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New member to this forum.Highly appreciable platform found over the internet.

I joined PSU 1 year and 5 months back through lateral entry(experienced vacancies) as an Engineer.There was no bond,no trainings and on completion of 1 year of probabtion i got confirmataion letter.I have some query regarding No objection certificate for outside job.I am not getting true picture.As per the policy of the company i cant ask for NOC before completion of 3 and 6 months of service.

1)What if apply to other Central/State of Semi government job without intimating my current organisation.
Every empployer ask for NOC at the time of interview.Can i give decalaration to future employer that i will resign and will submit relieving letter and No dues certificate in case i will be selected.Will they consider me or will still ask for NOC as mandotry certifcate for the joining/Appointment?

2)What if i hide this current employment to future employer.Is there any problem in future?

3)for UPSC job, it just ask to initimate the HOD that you have applied for this position.What if I wont intimate
my current employer for UPSC application.Will it create any problem in future?

Please reply my questions.Response will be highly apprecibale.





It is as simple as that you should not conceal anything in job application,and apply for NOC, obtain NOC, and if you get NOC you may join next employer.

The next employer may ask you to sign past employment Form, may conduct BGV and in case of adverse findings it may proceed against you.

Valuable advice of learned experts/members is sought.


Dy Director

No advise can be given to a person commtted tol viollate emplopyee-employer obligations.


What will happen if you do not violate instructions?


Hi Sudhir Sir,

Please dont think i am committed to violate the obligations.Issue is i am not feeling comfortable here.
Policies are not being followed and higher managment have dictator type behvavior.Every morning i think of not to attend office.In this case i will resign someday but cant complete 3-4 years here.

Only option left for me :
1)Either go for private industry and again try for the government job
2)apply for upsc jobs only where noc is not required.In that case i have again a query what if i dont intimate to my employer for upsc job application?Please throw sone light on this issue.





You have posted that:


----“As per the policy of the company i cant ask for NOC before completion of 3 and 6 months of service.



It is not clear what exactly do you mean by it?


You may show job advertisement, interview call letter, offer letter, appointment letter, standing orders of the company ( to be displayed on notice board and certified copy to be supplied to employee against a nominal charge say Rs.10/. Employee should apply for certified/Model standing orders applicable to his designation in writing under acknowledgment), HR policy, service rules, severance policy, Exit policy etc to elders in the family, competent and experienced well wishers, labor consultant/service lawyer/law firm, trade union leader, and understand the option available to you thoroughly.


Don’t act in haste.



-----“apply for upsc jobs only where noc is not required.’ ‘Either go for private industry and again try for the government job’



The T&C as explained in above mentioned documents should be carefully studied.

If you land up violating any of the conditions which you have accepted by signing the acceptance of appointment the present employer PSU may not relieve you properly/may not issue relieving letter and next employer may decline to absorb without it.



Therefore understand the language and T&C thoroughly.

Don’t haste.



-----The environment in PSU seen by you might be different from anticipated in private sector however the private sector has its own issues.




The employee should have adaptive skills, flexibility and become SMART.




Hi Kumar Doab ,


Its mentioned in company's service policy rule that an employee can be granted NOC for outside job only when the employee has completed 3 years of service in the company.

1 month back i applied for a outside government job and intimated in written(attached the job advertisement) my employer but they verbally denied me stating that NO NOC will ge granted till completion  of 3 years.

What are alternatives left for me.How can i join another government job in this case?

For UPSC jobs (recruitment by slection through interview),NOC is not required but UPSC state that candidates
should initimate the employer for the application.What if i dont intimate my employer.will this create problem while joining?






>>>>>Now you have posted that:


-----"Its mentioned in company's service policy rule that an employee can be granted NOC for outside job only when the employee has completed 3 years of service in the company."


>>>>>Previously you had posted that:

------“As per the policy of the company i cant ask for NOC before completion of 3 and 6 months of service.


Resignation can be without permission and Notice.

What are the penalties in monetary terms and penultimate actions PSU can levy if you submit resignation to PSU before 3 years and/or violate this rule of 3 years of service  e.g. liquidated damages............................?

Even if you agree to pay the monetary penalty, would this PSU provide acceptance of resignation, service certificate, relieving letter, FNF statement, settlement of FNF dues,, NOC/NDC, acknowledgment of handover of charge, etc........or it shall decline and proceed to diclare you having absconded/abanodoned the employment.........................

If this PSU does not relieve you properly it would cast adverse cooments on your candidature which future employer may find repelling.


Finally: You may show all documents to competent and experienced personnel as already suggested, and understand the merits and options.


So clear everything from PSU, you are employed with and your future employer.




Hi Kumar Doab sir,

thanks a lot for responses and replies.

I think there is some misunderstanding,may be i am not able to convey or may i am not aware of these technical terms like NOC Fully.

I can resign at any time from my current PSU.There is no bond obligation or any minimum service condition to be put on for resignation.At any time i can resign and serve notice period and can get releiving letter/service certifcate.There is no issue in that.There is not any obligation that i cant resign before 3 yaers of service.

I am asking for only in case i apply for outside another PSU/Central government Job.In that case policy state that
applications for these department can be forwarded through proper channel only when an employee can completed 3 years of service.

Please understand i can resign at any time with proper releiving/service certifcate ,no dues without any monetory
damage or anything.

My query is only for another outside another PSU/Central government Job where NOC is required at the time of interview,Otherwise if future employer is ready to allow me in the interview round to attend the interview then i can easily resign,serve notice period ,can get releiving letter/experience certificate and No dues certificate everything without paying any amount.


Hello Ashok,

I have also exactly same condition like you. I am also working in PSU having 3 years clause " My application for other employment will not be forwarded for three years".

Due to not  good working culture I want to change the job but not able to get NOC due to this clause.I have applied for NOC also but they have rejected mentioning above clause.

I am not sure what to do as after 3 years due to more age , I will be not eligible for  many job.

Have you got any solution for this?


Your response will be highly appreciable.






Dear Sir/Madam,

I am working in central govt. since 2005. I applied online in PSU for higher post with details of the present employer. Similarly I apllied through proper channel with online application copy. But my present employer regret( denied) to forword application and not issue NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE. Now I received interview call letter from PSU. In call letter clearly mention to produce NOC otherwise will not take interview. I can not resign my existing job before getting selection in PSU because my family is depend on me. So please suggest me how can I attend interview? Is there any alternate option to attend interview?

please leave msg me on prithvi2604@gmail or call me on 9404100858.

hope for best advice thank you for your anticipation.




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