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Sachin RAM (Family)     06 August 2012

Please help me for my too big blunder

Hi All Law Experts,

I'm a 28 yrs old and got married due to my too big blunder on JAN-2010 in Nagpur, I am residing in Nagpur & she is not living with me from begining (date of Merrage), We were working together Same office & we both Were falling in love then we decided to get married But I was thinking that time is not good to get married, but i couldn't refused that time, because I had Lost my Job due to recession and she was helped me  financially sometime although I always spoke to her this time wasnt confirtable for me, She said just put the registration in court we will start our married life after 1 to 2 years, & we both got married infront of her relative in Nagpur Court, she is not living with me from begining, but we are discussing on phone, from last 1 years I  realised I was wrong because her nature has been changed we always fighting on phone by lots of small things because we dont have understanding between us, she always ran the orders on me also always Use of abiusive language to me and about my parents and my family also excessive anger of her towards me at trivial matters, I told her please discussed with your parents for arrenge merrage with all hindu formalities but she and her parents not agree at this time they all saying we dont have money for arrenge merrage, I never thought I got married but I have stuck on document which all kept by her she always blackmailing me because she have merrage certificate & I dont have anything, I have transfered near about Rs.1 lacs from my IB to her Account whenever she demanding me,

I can get her at my home but I'm totally afraid due to her nature and she is not agree to live with my parents, Please help me and advice how to get out of this marriage asap or how to solve this. I'm going mad each day, I dont want any major issue in my Life,  My life was lot more peaceful before marriage.

Thanks for giving time to read


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shushil (xsd)     06 August 2012

send her a legal notice asking her to join your company.

Sachin RAM (Family)     06 August 2012

Hi Sushil,


I amnot getting you on 'asking her to join your company "


He mean to say HMA act section 9 RCR .

surjit singh (Assistant)     06 August 2012

Mr Ram, since you have registered the marriage you can first ask her by giving legal notice to live along with you, saying that since after marriage, she has not cared to live with you and on the other hand she has demanded money which you have proof of transfering through bank.. Then if she does not come give her notice for divorce, and I think she will definitely respond in a positive way for divorce.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     06 August 2012

I'm going mad each day, I dont want any major issue in my Life,  My life was lot more peaceful before marriage.

u have a long battle ahead if - she neither comes to live with u nor agrees for divorce.

Sachin RAM (Family)     06 August 2012

Yes, I understand I have a long battle ahead but is there anyway to get out from this because I know they all did fraud with me, as per our previous convertion before merrage her family member told me just put register only for our faith we will organise arrenge merrage with all hindu formalities, now they are not agree & saying we dont have money althouh I gave her near abt 1 Lacs in last 2 years & I have all Bank statement, I cant do anything  because I dont have any proof of register marrage, Can I put case in court without marrage certificat or how I will get it.

one IMP thing she is saying that I never loved on you, she had BF before me and he broke relation with her thats why she loved on me for forget him because she was in shocked, after listening this all, I am not agree from heart to live with her
Now am too afraid Please suggest me what should I do

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     06 August 2012

first collect evidences of her evil deeds & then proceed.

plan a stratege. 

Haste makes Waste.


such issues take EONS to get resolved.

Sachin RAM (Family)     06 August 2012

Thanks all

Can I File case without any marrege proof, at this time I dont have any marrge document or any proof

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     06 August 2012

without any proof, ur petition wont be entertained by Hon. court.

Sachin RAM (Family)     06 August 2012

Can I get any duplicate copy of marrege certificate from merrage Court

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     06 August 2012

Y E S ; for sure.

SANJAY KUMAR (Lawyer)     07 August 2012

Life is not for breaking any relation and seeing a debris of it. Life is for moving ahead and visualising good home and good kids around. May there be things that distracts you attaining these objectives but they may not be permanent. They will start disappearing once you resolve to give solid base to  your family life. Life never vists twice. You have to solve all its problem now and here and yet emerge victrious unraffled.

Imagine - you, your wife,your kids with their grand parents. A peaceful enviable family life. It is possible, It depends on you.It all depends on your life qualities that you  have nurtured so long and even if lacking you can start building it right now from this moment.

Any misadventure may doom your life forever. One who qualifies in first attempt is real victor; for others victory is associated with nightmarishness of first debacle which is very painful.

So my advise is to be patient and  think that you will certainly be sorting out all these trifle problems and will have a very good family life thereafter.  Move ahead with God above and heart within. God will ever with you.

Sachin RAM (Family)     11 August 2012

Hi All, I have discussed with her, and she is agree to closed all realtion with me also agree to give all marriage photos and certificate, can you please suggest me how should I go for this step, I dont want any Issue,
How much time will take to get divorced, I dont want any types of counceling, We want to get rid from each other forever,

Please advice me how should be handle it 


Rajan Bhasin (Law Student)     12 August 2012

Go for Mutual concent divorce. Will take atleast 6 months.


Rajan Bhasin


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