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Vikash (Project Manager)     03 April 2012

Precaution if anticipating false 498a or dv-

I am trying to take back my estranged wife but my In-laws are making hurdle. Even my wife wants to reconcile but she is not able to go against her family. I am afraid that in coming few days my in-laws are going to File false 498a or false DV to extort money. Please advice me what should be my immediate preacutionary step. I am scared for my old parents..Plz help me...


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Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/ nadeemqureshi1@gmail.com)     03 April 2012

Dear Vikas

you have right to file a criminal complaint against them u/s 383/384 IPC for extortion.

feel free to call

threeleafe (awaited)     03 April 2012

First thing first - Get anticipatory bail for 498a. Take it easy and be patient  - I don't recommend filling cases from your side. It will only increase time and other resources required to fight them

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rajiv_lodha (zz)     03 April 2012

I cant buy this argument that wife is a holy cow here & her parents only are to be blamed for hurdles!
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Heartbroken (T)     04 April 2012

I agree with rajiv_lodha.





Vikash (Project Manager)     04 April 2012

My in-lwas attitude are alarming as I have received information that they are planning to file a case against me. They have clearly asked me money and separate residence for wife. I replied that this is not a way but they are admant. Plz advice me to take precautionary meassure against 498a and DV. I don't want to initiate things. I hope if I can work out for my marriage or mutual divorce so that both family can avoid pain..

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     05 April 2012

Join https://forum.498a.org/ and start attending local SIFF meetings.


Shonee Kapoor

sri (ceo)     12 April 2012


her parents cannot get involved in your family matters...

naren (Consulltant)     12 April 2012

@jeevagan Madurai lawyer: I have never seen any real advice from you to anyone just the request to call you with your contact details. I guess people will prefer calling someone who gives the advice first like Tajsofindia, Shonee etc.

Aishwarya (Teacher)     12 April 2012

 I agree with Shonee bhaiya and threeleafe..

just be prepared but still try to work on saving ur marriage, if u see hope and consider calling her back as she also wishes the same..

Needs Advice (Data Entry Optr)     06 May 2012

I am also going through same situations now a days.

But I am waiting for the girls family actions because of family pressure from my home members they are saying to keep silent we will see what will happen.

Bakra ki Bali hai bhai, abhi to hari-bhari grass kha rahan hoon.


Jab tak hoon tab tak is forum se kafi knowledge gain karna chata hoon.

Vishwa (translator)     06 May 2012

Dear Naren,

I fully second you. There should be a ban on lawyers posting their mobile numbers and solliciting business on this forum. It is totally unethical and I wonder what are the bar council guidelines on this.

Because of their naked greed and their frequent unethical behaviour the lawyers are slowly losing their credibility not only in this forum but with the public in general.

On the other hand, self-taught experts who have gone through their personal hell of fighting false cases often give sound advice. I strongly urge all readers to take such advice seriously because such advice is given without ulterieur motives. The lawyers on the other hand are suspect because their livelihood depends on such cases dragging on eternally.


Do not get despondent; there are thousands of others in a similar situation. Our best wishes are with you.

sri (ceo)     07 May 2012

there is a thin line between charity and business... like a wife and a prostitute...

people can shift places like can on wall...

but no visiting card please...

let lci member contact list database be open for anybody to pick anybody...

after all there a more than 170,218 and nobody knows each other...


Dear Mr.Naren,

I ask the people who are in need of genuine advice to call me up only because the advice I render to them to protect their lives  should not make their opponents vigilant in the event of the same being published herein. I render legal advice to those who call me up only after ensuring that they really deserve the same and would not misuse the same against the law-abiding and innocent citizens. Kindly understand the fact that I never advice to the people just to exhibit my knowledge to them.


sri (ceo)     29 May 2012

jeeva... adichitan da...

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