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MD (Self)     17 February 2012

Please save me


I started leaving with a lady 15 years ago secretly. She already divorced and had lady kid tha ttime.

No marriage certification, no registration just combined and leaved together and I dont have kid

Now that lady age is 45, kid grown and married a influenced guy who can do extrem step to kill me also.

Now they are torturing me a lot.

I lost my life, no kid, nothing left out, all they have taken out. Her relatives are ready to put cheque bounce case.

Totally caught.

Can any one help me and save. I want to survive.

All realized now but after burning everything.

Now Im 38 year old guy. Please Please Please Please help me.



 6 Replies

sharma (ADVOCATE)     17 February 2012

more details are required to save u.

Harshal (PP)     18 February 2012

1) You could mention in the court affidavit that what was the reason that you belived on her and given cheque ? wheather it was blackmailing to you hence you have given the cheque under threats?

2) You have to mention  and prove that you were having relationship with her...wheather as prostitute (customer or client) or as wife for claiming .... or in live - in relationship.

3)  as you are telling that you are feeling that you are loosing the life and you could do anything wrong better you should believe on god and do not undergo into any corruption if asked by police or court...

Keep your mind positive. Best regards.


MD (Self)     21 February 2012

Im unable to specify all. I dont have single paise evidence to prove any thing apart from committing suicide.

They have very good laywer and accordingly they have criminal relatives too.

If you or any one else in bangalore I can explain in person.

Im scared to explain here to....

Only way is I should have some kind of organization like kannada raksha vedhike and talk to them. Only thing is they should not jump to enemy group.

Im big in soup

I feel not even judge also save me. All hopes I dropped. from 1-March-2012 Im planning to commit suicide. That only can punish them but easily they can escape.

Eveny my parent side also dropped me saying God only should save you.

Im unable to find good and dedicated lawyer.

Two layer I had spoken but they immediately after hearing my case they jumped to enemy's group and further problem increased.

The only way is by talking to enymy but no one is with me. Apart from typing this Im unable to do any thing Please save me Please save me Please save me Please save me Please save me

Please save me Please save me Please save me Please save me Please save me

Please save me Please save me Please save me Please save me Please save me

Please save me Please save me Please save me Please save me Please save me

MD (Self)     21 February 2012

At;least if I get job I can pacify them that I can pay the money.

Now they are taking advantage that how much amount can be dragged from me that much.

ravindra (Analyst)     21 February 2012

dont worry MD if they registers case against u then all the responsibility on them to prove. just relax and if police calls u then just denie all the allegation. appoint good lawyer nothing will happen. let them register case coz after tht u will be free bird...:)

sensitiveman (executive)     24 February 2012

MD...i dont have any legal knowledge but i can certainly boost you as a friend.....i can tell u that no situation is bigger than us....everything is manageable just be cool and calm.....think in a positive way and u will certainly come up with some solution...take some spirituality teachings...it will really help....never ever think of committing suicide...its better to die with some good fight....atleast it will create some fear to ur enemies...finaly "Tough times never last but tough people do it". Be happy and confident.

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