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amar kumar (student)     14 November 2013

Second cousin mairrage

I am living with my second cousin. she was married to a boy 2 years ago but after residing with him for 1 month. she was not happy with him and then she eloped with me.  We both are living together but we have n't  married yet niether legally nor tradtionally but she use to wear mangal sutra and sindur. Now i find that she is not tolerable. Now i want to get separated but now her parents are supporting her. I want to leave her any how. Help me out , provide me suggestions what should i do.  

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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     14 November 2013

You know that you have done a wrong thing or some injustice to someone by running away with his property ii.e., with his wife thereby leaving him to toil in lurch.  But now once you have realised that it was only your infatuation and not the so called love or anything, you want to discard this relationship but are unable to do it because of the fear that her people may harm you.  Do you think that a female's life is so cheap that you people can play anything with it and finally looking into the holes of the law to escape the wrath of the society?  Consult a local big wig and come out of the crisis.

amar kumar (student)     14 November 2013

I had never thought of  doing this but i was bound to do this as the girl had warned me that she would commit suicide if i would not take her with me and at that moment i got emotional and that's why I am facing the consequences. Even today she don't accept that this type of relations are  wrong. I am living with her in a city far away from our parents. But the girl's uncles are also in the same city who are the guardians of this girl from maternal side.     

I admit my mistake but now tell me if I leave this girl what kind of charges i can face, and what I should do? 

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     14 November 2013

Since this is an illicit affair between you both, she will not be able to take any legal action against you if you leave her company and flee to some other place.

amar kumar (student)     13 December 2013

If I  leave her and flee to some other place and if she commit suicide in the mid . would i held for abetment of suicide?????

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     13 December 2013

If she leaves a suicide letter incriminating you while commiting suicide, you will be haveing very harrowing criminal trial experience for the offence of abetment of suicide for a prolonged period and eventuallyl, you know, it is difficult to convict the accused under this section.



If you keep listening then there will be people to scare you in hundred ways in the name of sections and can make your life hell. Its a game for them. That's their business, ok!!!

Listen, just discard her!! Be bold, there is nothing wrong in what you did. That's a relationship that didn't work, that's it. No court can punish you for that. Be bold, and just move on. If someone file fake cases, have courage to fight them. If you just sit like a meow meow, then people will be ever ready to scare you. You will never be happy with such a lady. This world is full of idiots who are good for nothing but preaching, will you listen to all of them? have balls and take brave steps. Good luck.

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Northern Queen (Manager)     13 December 2013

@Amar - Stalker is correct in saying if you listen to anymore of the scaremongering comments on here, it will make you feel even more confused.


It astounds me that Kalaiselvan has told you to contact a local big wig to get you out of this trouble.  For what reason Kalaiselvan.  This man has not committed a criminal offence. His actions of living with a married woman, who just so happens to be his second cousin may be immoral, but it certainly isn't criminal.  In fact it is her who is committing the offence of adultery, and she is adult enough to know it - but of course, pathetic Indian law does not recognise that women can commit adultery.  She is not only an adulteress, she is a control freak.  She knows exactly what she is doing by threatening this man with suicide, and that ismental cruelty.


Amar, you must end this relationship as soon as you can.  This woman will destroy your life like she has destroyed her husbands. Just do the decent thing and part ways as peacefully and amicably.  I mean by making sure she is provided for and not just abandoned. Be brave and start afresh with someone who has no committments or a husband in the background.


Good luck and peace and love to you.






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amar kumar (student)     11 February 2014

this girl is my first cousin once removed means my mother's sister's daughter's daughter.

Is it legal according to hindu tradition?   

amar kumar (student)     11 February 2014

and i am a north indian.  So If i marry with her, it's void???

But i would like to ask that I've heard that in this situtation she can file a case of rape against me If I leave? Is it true??

Please reply soon.

amar kumar (student)     29 October 2014

hi!!   Please help me out. As I have already left the girl 8 months before. Now that girl has filed a case of 376 upon me. Also she has included my whole family on it to torture me to marry her. Please help I do nt want to be with that girl.

Naanu@Naanu (NA)     02 November 2014


There are many loophole from your end and you have also agreed the same in one of your post in this thread.

Lady....who happened to be your cousin was married and stayed for 1 month with her husband.
As the lady was not happy with her marriage, you helped her to elope and you both stayed for few month's. You left the lady after few month's and now you are hit by 376.

What's the status of her 1st marriage ?
Do you have kids from this relationship ?
Incest relationship/marriage, these kind of marriages are void in the eyes of law.
Incest marriages falls under prohibited degrees of relationship.

Engage a good lawyer and your main target should be to get out from 376.

Rest of the things will fall in place with time

amar kumar (student)     30 November 2014

her husband has married to other lady with divorcing. we don't have kids.

amar kumar (student)     02 December 2014

Her husband has married to some1 else.  we do n't have any kids. but she has filed 376, 366, 379, 313, 341, 323, 504, 120b, 34. she was never pregnant but has filed. Could i move to high court for quashing.

the girl has filed case on names of my family members too. she has given 6 names including me.

I have already applied for quashing of rest five members of family.

please suggest me further. 

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