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mousami (manager)     25 January 2011

laws for giving false details of self for marriage

What are the laws under Hindu marriage act that can be applied to a man who had married by giving false promises, false details of salary. Can he be tried for cheating?


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Jamai Of Law (propra)     25 January 2011

Shocking and very sad to read.


You need to give complete details. Do you have proofs of promises and false promises and false salary etc?


Cheating is immoral no doubt and cheats/fraudsters deseves no mercy. A person has destroyed other life can't be spared by apology.


But unfortunately thee is no law in matrimonial dealings except dowry, bigamy age, sapinda, hetero-gender, sanity etc.


Marriage is different than a job. A person may secure a job showing a fake degree certificate and it is breach bon papera and empoyer has right to fire the fraudster.



In marriage if anybody gives false information about self, then catch the mediators of marriage.

There is no legal statute yet amde on these arena. But before and after engagement ceremony, people do make the background checks. It may happen to a man as well as a woman.



Past can't be kept hidden permanently and also can't be erased for ever, it erupts anytime.

We are just completing the loop to come back to same age old traditional and proven concept of 'arranged marriages' through reliale contacts and references of close relatives and friends. We all wanted to remove the ill of such practices and evolved into new age patterns and ignored evils of the new patterns of matrimonial dealings.



498a,DV, DP are meant for such category and they are required to be strengthened properly by plugging loopholes and also preventing its misuse.


mousami (manager)     25 January 2011

the guy had given false salary detalis before marraige.

he also promised to take up a house but now he and his family have refused to do so.

also the other family members when contacted have accepted the fact they have cheated the girl just bcoz she was earning quite well and they married for the same reason.

the girl is staying away from her matrimonila house and has no contact with her husband for last 8-9 monhts he refuses to talk or meet her or her family. same is teh case with his family members

can she file for divorce for cheating for him and his family on this ground

please give other sections under whcih divorce can be filed

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     25 January 2011

VERY good cause of action for war :)

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     25 January 2011

if  there is not a serious salary difference, try reconciliation. small matters shud not be allowed to break family and everyone has to leave some amount of ego to settle family, if one is so adamant about these issues he/she shud not enter into a relation of the nature of marriage and go for LIVIN which can be broke off anytime.

Mallik Karra (Done with AIBE)     25 January 2011

Suppression of any material facts including salary or educational background in case of marriage is fraud..

can provide case laws supporting this...........

but as suggested by Madame Avnish, try reconciliation..........

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     25 January 2011

pl read sec 12 of the hindu marriage act.

provision is there for such misdeeds.

if the marriage held under diffrent matrimonial act, similar provision also available there.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     25 January 2011

Suppression of any material facts including salary or educational background in case of marriage is fraud..


- right.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     25 January 2011

i have several citations in this regard which i posted on this site in last 6 months, but reconciliation is best way. also a small exaggeration of salary will not be considered fraud (there are citations in this regard too) . can u give exact details of nature of fraud, if not here then by pm.

mohsin ali (agra)     25 January 2011

sir i have some prob can u plz solve my prob ? if u have some time

mohsin ali (agra)     25 January 2011

sir accutally i m muslim from agra meri ek shadi huyee thi baad mai meri ek shadi aur huyee maine apne 2nd merreige ko delhi highcourt mai register karwaya mujhe yeh janna hai kya ab ladki k gher wale mujh per koi legal action le sakte hai ya nahi aur mujhe uske liye kya karna chahiye

Bhaskar for SOCIAL JUSTICE (Legal & Social Activist)     27 January 2011


Sayanm Malhotra   14 July 2020

Hi can you advise what all steps you took

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