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Nitin (marketting manager)     27 January 2015

Mutual consent sxx with a minor is rape?


   I have a friend facing situation,he and a girl had a mutual concent s*x

13 year back,his age at that time was 22 and she was 13, she is now terming that as a rape,can she file a case on my friend that he raped her 13 years back?she is married to other guy at the time of was extramarital relation ship between them



Note: She became pregnant and delivered a boy at that time and the kid is now in school.can this be termed as Rape?


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Mr.Nitin had u read what u had witten? According to u at the time of incident the girl is 13 years and Boy is 22 years old.. And it was an extramarital affair of girl. R u trying to say that Girl is Married at the age of 13 years n got pregnant n delivered a child who is in school so according to u now the gi's age must be around 26 or 27 n her son would b around 13 it soo?? Are u out if ur mind?What a stupid thing is this? In that case Girl, His husband is guilty for Child Marriage act and ur friend is guilty for rape because s*x with minor. With her consent also comes under Rape....

Nitin (marketting manager)     27 January 2015

Every word i posted here in the forum is true,

it was a child marriage,unfortunately some corner in india we still have child marriages

some traditions inspite of rigid rules still exist in India, only time can change that i believe,

this marriage was done with both the parents concent.

can you please tell me if her parents are also guilty for that marriage??



Nitin (marketting manager)     27 January 2015

Hello Goel,

  All your numbers are very correct.



rising up again (FFF)     28 January 2015

this entire scene is totally wrong.... 


the boy can be punished.....infact should be punished for raping the girl. 

the husband to be punished, for under-age marraige

the parents of the boy and girl can also be held responsible if they were involved in this marraige...



and  now, why after 13 years...the girl claiming that she was raped ??? does she want to spoil her marraige OR is the boy filthy rich..........and pay loads as a blackmail....?? LAW cannot help u in any case.... 



just save may deny any physical relationship.... it will take years to prove that .... hope you remember the case of ND TIWARI. search for it, if you do not. 


ALSO, how do you know the girl is saying the truth... how is it ASSURED that the child now born is his child only ??? Maybe it the child of her husband !!  

dont fall into blackmails....fight strongly..........she will surely back out soon... !! dont give her a single penny...... 

ANAMIKA VICHARE (LAWYER)     28 January 2015

I do not understand after so many years you got this fear…Did she blackmail you, if so, pl record her statement, helpful to you in case she goes to file complant against you, however, in court of law, her complaint will not survive, so do no worry


For further advice send direct email to my ID

or Face Book A/c Anamika Vichare


T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     29 January 2015

This is a fictitious story or an academic query posted by the author to update his academic knowledge. How is he related to the girl's story? Or if the girl is indulged in illegal extortion based on the said story, ask her to proceed legally and you can challenge her case (if it is you who is black mailed this way).



The querist is trying to pass out his time with the forum, such queries need not be answered

Nitin (marketting manager)     17 February 2015

Hello Sainath sir,

  This is a real case in Andhra pradesh,the victim is one of our client,we are trying for a out of court settlement.



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