Mentally harrasment by wife and in laws

Hello all,

I am presently residing in delhi and have a big time query. Well let me tell about our relation first. i have a problem that i belongs to schedule caste family and my wife is pandit. Its a love marriage after 4 years of relationship. Well she didnt knew about my caste. when we decided to get married then i told her about the same.though she dont have so many problem in the beganing but suddenly from past 1 month she started behave strange and dont want to go to my parents house as her family does not want her to go to my house and they dont want her to meet my family. they even somewhere dont me to go to my parents also.  its getting increased day by day. My wife go to her house on every second day. they want me to follow them and live according to them. I work in good company and i have settled house. there is no problem but i feels that its getting worse day by day and proving me wrong for everything which i cannot bare. Recently i got a option to work in kenya which is good for our future. but my wife wants me to ask her parents first that i should go or not. and if they said no then they said you go and once you are settled then let us know. I mean i cannot even take my own decisions. My family has no problem with her but she never accepted them as a family. whenver she go to my parents house she started feeling sick. Now even my mom know about that she is going to get sick. but my parents never tell her anything about that they just share things with me and my sister. Can somebody help in this. what should i do or what i can do in this situation. I cannot live like this. my parents never interfere in our life they are always supportive for me and my wife. but she never thhinks about the same she do watever her parents tell her...she does not respect our relation etc. 


Best way out to resolve the matter amicably by putting few people frm both the families....for further queries feel free to cntct thanks sunishchai sachar 9711259959 9811576667


Like the above poster said, Involve both your families and solve the issue amicably.

Good luck.


@Gautam - my advice to you is to make your own decisions. Deep down you know the answer. Follow your heart and if you make mistakes along the way, then see it as a learning curve. Asking the elders takes away your free will and your own voice. Be a man and take back charge of your own life. If your wife doesn't want the same things, then she isn't the one for you. Peace, love and good luck to you. Advice to men - beware the 498a troll. Protect yourself and lobby the government to make this biased and corrupt law bailable and non consizable.

Hello Thank you for all the responses. Well i would like add few more details. Now last month got to know that my wife is pregnenant and now her father started creating more problem that my wife and our baby will not go to my parental house. its getting issue with me now .. she is at her home for last 1 and a half month.

She is at her parents house and tells me she will come to me when i promise to her that she will not go to my parents house neither our baby will go there.


What should i do.. please suggest. She does not want to leave her family but she wants to leave me my family. Her father is blackmailing her emotionally. Please suggest.


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I am no advocate. But I understand your pain. Show your wife the door. Show some changes in your attitude towards her. Tumne use sir pe chadha diya he. Mene bhi wahi kiya tha. You just throw her off your head now. Just show her that you can go on without her and you don't need her any more. File a case of divorce against her on behalf of cruelty and before that have her leave proofs with you that you never demanded any dowry and that you never abused or beat / slapped her. Talk to her and take a video while she is still in your home. Records these things. Trust me. I can sense it. If you against her or in fact against her parents' will then you and your family members will have to face false DV and Dowry cases in the future. Do you want to cry alone in coming days? Just take videos of both of you and talk about your wife... like ... "darling, have I ever demanded you anything... any money... have I done anything wrong to you..." she will say "No" and it will be recorded. 

Sadly enough. I had no idea of such things otherwise I could avoid a false Dowry case.




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