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Radha Krishna   31 July 2017

Lawyer not picking call


I am not able to get in touch with my lawyer. He is not picking call.  I feel that he has merged with the opposite party lawyer.

In this case, can you guide me what to do?


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Siddharth Srivastava (Advocate)     31 July 2017

It is your imagination only. You might have address of advocate so go and meet him. 

SHIRISH PAWAR, 7738990900 (Advocate)     01 August 2017

Yes visit your lawyers office. And you always have option to change lawyer if he is not conducting the case properly.

Rishi kumar   01 August 2017

 I really liked your answer Advocate Shirish Pawar.  But the problem is the old lawyer would have collected almost all the money from this client and he will gladly give an NOC. Then you will have to pay the new lawyer from the beginning. Is there any way to get a contract or at least a receipt from our lawyers? My lawyer collected 50% of all cases in  cash as advance by promising to give a receipt. But after receiving, he says  we lawyers don't give any receipt.  Just write here is there any way to make lawyers accountable for the money received if not for the quality of their services. This will be a big help for harried clients like us that includes Radha Krishna. How to guarantee that the new lawyer will also not act in the same way?   Changing a lawyer is the easiest thing to do. But I don't consider that an answer to the above post.

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Advocate Ravinder (Advocate/Attorney)     01 August 2017

Appointing Advocate is purely based on Trust.  If your lawyer does not lift calls, does not give receipts, you have no option except to change him.  Before appointing Advocate, you have to take some references of your friends, relatives etc, you have to enquire in the court premises whether he is reliable or not.  There is no quarantee that the Advocate will be trustworty.  If you feel doubtful, you have to change him. There is no other way. 

P. Venu (Advocate)     01 August 2017

You can engage another lawyer.

Radha Krishna   02 August 2017


I am staying at Coimbatore now.  My Lawyer is in chennai. 

I have paid 35000 fees already and he is not to be found in his home address where we initially met.  There is old lady who tells that he has gone to bengaluru and to contact on phone.

I have tried day in and day out to talk to him.  But he does not pick.  I dont know how else to make him speak.  I contacted his juniors also but in vain.

All this happened but  on last date he did not do arguments at all and paid fine for not appearing in court to do arguments.  Judge took 2000 rupees fine.

In this case what to do.  I cannot afford to pay another 35000 to the new lawyer.

Advocate Ravinder (Advocate/Attorney)     02 August 2017

In the above circumstance, give legal notice to the Advocate (through another Advocate) to the known address.  Ignore whether it is served or not.  File a petition before the concerned court stating the above facts and enclose the served or unserved notice.  The court will again gives notice from its side.  If the Advocate does not represent before the court, the Court will permit you to engage another Advocate.  

Alternatively, you can also give a representaiton before the Bar Council of the concerned state.  For further details contact me to my email  

Radha Krishna   04 August 2017


To do all that I will have to appoint new Lawyer.  New Lawyer will ask new fees.  Dont Lawyers have conscience?

Finally my Lawyer goofed up, he did not come to court at all.  Court has posted for orders without arguments from petitioner side.  God knows what will be the order.

estranged wife (Housewife)     06 August 2017

My Radha Krishna I am not a lawyer.One of my lawyer did the same to me and did not submit rejoinder nor went  to argue resulting in my Transfer petition being rejected in Supreme Court.He took a very hefty fee from me yet he did this.Things like this happen to litigents and I can relate so well to how you feel right now .You have no option but to hire another one.This time approach a lawyer through some reference so that the lawyer is answerable to this mutually known person.There is remedy like complainng about such lawyers to the Bar Council but when one is involved in litigation thing like is an additional headache.Just dont give up.There are good lawyers also who dont misguide and cheat clients.Goodluck.

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