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About me

  Member Since : 12 January 2018  (Vijayawada )

Hullo Hon'ble Members!      I,m TGK REDDI.     Previously also I was a member of lawyersclubindia.    I was too ignorant to activate my previous account and felt it easy to open a second account.    I'm a law-writer but not an advocate.     

I don't dislike members that like to remain anonymous nor I dislike academic queries.     I appreciate the motto of lawyersclubindia: Let us grow stronger by mutual exchange of Knowledge.       Anonymous Questioners and Academic Queries do not violate of this motto. 

Whenever you observe ignorance in my replies, I request you not to look down upon me, not to insult me and not use indecent language.   Don't agree with my reply.    Criticise it so that other members may profit.

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