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LegalFighter (test)     29 November 2014

Married man-unmarried woman stayed together

Hi All,

My wife deserted me for past 2 years and i have filed RCR before 8 months after our reunion process with all elders and relatives were failed.She got married under compulsion and she never shown interest in married life.After all she was speaking with her ex-lover on mobile(in a separate sim which i dont know the number ) in night in a locked room.I have advised her many times and she never minded that.Now when we tried for reunion, she and her parents told that  I should not speak with my wife, shouldn't visit my 2 year old child, should'nt come to thier house. If i do these things, they told they would file all cases on me and my family.Past one and half years i have not seen my son. Don't know whether how he speaks, walks,how he looks like?,will he identifies me if he looks?

I tried for reunion even after her misbehaviour, filthy words, torture.Only reason is my child.I Love him very much and as a father i should be with him to make him grow a man of humanity, love,etc more than a money making life..

Now, from the past 2 years of mental torture, I had met a girl who is working with me in the same project(IT company) for the past 8 months.Now she understood my situation gave her shoulder to rest my face. we are talking through phones past 3 months and we went for a dating a month ago to a resort and stayed together.But we didn't have s*x.

It may be against law but not against my Conscience and situation.Our law says its a "court of law" and not a "court of justice".

 Experts please help me in the below queries to get the justice and not the law:


1. IS that lawful as a married man to stay with an unmarried woman in a hotel?

2. I heard My wife is trying to get my phone CDRs and she can find out easily that am speaking with a girl and we stayed in a same place two days(in a date).can she file any case with this CDR proof against me and this girl?

3. If she files, how can I face(defend) that since we stayed together but never had s*x?


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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     29 November 2014

Let her prove n also u prove her flirts n get divorce. For child file custody case along with visitation rights.

LegalFighter (test)     29 November 2014


If she comes up with divorce am ready to give.Please let me know if she can file any other criminal case on me or that girl.

Sanjeev Kuchhal (Publishers)     29 November 2014

You may apply for divorce on the ground of desertion.

As per law till the marriage prevails a married man cannot stay with a unmarried woman. Wife can file a criminal case of adultery.

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     29 November 2014

If a man has consensual s*x with unmarried woman other than his spouse, the spouse can file divorce case on the ground of adultery, but she cannot file any IPC case.  But she can file domestic violence case on the ground that such an extramarital affair is a mental harassment to her and can seek only monetary compensation.  That means she can seek divorce and / or monetary compensation.

LegalFighter (test)     29 November 2014

LegalFighter (test)     29 November 2014

LegalFighter (test)     29 November 2014

Thanks Adv.Chandrasekar.

I accept opinion differs as per individual experience. The mental torture I suffered with cannot be explained in words, so whatever I have done is not against my conscience.

If law allows a working/rich girl to get alimony from husband,

If law allows a girl to marry a person though she is in touch with her ex lover,

If law allows a girl to file false dowry cases on innocent husband and his family

If law allows a girl to desert herself and child from husband,

If law accept women can ask divorce and alimony at any point,

If law allows only a girl to take care of child till 5 yrs and father has to ask permission with court and wife to visit his own blood,

If law accept,no evidences needed for false cases,

If law accept, no evidance -no merit for man,


I understood all these are laws made to protect women but at the same time it fails protecting man and not providing justice..

I decided to be in living together with the girl who understood me and supported me when am struggling. I am ready to face any cases in court and police station. I can appoint any lawyers who help me to be in safer zone and to take care of my cases.But if I get good suggestions in this forum would help more innocent man waiting outside the court with his old and innocent parents.

@Sanjeev: plz let me know what criminal case she can file.

There are some advocates support and fight for innocent men outside, I would definetly get help from those hearts.

NATARAJAN IYER (Proprietor)     02 December 2014


Be quick and grab the quick suggestions here.... Do not heat your brain up....

1) Adultery is when a Man- whether married or unmarried - indulges in an affair with a s*xual relationship with a MARRIED WOMAN....


Central Government Act
Section 497 in The Indian Penal Code
497. Adultery.—Whoever has s*xual intercourse with a person who is and whom he knows or has reason to believe to be the wife of another man, without the consent or connivance of that man, such s*xual intercourse not amounting to the offence of rape, is guilty of the offence of adultery, and shall be punished with imprisonment of either descripttion for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both. In such case the wife shall not be punishable as an abettor.

so, you CANNOT be booked under ADULTERY..

but yes, you can be booked under cheating,...etc

if your wife gets a private detective to spy upon you and have all recordings on a CD / DVD ... etc then yes, the evidence can go against you in the court....



USE YOUR BRAIN...God has given you one.-----------


1) Take a Life Insurance Policy for your son and post it to your wife's residence-----------

2) Every month, start sending some amount, to your wife and to your son, by cheque / Money Order

THIS MONEY PART, YOU DO FOR ONE YEAR.....separately for both .... 

3) For the festival, send by courier, new clothes for your father-in-law and mother-in-law.

if your gifts are returned to you, do not feel insulted....

but keep the bill from the cloth shop, intact with you ....keep the courier way-bill intact with you....


So, you are also establishing that you love your wife and child and are both a dutiful husband and a dutiful father.---------

you are also establishing that you respect your in-laws and have tried to pacify their feelings, if they have been angry with you....-------------


LET YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER, buy saree and send by post to your wife and also some clothes to your son.....

so, grand-parents too have tried to pacify the feelings of angry daughter-in-law ----------------------------




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LegalFighter (test)     03 December 2014

Thanks Sir

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