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Thakkar mohini (No)     07 January 2011

Kill Born Boy

I am from Gujarat and our Cheif Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started not only he but many other social or said social persons are decalring by full voice "Betty Bacho Andolan" bit i am at differ view and said that Kill the Born Babby if he is boy. Cause is the Family problem after marriage and in India divorce issue means world war between ours and without any reasonable cause 95% ladies are involving Grand Mother, Father and elder brother, sister and their family and if sisters is married than sister's matrimonial home will also break down because of this cases and morovere, outcome of this case is minimum after 2 to 5 years though wife is right or wrong but husband has to dipressed beacuse he is a boy.




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don't know why these bl**dy anti-male laws are there!

we the innocenet male are sufferer always!

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     07 January 2011

also all remaining males be hanged of put in gas chambers so that no more atrocities on females take place. only females and happiness all around. ask girija she will happily approve of such proposal :)

zimmerzapper (student)     01 June 2011

who is girija?


Yes, mohini!

I also believe that the hubby's family suffers so much that soon society will need to worry about "male foeticide" as parents will fear having a male child!...

Having a male married in your family is enough to get your whole family arrested and tortured in courts for years!
...while the wife's parents and siblings are free to enjoy their life even when a couple is fighting in courts!

The only solution is "Dont let your brothers and sons get married "?......


This NONFEMINIST is acting to b a male here and talking against ANTI-MALE LAWS, while in another thread he is behaving like an absolute LAW-MISUSER WIFE favoring exorbitant maintenance!

Kya zamaana aa gaya hai bhai!....truly behaving like one of the members who has recently spoiled many threads here!

Originally posted by :nonfeminist


ha ha ha ha ha..sure, I will go through their posts also to see in what points they resemble with me.

Perhaps they also showed  you before the mirror as  like me.

What is there in a profile name?

feminist-non feminist koi brand hain kya?I liked to use an uncommon profile name and at that moment i found nonfeminist suitable.But it won't change my  attitude.Is Avani your true name?Sorry it may look like a personal comment on you, but it is just a reply to your post in YOUR LANGUAGE.

You wrote I dont (and cant) have a wife NONFEMINIST who is a true FEMINIST.


why can't a feminist cant have a wife?

kya feminist hone ke liye female hona jaruri hain?

An old father of a dowry victim when files maintenance on behalf of his daughter is feminist or becomes female?


You don't have greed for others money...yuor posts shows how much money matters for you.


I have got a picture of must demanded dowry from your bhabi after marriage..but they did not give you ,...rather they filed 498A aginst you and asked for maintenance could not fulfill your dreams ...

so disgusting these maintenance laws are na?l


"NON FEMINIST", you have exposed what you are ! Here you are acting that you are a male and in other threads irritating people by falsely alleging that they are "DOWRY SEEKERS" and "BRIDE KILLERS" ..

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