in yourself as a good lawyer and cause you to work harder to be on the winning side of the court case. Step Three:Always take time and make use of the time to attain proof to win the case. Do not file without preparation. If you do your homework there is no reason to ask for a continuance unless the client comes up with last minute information that should be researched before being presented as evidence. If the opposing party ask for a continuance, then you have no other choice, of course, but to agree with the court clerk’s new date to present the case. Use the time to do more research and to fine tune your legal presentation further building confidence to win the court case. Important task you must do to win court case: Collect as mush as facts about you and opposite party. If other party unnecessarily forcefully register a case think what prompt them to do so. What gain they can attain. Try to collect facts or history if they did earlier also. If you have any weak link try to cover up with the counter proof that make your weak points to stong. means use your weak point to strongyour case. Try to pretend as if u don't have solid proof or can bring proof but when your opponent press for them then present it to the cour through your attorney. s a clinet always allow your lawyer to present the case. You will be given full opportunity to present your facts before the court. As a client always keep an eyo on your lawyer s ell as opposite party. Use and exploits todays' high tehnology gadgets and investigation agencies, RTI act, Internet to collect proof. BUT ALWAYS HAVE CERTIFIED COPY OF YOU PROOF as photostat proof has no value in the court. Important links you can use: CASE Studies:Supreme Court of India


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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     30 June 2010


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Smita_L01042008 (student)     30 June 2010

thanks madhu.


very nice write up

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     30 June 2010

What u described does not suit a practicing busy lawyer. In that case clent has to be proactive and collect all relevent material reqd for the suit and discuss it with his counsel. Also we must keep an eye over the move of our counsel, whether he is going in to right direction or not.

Before disclosing our shortcomings and negative points we must check for the reliability of our counsel. Selecting an advocate is a tough task and for that some knowledge of law and it's procedure is necessary.

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O. Mahalakshmi (Law practiece)     01 July 2010

Very Nice


All this is very useful for the Lawyers who are really dedication & honest.


No use for many advocates whose intense is only to make money and having large number of cases and no time to do har work since in any case the clients are are loosers and not the advocates so why to waste time in work and their all approach to takes TAAREEKH PE TAAREEKH - TAAREEKH PE TAAREEKH - TAAREEKH PE TAAREEKD and the justice & client goes hanged for life time. 

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