selection in govt jobs through merit vs entrance exam .



Respected Sir/Madam

If govt. tries to compare the candidates on non-comparable ground then is it against the article 16 of indian constitution that guarantee equal opportunity in all govt. jobs?

the whole matter is as follows

UP government has started entrance process for basic teacher training(BTC) for 17800 seats from 16 may 2010(source Amar Ujala News Paper Dated-16 May 2010).candidates will be selected on the basis of merit( marks obtained in 10th,12th and in graduation).one candidates can apply for one district only.for detail please see amar ujala news paper dated 16 may 2010. last date for submitting form is 8th june.

Besides it the UP govt has taken decision to select the PGT/TGT teacher on the basis of merit.(academic score)

But i and a lot of people like me have following objections.

1.Different boards/universities candidate will apply for BTC. how can we compare different board/university students on the basis of their marks. each board or university has different syllabus,different marking pattern.this can be easily proved by seeing past results,boards guideline for evaluation and by seeing syllabus of the same class. for example- a up board student of class twelve has combined syllabus for eleventh and twelfth class and has to prepare both year syllabus for 12th board exam while CBSE student has different syllabus for 11th and 12th.

2. my second objection is students of different streams of the same board/university or different board/university and of same stream but with different subjects can not be compared. some subjects are more scoring than others.this can be easily seen by checking past record. for example students who have home science, music etc subjects will get higher marks than a economics' s student marks. some subjects have practical components and the students who have practical subjects easily get higher marks in practical component. 

3.professional courses can not be compared with academic courses.professional courses has two types of evaluation. first internal and second- university based exam evaluation. in internal marking system most of the students easily get 80 to 100% marks. so a BCA ,BBA student can not be compared with a B.A. student whose evaluation is done only on the basis of university exam.

4-the student of same board or different board/university passing in different years can not be sector is changing at very fast pace. every year something new has been added and the facilities ,teacher method , evaluation method, syllabus and the government also are we can see the result of these changes on the marks of the students.

_ In up board when i passed the high school in 1999 , the Kalyan Singh led BJP government was there.CM kalyan Singh introduced nakal adyadesh(ordinance) .if any body found copying would had to go to jail. that year highschool result was only 29%.
_ Up to1999 there was a combined syllabus for 9th and 10th and 10th student had to prepare for both year syllabus for 10th exam.the marking pattern has also changed. in earlier time in maths and science no marks were given if the answer is wrong but now step marking is done and marks is given for right steps without considering answer is wrong or right. 
_now in UP nakal mafia is on high. there are several instances of paper leaks, group copying etc.(read editorial in amar ujala dated 16    may 2010)
_besides these there are varying infrastructure in villages, small cities and big cities that affect the mark securing ability of the students in their early stage of education.but they are in no ways less intelligent for the other students who are securing more marks. 

5.there is a provision of 50% parallel reservation for women.the net effect is that there is only 25% seats are available is  opposed to various courts decision in which court stated that total reservation should not exceed 50% upper cap.i am not opposed to the women reservation but excess of everything is bad because it will create social imbalance in society and we all of us has to face the bad effects of it.

please place your views in detail.i want to file a PIL against UP govt. order because govt. is trying to compare the candidates on non-comparable ground that is against the article 16 of indian constitution that guarantee equal opportunity in all govt. jobs.The govt. rightly has the power to set the criteria but that should be reasonable.The elected govt. should work according to declared policy not arbitrarily.the govt should set the policy when she will conduct entrance exam or when she will make selection according to merit based on academic score.
i sent similar letter to NCTE(national council for teachers education) and ncte's reply is as follows
"This is in response to your e-mail dt. 17.05.2010 in connection with

entrance test going to be conducted by Govt. of Uttar Pradesh for
admission to BTC Course. You have serious objections about the criteria
being adopted by Govt. of UP, though this matter pertains to State
Government however, as per NCTE Regulation 2009 the admission shall be
made on merit on the basis of marks obtained in qualifying examination and
/ or any other selection process as per the policy of State Govt. / UT
Admn. In view of this stipulation, the State Govt. of UP  has adopted any
of such pattern NCTE treats it compliance of NCTE Regulation 2009.

(Dr. S.K.Chauhan)
Programme Officer


i am an unemployed youth and don't have sufficient resources to file a PIL. can you help me because it's not a matter of single person .it's going to affects lacs of people.

looking forward to your comments.
puneet saxena




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