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liii loo   02 September 2023

Physical punishment and demotivating students in college

Greetings to the respected authorities,
I am a student currently studying in 12th STD (2nd PUC), I would not like to mention the name of the college but here is what we are facing in this respective college. Our college is well reviewed on google, but the reality is that those reviews are by the faculty members itself, none of them are reviews from students. This is misleading many students which is affecting their education. Our college starts off at 8am and lasts up to 7pm. 11 hours in the campus. We all know that not every student has the same grasping ability and not everyone is same, but here we students are forced to study by any means. Students are literally separated based on their marks as section 1 and section 2 and are attacked both mentally as well as physically to score more marks by comparing our marks to toppers and even hitting us and disrespecting us in front of everyone. The main aim of this college is to produce results, they are merely concerned about our wellbeing and overall development. Even though we fall sick, we are not allowed to take a leave without the principal’s permission to which he disagrees most of the times. These many things are quite bearable. In the name of results our principal is using very violent means to somehow get the marks out of us. We have exams on Saturday, Sunday as well as Monday, we even have an exam on Sundays every week. With this much pressure it is quite obvious that it’s hard to maintain consistency throughout. Our principal is literally calling students to the board, in front of every other student, hitting him like anything. Its not just the normal punishment where teachers hit you once and tell you to correct yourself, it is literal manhandling. He slaps us multiple times, hit our back with a closed fist, pull our hair and beat us like anything. He makes us sit on the floor, for an entire week and attend classes. There is no proper maintenance in the college, the floors are filthier than a pavement. He finds all possible reasons to accuse us and demotivate us, even interferes in our personal and family matters. Not only does he abuse us, he even shows no respect to our parents and junior lecturers, he talks with no respect and doesn’t even realize that it a student's parent speaking. He has cut down all of our PE classes, we pressurized way too much to study and we don’t even get to speak up. Why is it that students who have a slow grasping capacity should be compared to more talented students? Why is all focus and attention given to them and we are treated as nothing but failures? Is this is what we paid the fees for? Overall I, on behalf of the students of our college are voicing out our problems. Your help and recommendation would be very helpful to us.
Thank you.


 4 Replies

Dr. J C Vashista (Advocate )     02 September 2023

It is not a legal dispute for consideration and obligation of experts on this platform.

Fankruten 77   02 September 2023

But sir is it legal to hit/physically punish students in the college which is happening in ours 

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     02 September 2023

Where exactly is the school situated? The best thing is to get hold of a journalist to expose the affairs. If you are afraid and do not want to take any risk nothing can be done.

P. Venu (Advocate)     02 September 2023

Yes, the situation, as disclosed, is alarming. Extraordinary situation calls for extraordinary measures. You have option to  bring the matters to the notice of the National Council for Protection Child Rights. Complaint could be registered online ( 

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