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Summersail (Service)     31 August 2013

Is it a good idea to keep 3 lawyers on same case

Hi All,

My Wife and in laws recenly gifted me a DV summon. All of my family members are in the trap. I assigned a lawyer recently for the same. To my surprise I came to know that my B*st*rd(father) in law has assigned 3 lawyers on my a**.

Is it a good idea to keep so many lawyers on same case? How exactly it will help him?


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fighting back (exec)     31 August 2013

simple yaar................he is keeping three cooks to cook a delicious meal.........dont worry, if you have not done anything wrong, toh kyu tension lete ho........this is just to terrorise you...........to extract maximum money 

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well said fighting back....100% agreed
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If you have not done anything wrong, to

" tension nahi leneka, munnabhai ke maafit confidence me jaaneka"

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Summersail (Service)     31 August 2013

Thanks for the Motivation...

I did nothing wrong only they love to scare me and my family. My wife wants to see us like servants in front of her. What else can help her than a beutiful "DV petition".

I have filed RCR last year which is on evidence phase now. N then they filed DV. God knows what they think.

Well now I am plainnig to file divorce on the grounds of DV and mental troture I have faced in last 1 year.

Separation duration will reach 1 year in next few days.

Dont know if it is a good plan? Any advise?

stanley (Freedom)     31 August 2013

@ author 

I presume that you have seen three Lawyers on their vakalatnama . The reason being that if the senior lawyer is absent or busy than the juniors follow suit to attend to the same . Just like when a Female dog has pups havent you noticed how the little pups follow the mother where ever she goes . No need to bother about these silly matter  :-)

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Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     31 August 2013

it is common site that on vakaltnamma the office of lawyers who come to particular court all names will be there say 3 three advocates name will be there on that vakaltnamma and everyone sign will be there 

here one more thing that this is only a starting of dv so you also meet a big lawyer where more then 3 lawyers names are three means the lawyer you choose should be senior and naturally senior lawyers has more juniors and mostly his juniors names also mention in vakalatnamma 

and this senior should be capable to take your case and tell all the facts to him 

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fighting back (exec)     31 August 2013

if she was harrassing you from the beginning, then it was not a good idea to apply for RCR, there is no point in filing RCR, you want to stay with her, and also allege that she harrasses you, your views will contradict each other.............seek your lawyers advice again

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@ querist,

Let her come with Army of lawyers or with all BSF,ISF,RPF or CISF -----------If you are innocent and just framed in false cases then All these forces are going to kick her back.

Just concentrate your cases on merit by only one lawyer and let her come to proove all these false cases by her troops.

"Satyamev Jayate"

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Summersail (Service)     01 September 2013

Good to know that you have recently created the profile on this forum.. By your attitude I dont think you will last longer.. Your "Bataungi" has explained a lot to me about you.. Please dont worry about my matter.. Truth is immortal and it will give me justice when the time comes... God Bless you dear!! by your frustation in above mentioned comments I can feel that your husband is giving you a hard time... And the way you replied I can see that you really deserve it,,,

Summersail (Service)     01 September 2013

@fighting back...

Sirji pyar andha hota hai... Lattu tha to ghumta gaya.. Ab hosh thikane aa gae.. RCR was just and attempt to settle the score as she was avoiding to meet me. Only legal route was the way to communicate with her.. Tried mediators and other ways but no success.. But things never got settled due to her iherited family ego..

Let it be..

fighting back (exec)     01 September 2013

@summersail..........janedo jo hua so hua....what is the relief that she has demanded in her DV petition, forget the allegations, they are all crap and will fall apart in court one by one, so the base point is : your divorce will be easily due to mental cruelty caused on you by your wife by false allegations. 

Summersail (Service)     01 September 2013

@Fighting back..

Still waiting for papers. I will PM you the Highlights once I get them..

fighting back (exec)     01 September 2013

chk ur pm 


Hi Summersail..... As per my experience, finally the truth always opens before the court. 

In my case, my wife filed for maintenance claiming that she is helpless laywoman & dependent on her parents for money

& claimed that i m earning in lakhs of rupees & neglecting her. But during trial all the truth got opened & she got a big  "O" as maintenance.

She also fabricated various false allegation in her divorce petitiion. I m now waiting for her cross eamination by my lawyer to enjoy the scene.

Finally i just want to say it again that if you r not done anything wrong then don't worry, may be initially u will have some probs but hire a good lawyer & fight the case on merits. u will definately succeed 

Keep updating


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