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Mayank Agnihotri (Worker)     05 September 2013


Dear Sir

I want to present my situation " I got married in APR 12, it was a arrange marriage.  I am only son of my parents ,  I have 3 elder sisters they all are married and living with happiness with their family there is no interference of any one. After marriage my wife started fighting during honeymoon trip for minor reasons,  in may 12 she got pregnant, during this period she continued fighting with me, but my parents make me understand that she will be ok and all this is just because of her childish nature.  Till July 2012 she used to visit her mother's home for day only. In July 2012  she went her home for more than a Month. She used to fight on phone with me as I was posted in Bombey. One day she crossed all limits and asked for divorce.... Here  onward her father  came in to picture I briefed him all things on phone. He said she is not mature enough that is why she said he will make her understand. Few days after my parents came to know this thing so my parents visited her house and asked if she has any problem but  know reason came in picture. So to normalize matter my parents asked her to say sorry to me, some how hardly she said sorry... in Aug 12 she came back to my home. As she was pregnant my parents started care of her what ever they could do even they have not done all that for their own daughters/my sisters. Mom used to take her for hang out once or twice in a week as I was in Mumbai. I used to visit twice in a month but for 2 days only. but she never understood my feeling and used to fight  for any reason.  My mom and dad is patient of Sugar and BP they remain tensed so their Sugar and BP started shooting up as she was not trying to adjust at all even after my all efforts and my married life became like hell.. After seeing my parents situation I left my job in for parents till they are well. I called her Papa and briefed all situation he analysed the situation and agreed that I am right but he said all this problem is just because as she is pregnant. After pregnancy all will be fine, so after that we over looked her bad behavior towards me with this hope time will fix all the things. Till Jan 2013 we over looked everything what ever wrong she did. Mom/Dad also recovered so I joined a firm in Delhi.. 1 of Feb God blessed us with a baby boy...... she was not able to take his care so mom asked my sister to stay and there only. But she also had to go  27 feb as she has also a baby and family. In March she again fought with me Bcs I could not wish her on cousin brother's Birt Day I was in lko  that day and lost my Purse so whole day I got stuck with FIR n all n in night I had to catch train for delhi.... 2 days back she fought with my mom very badly so I had no ooption to call her papa and let him know the thing. he came and asked my parents to take her their home and make her understand........ he took her to their home. After this Tone of his fathers changed , he did not call to wish HOLY even .... and after that he never call nor to me nor my MOM/DAD. My wife also didnt called any one.. after few days I tried to speak her and called no. of time she picked up but there was no change even it become worst... I approched her frnd if they can make her understand but  no one is capable enough to make her understand. She says she will do and say what her father says....... I approched her father in his office and asked to short out the matter by putting b/w few of us well wishers but he didnt respond.... Recently he went to one of our relative and told all bad about us......." He said to my relative  My wife and  Me is not compatible then lets find out some other way out ".  My relative asked to make a get together. 

My question is what step they can take as now I find this all is his conspiracy to make us convicted and what are the steps I can take to save my family


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Samir N (General Queries) (Business)     05 September 2013

Let things cool down. Try to make things work as you have a child.  Send someone who is close to your wife to try and explain her that it is not worth to have the child have separated parents. If she files court papers or police complaints, deal with it then.  It would also be a good idea to send her a written letter asking her to join you back. Keep it as evidence but do so in a nice manner so it does not look like you are doing it for legal needs... Any phone conversations with her, tape them, if possible, when you are trying to make her understand you and return back to you. All this can be used as evidence in the future. However, DO MAKE A GENUINE EFFORT TO RECONCILE. IT WOULD BE IN EVERYBODY'S INTERESTS. 

Good Luck!

heral (working)     05 September 2013

Sir, i wants to know that if our advocate is not doing proper duty /comes in time i court/mis guiding / may be link with complainer, can we change the lawyers/ can we file case against lawyer.pls advise. Thanks

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/ nadeemqureshi1@gmail.com)     05 September 2013

you have right to change your lawyer & if you have very strong proof regarding collusion then you can file a complaint against him/her before consumer court 

swarupam chakraborty (editor)     05 September 2013

dear sir,

i want to know  after the death of a man  does his wife get his all property as his only legal heir, though she have 1 son and 3 daughter all are adult and  married.

kindly let me inform regarding this

hema (law officer)     05 September 2013

if he has not left any will and if his mother also survives, then the property shall be shared equally between his mother, wife, one son and three daughters equally, i.e, every one gets1/6th share.  If mother has already expired, then every one gets 1/5th share.

Mayank Agnihotri (Worker)     05 September 2013

Dear Sir 

Thank you for your kindness and earlier response.

She went her home in APR 13, a week before Holi. Its been more than 6 months and I feel it is sufficient to settle the things. I have done almost every thing to make her understand...and sir now a days no one writes letter to wife... I do so then surly they will think I am doing this for legal purpose. I will let you know few more things about this relationship... She feels her Papa can feed her through out the life and this thought gets moral support from her Papa. Her family is not a social element so he do not have many people to make them understand. One of her Bua ji ( not in blood relation ) was the most important person during wedding , So I approched her to make them understand. But Bua ji told me that after my marriage they started neglecting their family. Then too I told her entire thing, she said Beta aap apni jagah pe sahi ho lekin main apne aap kisi unki family main ja kar kuch samjahungi to wo yahi kah denge ki aap iss sab se door raho.... When I visited his office one of his friend from his office also know me from my childhood, I told him whole thing he only arranged my meeting with her father. and ensured me ki beta sab theek ho jayega... after that once he talked with him. I called him to get his response Then uncle again told the same thing beta he dont want me to interfere... Spoken with two of her friend ... unhone bhi kosish kari lekin unka yahi kahan hai ki jo bhi hoga mere papa ki murji se hoga........ ek cheej aur batana chahunga main aapko.. main unke papa ki bahut respect karta tha lekin jab mujhe ye laga ki ye saari prblm unke papa ki wajah se hai main bahut dukhi hua aur mujhe koi rasta nahi soojh raha tha to maine unke papa ko pahle do baar gaali di bas meri itni hi galti hai.... lekin uske liye maine unse pair choo kar maafi maangi aur kaha aap jo chahe wo punishment de sakte hain kyun ki main unki bahut ijjat karta tha........ dheere dheere mujhe ye pata chala ki  Meri wife ki itni galti nahi hai jitni ki unke papa ki unke papa har time use galat cheejo ke liye moral support dete rahe jiska nateeja aaj mujhe uthana pad raha hai.......... I really Iwant ki sab theek ho jaaye lekin kaise................ ab to unke papa meri wife ko kisi conspiracy ke under bhi bhej sakte hain ek baar wo aa gayi to jo chahe case bana sakte hain 

heral (working)     06 September 2013

Thanks MR. Nadeem qureshi.

Samir N (General Queries) (Business)     06 September 2013

@heral... Disciplinary Complaint against advocate can be filed with Bar Council but there you are not going to get any monetary relief.  Only some disciplinary action is taken against Advocate. Contact Bar Council and they will give you prescribed form. Complaint has to be filed in the form of an affidavit along with fees. As for filing complaint in Consumer Court,  as Mr. Qureshi suggests, I think that you can be given monetary compensation by that Court if you show damages. You can file complaint in both places.  

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