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The 5 worst mistakes we make during a divorce


The 5 Worst Mistakes We Make During A Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most stressful events in life, second only to a spouse dying. In fact, a divorce can become such a complicated and nasty affair that many people have joked that a spouse dying is a less stressful event because at least you don't have to fight the deceased in court!
The point to be made here is that during this time of stress and duress we are no longer thinking with our brains, but instead with our hearts. Normally a pure heart will win the day, but a heart which is ruled by the pain, sadness and anger of a divorce will exhibit pure emotion -- often in an illogical and dangerous fashion.
In the lead-up to a divorce, many people fail to prepare themselves emotionally and focus mainly on the legal side of the process. This, in turn, makes it difficult for them to control their emotions, setting the stage for even well-intentionedpartners to make serious mistakes during the divorce process. With that in mind, we now turn to a quick survey of the five worst mistakes we make in a divorce. 


 4 Replies

R.K Nanda (Advocate)     21 February 2013


Singha Rao (Engineer)     21 February 2013

Hi Beni Sir,

   Very nice explanation.. But when relation is no more about to exist at that time only person take decision for divorce..

In india, diverce ground are to be very strong, as compare to forign country..So India those who go for divorce, means either one person not at all agrre inn that relation.. To me at that point better let them separate and stay rest life happily..

As I am a victim, since one year I am separated from my wife.. May be few hundred time I tried to convience to my wife, and her parents.. But Noting work.. Their intention is to get money..

Every body know that in India to get divorce means, it takes equivalent to one generation, money wastage like drain water and all relatives are in extensive mental trauma..

Now you can sugget better, is Indians go for divorce due to fun or what?? Hope you agree with my comments.. Thank you..

ragz hyder (PM)     25 February 2013


I love my parents (law)     26 February 2013

Yes dear Hyder

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