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Iam a student of LLB 3rd semester. Our exams are going on and for one of the exam we need to submitt project with a Project File and Viva would also be held. Our College is asking for Money seperately for VIVA which is going to be Unaccounted Since they are not giving us any receipt for it . I have already Paid the fees at the start of the 2nd year and when I asked them whether I can make the Payment for Viva through cheque or Debit card , they refused it strictly. I wish to give VIVA based on my knowledge and if examiner Fails me , that is ACCEPTABLE to me. My question is - what do I need to do in this case , where shall I make a Complaint against college for they are indulging in MALPRACTICES. 


What proof do you have that they're asking you to pay?

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You do not have any Student Union in the College? Or the stuident union is partnership with the management?


In the present day corrupt system, even if you approach educational officers, they will immediately alert the management. Legally speaking, its a difficult situation.


Try informing the college student union.

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Agreed with above advises by Mr. TGK Reddy, Mr. SIVARAMAPRASAD KAPPAGANTU.

Such matters are best raised thru student union platform.

In case you have the irrefutable evidence of demand of such payment and declinature to issue receipt and/or to accept by Cheque/debit card to avoid accounting then IT can be of help if matter is to be agitated upon on some merits…I some untoward situation.








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