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Manish nagpal (Testing)     02 August 2017

Rti second appeal after first appeal result not satisfactory

HI I RTI IN EPFO FOR MY PF .THEY reject and told me that no balance.then i did first appeal and they retiurn me half money of my pf.after that i do again appeal in CIC regarding this matter.then they raise a objection and told me that where is second appeal document?Can anyone suggest me where i do second appeal and then i will appeal in CIC?


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Please refer


Please note that the Second Appeal can be made online only if it is related to central agencies. 

Manish nagpal (Testing)     03 August 2017

hi you sent me CIC link which i filled up earlier.Actually now second appeal required so can u send me the second online appeal for EPFO DEPARTMENT AND THIS DEPARTMENT IS CENTRAL DEPartment or state department haryana rohtak.

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     03 August 2017

There are many laid down procedures.

Think pros and cons, before taking a decision.  Second Appeal has to be filed before Central Information Commission, August Kranti Bhavan, Bhikaji Kama place, New Delhi.   They have on line process also.  Go for second appeal only when there are adequate grounds for such appeal.

RTI is not a panacea for all evils, and is not a remedy to your issue.

At the most you can get that information available in material form with Public authority.

It takes minimum of 18 months for CIC to take up your second appeal.

Please post this as grievance in on line pgportal.....Labor Ministry....PF  or in their EPF portal as grievance.

Depending on the response file a simple complaint before District Consumer Forum which may not cost more than Rs.500/-


With due apologies, EPF never takes RTI so leniently, and some thing has gone wrong somewhere.   It is the duty of officers to provide next appelllate process, and I could not believe all that you have posted.

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Nice details Prasad Sir. 

Sir, I have a question, RTI only provides "Material information" on records and denies any kind of Elaboration, Advise or clarification. Which according to you would be the right forum for a common man then.

For instance, the SARFESI Act 2002, is regulated by RBI is very subjective and crispy. I have read the complete act which is in public domain yet, it does not answer on various legal complexities which actually have taken place. There is a case where I am struck up (its also part of a post on this esteemed forum) and no lawyer, SARFESI expert, Bank officers have any solution for my case. No one including the Bank knows on how to proceed and its in a Deadlock state from past 6 years. I have also seen that most SARFESI judgements takes precedence from Higher court judgements as the Judges have made it a norm. 

I raised the matter with RBI in Two appeals and in both instances they said exactly what you have said. As rightly advised by you I am not going for further appeal to CIC but just wondering how do I get a solution


G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     03 August 2017

For every issue there is certainly a remedy and that may be the High Court..  It is first time I am hearing such a problem from you.  


But as far as RTI is concerned, information is that which is available in material form as a record under the control and custody.

Seeking opinions, demanding reasons for a policy decision, questioning authorities on the quality of their actions, collection, compiling information only because some one has asked for that information, hypothetical questions etc., are not part of information.  DOPT -OMs throw more light on such instance


Sir, in my case I cannot approach High court for a Remedy becuase the concerned Bank has NOT issued me a Notice. Unless a Notice is issued in my name, I cannot approach High Court for Injunction. The SARFESI Act was defined to facilitate Banks for speedy recory of Debts, however, the Law did not take into account the practical challanges in case of frauds being committed by either Banks or Borrowers or associated 3rd Party Government agencies. There are many challanges with respect to an act which is subjectively drafted without taking into account the PRACTICAL legal complexities arising out of it. I am yet to meet a lawyer or a Banker who can tell with conviction the facts based on the merits of my case. I have travelled far and wide and have invested good money. I have studied various judgements and most of them heavily rely on similar judgement and takes precedence from them.

Sir whats is the expanded form of DOPT-OM ?



G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     03 August 2017

DOPT  is Nodal Authority of central government that implements RTI Act through circulars.  What is information has been elaborately discussed in their circulars and the word OM is that circular.

However that is not relevant to your case, and I must congratulate you for taking so many pains in studying your own case and also meeting so many experts but not finding solution for your issues.  Perseverance is the key in litigation.  Once frustration creeps, it demolishes every  brick of hope.

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Manish nagpal (Testing)     03 August 2017

First of all thank to all reply to all who given their precious time

Manish nagpal (Testing)     03 August 2017

First of all thank to all reply to all who given their precious time

Manish nagpal (Testing)     04 August 2017

Thanx for all replied

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