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Ravi (Consultant)     17 July 2016

Other relation without divorce

A Lady refuse s*x to her husband; refuse to cook also and treat him very badly but he with her because of Children, whom he love very much. There is all type abuse and cruelty by wife but she is not ready to give Divorce or ready for any counselling or treatment for her as he is Rich.

She blame him for her every mistakes and problems, even she is not ready for amicable settlement like separate house and monthly expenses for Children

He can appeal for Divorce, but he want his kids to raised with Both parents love, and If divorced she may get custody or minor children, as Indian custody laws are biased towards Fathers/Men Is there any legal remedy he can be with someone else(not Keep) as he has no marital happiness in current marriage, and other lady has to live in dignity.


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Augustine Chatterjee,New Delhi (Advocate & Solicitor at Law)     17 July 2016

Well unfortunately the only option available to men is to seek divorce . However there is no such thumb rule wherein custody of the children is only granted to the mother . In fact a recent Supreme Court judgement has also modified and explained the meaning of the term "natural guardian ". If handled properly , a strong case could help the father is obtaining a divorce as well as maintaining custody of the children .
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Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     17 July 2016

If a wife refuses to s*x to her husband without any proper reason is a cruelty upon the husband and on this ground and also as you stated her abuselive nature is a perfect ground to file divorce case and on contested it he may get divorce , but he must kept evidences of her cruelty with him as an evidence to exhibit them before the court , it will not advisable that without taking divorce he live with another woman she can file many cases on her husband , better collect the evidences and file divorce case .
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Ravi (Consultant)     17 July 2016

All she wanted is make her husband life miserable and enjoy his money. for sure she will not agree for Divorce and contest; that may take decades to settle, same time Children may suffer too

A walk alone (-)     17 July 2016

Brother never try to sail in two boats together.Decide one thing. If only for children you want to continue your marriage then never think for live in. Live in relationships can give you problem its good as long that girl is good otherwise you will be in false cases. You have two options in life(1) be responsible continue your marriage. Focus on your children educations. As a father its your duty to give them education , love, family values . Forget all live in. Focus on your children. Enjoy your life by seeing them growing up.(2) divorce. First gather evidence against her . File divorce. But before thinking divorce just think about your children your responsibility towards them. Because in any divorce only children suffer. You and she can remarry.what about children? Isn't your responsibility? Life is your decision is yours but never try to sail in two boats together. Sailing in two boats always gives problem.
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Sandhya Srinivas (Advocate & Legal consultant)     17 July 2016

Dear Ravi,
Your query:
Is there any legal remedy he can be with someone else(not Keep) as he has no marital happiness in current marriage, and other lady has to live in dignity.
There is no legal remedy.
He got only option to file divorce petition and Petition for custody of children.
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Ravi (Consultant)     19 July 2016

If wife agree to give consent letter to be with someone,without deserting her and children, is that valid ?

As other Lady knows he is already married, is there any type letter from her to avoid any litigation later ?

as he want to look after both equally

Someone also suggested to convert to Islam; but he will not go for that option

Born Fighter (xxx)     21 July 2016

while posting ur query ur trying to appear nice by showing that u care for ur kids and at same want to be fair to ur wife and GF


Im being upfront in giving my opinion. You want to have the cake and eat it too.

Pls be practical and be real in making decisions in life.Dont be afraid to face criticism from the society for dumping ur wife for sake of another women. In your pursuit to make everyone happy you will end up in a miserable situation later.... Pls follow the advise of the experts


Ravi (Consultant)     21 July 2016

Thank you Born Fighter;

Should anyone care for a women, who only knows to Blackmail and harass ?

He is in marriage just for the sake of childern. soon children will be gone. then its too late to file for Divorce.

Whats wrong in being with a women who care for him ?


Born Fighter (xxx)     21 July 2016

Husbands go nuts handling one wife and you are inviting one more in your life and plan to live happily with both, it seems like a fairy tale.


You should divorce the first wife if shes creating problems in ur life. Living with 2 women and with kids from first marriage will be very difficult and no-one will be happy. Im saying this after believing in what you said about ur wifes behaviour. The new women (yet to be wife) will show her true nature once she enters this traingle, till then she will appear as a demigod or a saviour.

Ravi (Consultant)     21 July 2016

its already said he dont want divorce because of kids; he can get divorce at any time. but other lady do not want that,because of her his wife is divorced. What if other women do same thing to her ?

Other women ready to stay without marriage, but she only want he should be with her close. and others should not talk about her as live-in thats why he asked any legal remedy.

What happens in Future no one can predict, Instead looking from negative angle, we should try to solve the problem.

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