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Gundlapallis (Advocate)     25 December 2009

Is this enough punishment for the crime?

Amidst growing public outrage against ''light punishment'' of six months imprisonment awarded to former Haryana DGP, S P S Rathore for moelsting 14-year old Ruchika, the victim’s father emerged before media on Thursday after remaining incognito for years for fear of reprisal from the retired police officer.



Subhash Chander Girhotra, whose daughter Ruchika commtited suicide in 1993 three years after the incident of molestation, was in tears as he told the media that he was disappointed with six months punishment to the former DGP. “We want exemplary punishment to the guilty police officer so that no girl in India suffers the same fate as my daughter did,” an emotional Girhotra said.


Girhotra had sold off his property in Panchkula near here and settled in some other state after persistent harassment from the police allegedly at the behest of Rathore who was pressing the family for withdrawal of molestation complaint against him. His young daughter could not take persistent threats and harassment to the family and committed suicide after consuming poison.


“My family was uproooted. My daughter committed suicide. My son was subjected to police torture and implicated in false cases. We remained underground all these years as we feared the police let loose on us by Rathore,” he said. Girhotra said his family was still apprehensive about their security. Girhotra had lost his wife before the molestation incident and has a son, Ashu, who was implicated in several theft cases allegedly at the behest of Rathore but was acquitted by the High Court in all.


A CBI court had sentenced Rathore to six months imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1000 for molesting the budding tennis player, Ruchika in 1990. 


Girhotra alleged that no action was taken against Rathore due to political pressue even though the then director general of police R R Singh had found him guilty of molesting Ruchika after holding an inquiry in 1990- within days of the molestation incident. 


“The inquiry report was shelved and Rathore became DGP a few years later. The three political parties which remained in power during the pendency of the case against Rathore are guilty of shielding him,” said Girhotra. It was during the regimes of Om Prakash Chautala, Bhajan Lal and Bansi Lal that Rathore thrived and got his promotions despite a serious complaint of molestation against him.


An evasive Chautala after avoiding speaking to media on the issue had stated on Wednesday that six months imprisonment to Rathore was less. He said he had removed Rathore from the post of the DGP after CBI’s chargesheet against him.


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In India if you need correct Justice only students are capale to do. Indian Justice is one of the very bad system in the world. 99.50% of Police official , 99.90 % of Politicians , 99 % of Judicial staff, 93 % of Business man, now a days 90% of Government servants  are corrupt officials.


In India 99.99 % of Customs officials are very bad people. CBI never try to touch them. Because the roots are so deep even some VVV Important persons are involved.


Sir there is no Justice in India. Just forget about it.


If you want to trouble some one or to kill the time go to Justice Department other wise it is 100% waste of time, energy and money.


These rapes are common in Police Department. The only remedi is follow the Islamic law and act.

Adv Archana Deshmukh (Practicing Advocate)     25 December 2009

 From where did you get the statistics M.K.Gandhi ji ? It is true that there is corruption in the system, but which system in the world is free from corruption? Please don't portray such a dismal picture of the Indian Democracy and Judiciary. People have not lost their faith in the judiciary. Definately social awareness and reforms are needed. Is there peace in the Islamic states ? Do you want to introduce a system where hands and feet of a person are cut off for some crime?


Anil Agrawal (Retired)     26 December 2009

Neta: Policeman, will you work at my bidding?

Policeman: Ofcourse Netaji. But ...

Neta: What but? Don't stutter. Speak clearly. There are only two of us.

Policeman: O.K. If you so wish. I shall see that no harm comes to you or to your party or partymen, your henchmen, your cronies, your hangers-on, members of your family, friends and relatives.

Neta: That is great and this is exactly what I expected of you.

Policeman: But ...

Neta: Again stuttering? I donot like this. Open up.

Policeman: As a quid pro quo, you have to keep your eyes shut at my wrong doings, you will not stop my promotion, you will protect my officers too who do wrongs, you will not transfer me without my consent, you will provide me with plum posting, the entire recruitment and procurement  (bullet proof jacket, uniform, grocery, jeeps, petrol, housing projects for policemen, in the police department will be at my command.

Neta: Oh! for such a small favour you were stuttering! What a fool you are? That is normal. You can specify the unspecified.

Meeting ended with the policeman smarting saluting the Neta.

Khaleel Ahmed (Legal Advisor)     27 December 2009

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has been suffering from depression. India is a one of the bigest country in population. Such crimes are common over the world. We cannot purify the society without crime. The suggestion of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi about justice , I can not encourrage him, no student can do justice, it is fact.Further he suggested immplementation of Islamic law. As a matter of fact he have megre knowledge of islamic jurisprudence.Punishment is very sever in Islamic law,but it is very difficult to prove the offence in Islamic law. For exammple : to prove rape it is necessary to produce two wittnessesof adult male or 4 wittnesses female adult. No body can presume a person can commit rape in presence of twomale  persons or four female adults.The culprit can not be punished as per the law of evidence laid by shariah.


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Khaleel Ahmed Saheb I am not depressed at all either for money , power or women.

India is big country  but it does not means that we should do the bad things.

In India non of the religion follows there own law. Try with any female in Middle East then Indian Muslim will come to know what is Law of Shariya.

Even harrasing a telephone call to female is enough to put behind the Bars no need any evidence. Even if is a Khazi or a Top Police Officer.

Please never mention punishment is very severe in Islamic laws. They ( only Gulf nations are ) following the Islamic law not in India.

See Ajmal Kasab Saheb enjoying his life in India. If it is Islamic Law no need any evidence just blank range shot sir.

If Indian Judiciary system uses Islamic Law for Muslims in the courts, the first people who opposes are Muslims only.

How many Muslims in India are not taking intrest from the Banks?


Anil Agrawal (Retired)     28 December 2009

 Nothing will happen to Afzal Guru or Kasab. I request friends not to waste their energy and time over these "trivial" (R.R. Patil, Home Minister of Maharashtra called it trivial when Mumbai was under attack) matters. We try to live in the past glory.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     28 December 2009


An IPS officer to another.

1st: 37 years in the IPS. Rathore has brought shame on the service. 

2nd: He committed a crime and he has been punished. That is the theory of Crime and Punishment.

1st: We all do what Rathore has done, even more, but ....

2nd: But what?

1st: I mean but...

2nd: But what?

1st: If you so insist. But, we are not caught. Six months is nothing for the shame for being CAUGHT. He has disgraced us. By his action, he has told the whole world that we are fallible, that we can be caught. That I don't like. Now please go away. Let me think of some other strategy.

Khaleel Ahmed (Legal Advisor)     28 December 2009

Mr.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,

I am the eye witness, what is going in gulf.For your kind information, I worked as legal advisor to a MNC in Muscat. Where I saw people openly consuming the liquor and there is posh brothels.Flush trading is going on roads.Please don`t compare Indian democracy and Indian law with Gulf countries. I know their standard of Shariat law well.Please don`nt believe blindly about the Gulf Countries ,that they are following Islamic Law.I can comment ,no Gulf ruler is practicing Islam totally.

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In Oman you saw the people who are Baluchies and Taxi drivers. Taxi drivers they are drinking in Ruwi Hotel and Seeb Novahotel. Most of the young boys you can see with cheap drink that use to clean toilets. Kimji is the importer for that.

Oman is one of the peace place. Can you find any of these cheap cheap brothels ( Filipinos, Malayali or Russians ) in Albustan hotel and Inter continental Hotel? 

I too travel world wide and I follow the naked truth. In Oman Baluchies are one of the bad people. And they do every thing bad. Other people are Zanzibaries.

If you see any one who is doing bad just call ROP in Oman and you can see what is Law. Not like Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     28 December 2009

  Why quibble about Oman etc.

There is no dictatorship in this country nor is there democracy in Oman.


Khaleel Ahmed (Legal Advisor)     29 December 2009

Why you are using the name of Mahatma Gandhi? I think you are not Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi.You are using your id with Mahatma`s name. I request you please don`nt drag the people of forum into unnecessary controversy with students or shariat,islamic rule  etc. Here we people of India living peacefully.

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I am not father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi Ji ? But my name also Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi. Please never think lot of names in India some times it resembles as same.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     29 December 2009

 Mr. Gandhi

Please carry on to enliven the LCI.

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