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minal (admin)     31 August 2015

Mental harassment by dil


I am 53 years old lady. When I was 35 my husband passed away and I grew my one 10 yr old daughter and a 7 years old son. I have two shops and one house which is self owned. My daughter is married and my son also has recently got married befor 3 months. My son and I handle our shop. he is 12th passed and his wife is B.COM. I wnt that my DIL must behave properly wid me, she must atleast ask me few thins like tea ,cofee, lunch etc. But she acts as if I am not in the house. She does not talk to me. She talks wid my son but not wid me. All time she is on phone wid her mom and dad. She wants my son to go to her parents house wich we always cannot do due to our business. She wants her mom and dad to come here which I dont like, but it is ok even if they come. she does lots of gossipings about me which I already have heard. She has no repect for me and my son. wants money in her hand nd doesnot want to support us in our shop. She loves shopping, shows her richness to us. Her father has lots of money which he has got illegaly and we have a simple life style. her mom teaches her wrng things. her mom and dad visited our house and threatened us that if we leave her then that dad will ruin our whole family. he is a local polititian and I am worried that he may harm me and my son. My son also wants to get rid of this relationship as she doesnt share nything wid her and she shared all the things going in the house wid her mom.her mom fought a lot wid us and told that she is not happy wid this relationship. We are not that strong financially. Kinly help us what to do


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Jothish Kumar (Consultant)     31 August 2015

1) Collect Evidence by recording all discussions between you and DIL and her perents whether in phone or Face to Face (with out their knowledge)

2) File a DV case against them

3) File a DP Act case for for offering/giving Dowrry. If your son filed the case, you are well protected from 498A, DP act etc... U/S 7(3) of DP Act.

4) next file a Divorce

saravanan s (legal advisor)     31 August 2015

mother in law can also file domestic violence case against daughter in law.but do it after gathering evidences that would support your case.

also record the threatenings made by the father of the daughter in law and with that you can file a complaint against him in the police station.if the police refuses to take the complaint or initiate any action against him you can represent to the sp.if he is using his political power and if the sp also doesnt act then file a private complaint against him in the court.

also make a entry in the daily diary kept at the police station that your dil or her relatives might file false cases on you.this will help if she files false case on you


No Mam,

The mother in law cannot file DV case against the daughter in law as the Act is designated for women only against men.The act does state that a case can be filed by a woman on another women.There is a clause U can file DV case if U include UR son also for mental harrasment and cruelty.U can also givr a police complaint regarding the same,but make sure that UR son supports U.

Immediately U can obtain protection order from the court against UR daughter in law only under DV act.. 

Go through the below mentioned case:

In  VERSHA KAPOOR vs UNION OF INDIA, the Supreme Court has held that the mother in law can only seek protection order against the daughterinlaw under DV.


Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     31 August 2015

Give some more time to your dil for mixup with you, generally it happens in the beginning but soon she will feel attached with you show your love and affection towards her give respect and love to her inspite of looking and finding faults in her behaviour, sort out your problem amicably and intelligently with her there is no use of making unnecessary litigations it will ruined your life, 2. Your son cannot give divorce within a year of his marriage on these grounds which you had mentioned above, and getting of divorce from court is not so easy, so forget about divorce and try to save his marriage and married life.

minal (admin)     31 August 2015

can I transfer my whole property on my daughters name

SuperHero (Manager)     01 September 2015

Too much incompatability.

She is BCom passed out and Your Son in 12th Passed out.

She is rich (Legally or Illegally), his Father is a Politican and you lead a Simple life style.

She wants you and your Son to be Puppets in her hand.

She will not listen to your Words, because of the above said reasons.

I don't know how you found her to be the right match for your Son. 

For War or Marriage both parties should have equal strength.

A grand child may make you Happy...

minal (admin)     01 September 2015

can I transfer my whole property on my daughter's name. 


If the property is self owned why do U want to transfer it now? U R DIL does not have any direct right on UR properties.

I walk alone (Asst Manager)     02 September 2015

Minal Madam,

Try to sit & discuss matters in between families, you're being elder of the family should have the control of the all family members. Pls understand, initial waves are always stronger than the mid sea. If your son had a arrange marriage, then this is a "PERFECT MIS-MATCH" and if its a love marriage, you may think of transferring the property. But any which ways, the day you transfer out the property, you are going to see a concequence.

Pls do not think of any revengeful action, very tactfully get rid of her, cuz legally or illegaly you are the person who will be in trouble (Legally court & police and even illegaly her father).

prabhakar advocate (advocate)     02 September 2015

If it is self acquired property, then you can give the house and shops to your daughter.  If you got it from your husband, then you yourself, your daughter and your son have got equal share i.e., 1/3 share on the entire property.  I doubt that how, if the property is given to your daughter, the problem will be solved?  As you yourself said that your DIL  is easy living lazy person, with shopping spree freek and forces her husband to leave you and stay with her parents, it does not appear that she is after your property.  Any how, as a temporary solution, you can ask your son to take a separate house in your locality and live his own life, while working with you in shop.  If you expect that your DIL should ask about your tea, lunch etc. you should have opted a poor and 10th standard girl, who was facing difficulty in marriage as your DIL, who would have treasured her marriage a good opportunity and cared about you.  Any how, we cannot cry over spilt milk.  If your son gets divorce at a future date, keep remember this advice for his second marriage.

Prabhakar - Advocate


minal (admin)     02 September 2015

Yes u r true . even my son says he trappd coz this girl before marriage told that she will respect me, w

minal (admin)     02 September 2015

Yes u r true . even my son says he trappd coz this girl before marriage told that she will respect me, will do all wrk at home. She has a habit to wrk. But after mariage she show her colours. We r n trouble. Finally in dis old age I wil have to leave my son m stay alone.

Born Fighter (xxx)     02 September 2015

Minalji, my personal advice to you. The issues ur facing are very common nowadays.

  1. Ask your SON not to go for a kid until things get better . The advice given by one of the panelist to go for a Kid as a solution is not advisable at all. Her habits are not going to change, on the contrary she will start dictating more once she has a kid.
  2. As a last try, the only solution would be to ask your son to stay seperate with his wife. The wife is doing all this to take your son away from you n lead a carefree ,independent life .......see if you can manage to save your sons marriage.
  3. Dont expect her to accept you as a Typical SAAS, pls give her space and respect (within limits).  Whether the daughter-in-law is less educated or more educated this is a basic requirement in every relationship.


With 2 and 3 above things might change for better. Minalji pls dont mind but point 3 could also be the problem your daughter-in-law has with you/son. Think and act wisely !!



minal (admin)     02 September 2015

after marriage for two mnths I handled the shop. both of them used to b at home. I gave them privacy. for 15 days she was gud in the beginning but after 15 days her interaction wid her mother increased a lot and she started behaving as if she doesnt like me at all. I used to get whatever she wants but still she behaved strange wid me.

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