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man sued for dropping wife at car service center instead of

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Man sued for dropping wife at car service center instead of beauty parlor

New Delhi
In a bizarre incident, Shruti Chandra, a housewife, has filed an FIR against her husband for dropping her at a Maruti service center instead of a beauty parlor. The couple has been happily married over five years and this is their first incident of dispute where Shruti has accused her husband of negligent driving, defamation, infidelity, mental harassment, and cruelty by spouse in a domestic relationship.

“When he halted at the service center and asked me to get down, I thought that maybe he is just planning for a quick break-fix or something. I kept standing there in the sun until an adamant mechanic approached me with a checklist saying that all free-services are over,” said a fuming Shruti.


Further investigation into the case by the police unearthed the fact that Shantanu, a software engineer by profession, has been a great car buff right from his childhood days. So much so that he even used to refer Shruti as Lamborghini during their initial courtship days in college. But due to his parent’s persistence he didn’t follow his dream of becoming an automobile engineer and became just another software engineer.

What that meant was that the closest to his dream cars that he could afford was a Mitsubishi Lancer. But he ended up buying a Maruti Alto as a part of the allocated budget was transferred to pay for brow-lift and nose-job (rhinoplasty) surgery bills of Shruti.

Accepting that she was aware of Shantanu’s craze for cars that had made him call her mother a Lada once, Shruti said that the craze did not in any way justify what he had done now.

“I loved Shantanu so much that I won’t even mind laughing at his sad jokes on similarities between a wife and a car, like how both wives and cars ask for high maintenance and about how both start creaking if not serviced on time. But this is no laughing matter now; it seems he always believed in those jokes!” said a peeved Shruti, breaking into tears.

However Shantanu claims innocence and blames the new signboard at the Maruti service center, which he confused for that of a beauty parlor: Drop your troubles here.

“I know my Lamborghini is angry with me. But it was just an honest mistake. I am sure she will forgive me when she will hear that I have already arranged for her to get a cheek-lift,” said Shantanu, who had sold his Alto a couple of hours back.



1. This is how misuse of LAWS takes place on small small reasons by errant "metro wife's" in India
2. This is how misuse is made effective with nexus of "
Police" and "abala nari".
3. In the media report the husband has high dreams for his expensive toys (cars) but sacrificed all of them just to see her Barbie Doll well maintained top to bottom and yet we say men donot look after their wife's !

And the fun part is the man has to ultimately even give away his only toy (Maruti Alto) to upkeep his Barbie..............and yet female writers will still complain here...............

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Fighting Frivolous 498A case

Ek bechara (husband) fir gaya maara...



site name in the link is itself suspiscious.

Banana Master

faking news is very trustworthy service. follow it in twitter
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Tajobsindia...FAKINGNEWS  is make up news for laughs. It is not real news. Are you so naive that you don't understand this, or so manipulative that you are trying to pass this off as real news?

One of the headlines on the fakingnews website today:

Congress trying to develop clones of Kapil Sibal to replace corrupt ministers »

Come on tajobs, you are so lame.

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This site is full of complete turds.

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Here's another made up funny news item from fakingnews.com:

Treasure worth rupees 2 lakh crore found below Tihar jail

New Delhi. Even as the nation was still to recover from the shock and amusement at the discovery of prized treasure from the underground vaults of a temple in Kerala, a new treasure trove is believed to have been found beneath the cells of Tihar jail.


@Tajobs: sudhar jao yaar.......


Ha Ha tajobindia, thanks for a nice timepass site.

Some heading i saw , 

"Proposal to install “mental detectors” at polling booths to stop idiots from voting" 

& another

"Google to make shirts that would auto-suggest matching trousers"...Lol

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<Essence of a female’s post>

Originally posted by :Uma


@Tajobs: sudhar jao yaar.......


<Essence of a
ardhanarishwar’s post>

Originally posted by : Dipangkar


Ha Ha tajobindia, thanks for a nice
time pass site.




So @ Dipangkar

If I quote “a female shall always be kept
busy, will you agree?” J  
“A female’s empty mind will then become busy finding other gossips [otherwise stomachs ache ho jyata hai…..@ generic]
By: Indian granny’s; a old saying….


Ta ra rum pum pum.........

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