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Bhaskar for SOCIAL JUSTICE (Legal & Social Activist)     19 July 2011

Only 6% blood donors are women - Biased Laws

Dear All,


A newspaper cutting dated 12.06.2011 stating that only out of blood donors only 6% are women shows that women is not contributing here also as usual as they are contributing nothing in many household but still these useless lamakers do not understand this simple thing and have enacted biased laws for the harassment of men.

Most of these women (fighting false cases with their husbads) are infact sucking blood of their husbands and society instead of donating their own blood. These women should be treated as most reserved category and untouchable.


Women in India must also contribute in their houses and also for the country first, before they ask for their rights . Please oppose these biased laws by sending mail, fax,represnetations etc. to persons who matter as mentioned in my earlier posts. Soon their contact details will be posted.


Thanks and Jai Hind 


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Ms Liberal (others)     19 July 2011

Before making any comment I want to state that I have not been critcising any person or any news

Yes, the above contention seems to be true.As most of women are not eagerly ting part in blodd donation

I just want to add that:

Camps are mostly been organised in work place where the women are very less
(Less than 33 %)

The camos are not organised in residential complexes such as domestic and other women willing to participate in the same

Majority of women above 18 years are suffering from low hemoglobin count (The average males have 13.2gm% and the females have av of 12.0gm%).

one out of three women are rejected even during the screening programme for blood trnsfusion)

Women are not so much independent to take decisons independently

hOWEVER COLLEGE GIRLS WITH LIBERAL ATTItUDE ARE actively participating in the programme

Whenever blood camps are organised in medical colleges yje nurse eagerly take participate in the programme




Moreover this is not US


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There r thousand and thousand of reasons and lame excuses exists ( or concocted) for defence of women.

BUT- BUt- But...... never these same resons  are applicable for men in any debate.

Do whatever,   men will be blamed for everything BUT But but even killer women will get free (eg Maria susairaj).


PLEASE PLEASE apply same arguments for men too,...... if any one wants equality. 

you have "baap- bhai-pati" too in your home like we have " ma- behan".

Ms Liberal (others)     21 July 2011

Many men killed woman and set free if one woman set free due to the lack of evidence/weak prosecution then it becomes biased law. If she is guilty definately she will be punished

Acquital was also done in Jessica la and priya darshni Mattoo case but no one raised the voice of gender inequality

Bhaskar for SOCIAL JUSTICE (Legal & Social Activist)     21 July 2011


Please update your information Mr.Manu is in Tihar Jail for murder of Ms.Jessika and Mr.Santosh is also in Tihar Jail for murder of Ms.Mattoo.



Ms Liberal,


I pity your logic.. your whole defence was based on that blood donation are at work place.  But to tell you most of the blood colletion campaigns are in college, hostels and  hospitals.


In my days( when I used to be young  you know)  there were 6 boys hostel and 1 girls hostel of euqal capacity . In our blood collection drive  we will get 50 donors  from one boy hostel and barely 10 from  girls hostel.


Ms  Liberal , any explanation for above?


Don't justify anything and everything.

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Ms Liberal (others)     21 July 2011

@ Social Justice. They were first acquitted by lower court for the want of evidence

@ Only Truth , I could understand You mena to say there were 6 hostels for boys and around 40 boys have donated the blood and there was one hostel for girl and 10 had donated the blood

It means their capacity was 6:1 (for hostel) and 4: 1 had doanted the blood????-Is this so


Ms Liberal there is no pint of making any defence as 937: 1000 Population. You want the equal right and shed out from the responsibility. Kindly atlest the acknowledge the version of author which is based on study. Yopu expect men to take the responsibility such as defence , donating blood etc and woman just sitting ideal shoting for rights. When they don't come forward in all the ways they should not entitled for any rights

Ms Liberal (others)     21 July 2011

Women themselves are malnourished from the birth That's why this is one of the factor. If you don't agree kindly conatct any regional blood bank center you will find the truth for every doantion there is form which has to be fulfiled and they have to go for Heamogram test and majority of women have been rejected only on this count only and that's why thay have been advised Iron Pills

There are some physiological factors too for the loss of blood which I cannot revael it here


Most of the professional blood donars are poor - riksawallahs and labourers.

Any blood bank can privately confirm you, that whole system is running on these proffessional donars.

Without them, most of the blood banks will shut down their shuttres.

Thats why GOVT imposed severe restricttion on blood bags.


Do you think they are all highly Nourished???????????????????????????????????

(Rich) women too live & thrive on B L O O D of POOR MEN

But in last we get filthiest abuse from drawing room campaigners. 

Ms Liberal (others)     21 July 2011

I am in concen with the Govt Blood banks for voluntarily donation or for their kins

The narration of data in regards to illegal blood banks are very saidistic as they have not been screened for HIV and other infections. Some of them are mixing blood with animal blood

Govt has raid many illegal blood banks which are running without license




LEARN TO  READ. I wrote   "50 donors  from one boy hostel and barely 10 from  girls hostel"


So across 6 hostels we will have 50X 6 = 300 donors.  :)


So madam,  it goes on to prove that  doing blood donations increases  comprehension capacity.

Ms Liberal (others)     21 July 2011

In that case an awreness needs to be genearted rather than criticissng them If you say why more men are there in IIT and very few girls are there?

Why more women do office work in city and why less in rural sector?

In the converse If I say Why more women are there in Nursing Profession It doesn't mean that men don't provide care to the patients

If I say why more female teachers are there in Primary school It doesn't mean that men don't like kids


You talked about IIT.


By the way the example I gave you is from IIT.


So this behavious from IITian girls - you tell me what awareness those girls need. By the way girls hostel name is Kailash hostel, IIT hauz khas campus


So stop giving your crap execuses.

Ms Liberal (others)     22 July 2011

Then what were their escuses for not donating the blood when it has been organised for the welfare of people

Why only 10 from one hostel has come and 50 from boys hostel has come forward for donation of blood...whether they wilfully don't want to partcipate it ?--You must have been knowing it.. Kindly reveal it before forum -At least for social cause

Kindly write your management that from next time it will be organised by the girls-then you come to know whether its steep fall or rise in the number

I cite you example that when it has been organised by nursing colleges even of delhi region- almost everyone participate it

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