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ritu bhadana (advocate)     31 March 2009

inter caste marriages

hi all,

in my opinion what matters the most in a marriage is love,understanding and compatibility but still why there z so much of hue n cry stil realting to inter caste marriages and there are still many cases of honor killing?what actually this honor is?is giving freedom of marrying according to one's choice westernisation?please give your opinions regarding that because though government has provided incentives for couples doing inter caste marriage but still people are not understanding your opinion whether there should be an awareness programs relating to this?


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Ashey   01 April 2009

I am of the opinion that Intercaste marriages should be encouraged for the only reason that the off spring of intercaste marriages are clever and smart

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ritu bhadana (advocate)     01 April 2009

ashey thanx for ur views but dnt u thnk the basic motive of encouraging intr caste marriages will automatically encorage the provisions laid down in our constitutution and preamble as stated by justice markanday katju dat dose who cause hinderance in inter caste marriages is in turn hindering the purpose of preamble which sayd india to be a secular country.

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     02 April 2009

1. there has been always intercaste marrieges . in ancient period it was not stigmatic.

2. even those, who support intercaste relation, always want to go in a upper caste. this social reality of so called reformists.

aatma   05 April 2009

The black side of the intercaste marriage....

When I was a student I was taught how this caste system and dowry spoil our society and country.... So I decided to do intercaste and no dowry marriage... This was my principle for my marriage.

As a consequence now I am facing false IPC498A and DP4  -  the lady says that because of her lower caste we harassed her.....So now my whole family suffers. Until now I never opened my mouth about the caste, even in my marriage registration form I mentioned both of our caste as Indian.

So now what should I think about the caste system... Even people who want to do intercaste marriage, why  do they choose upper status rather than going lower....


Mohit Attri (lawyer)     05 April 2009

actully indian people r so traditional.they think inter caste will disturb the purity of thr blood.the element of thr ancestrial will be changed in futher.the purity of thr blood  will be mostly indians r aginst intr caste.

vinayak (service)     05 April 2009

Caste system in India 1-Brahmins 2- Kshatriyas 3-Vaishyas 4-Shidras. But till now each cast is sudividing and sudividing mostly in Brahmin caste.Marraige is between sharing blood with other with whoom one does not have any blood relation. Marriage is impossible with whom we have blood reation. Intercaste marriage is better on that aspect that the blood which one caste persons touched with other caste blood , which is the basis of Marriage. Question arises their children belogs to which caste? Mixing caste in that way and than come to a state  Hindu religion comes under one core i.e the caste which is made by Manu based on work lavel aptitude does not exist . And in my  opinion mixed lavel of one core religion will not stand any longer period.  


Intercaste marriage is a solution to several social problems.  The Govt. must encourage and provide employment at least either husband or wife, if there is intercast marriage.  Further encouragement will be given by providing preferential allotment in Govt. housing schemes, reservation in professional courses etc. If there is divorce, the benefits will be taken back.  On the face of it, it appears to lurity to bring diffrent castes, but in prevailing back-ward conditions, such lolly pops have to be provided.  The benefits will be:

Our political parties based on caste and religion will be isolated.

Our obscuranist and anarchist thoughts about caste will be gradually obliterated.

Reservation based on caste will be gradullay taken away.

The society will usher into new era where only two classes will be there-poor and rich.  At a later stage, we can fight it out against this division also.

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ritu bhadana (advocate)     06 April 2009

mr. prabhakar thanx for your views i totally agree with you.

Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     06 April 2009

pls find ur answer in

Lata singh v/s state of UP Writ Petition (crl.) 208 of 2004

u ll find quite a good interpretation.

can have access to this judgment from the website of SC.

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P.Bashista (Advocate)     10 April 2009

People have a lot of hang up about the intercaste marriages. Majority of people think that intercaste marriages are a sin. But no body tries to understand the root cause or the origin of the INCASTE marriages.

In the ancient times when the Human origin was not much old and there was no state of Law and order, the way it is today there was lot of insecurity among the human beings. It started like 3-4 people living in some place on this earth and has no security. So they started their own small family, which slowly became a specific community. Then they together use to protect themselves from the external problems like wars, theft or search for food and making shelter. So there was a strong need at that time to marry among them selves and increase the population of that particular village or community.

This how one village started marriages with other villages in its nearby origin to identify a particular area as a area of a particular community or caste.

The dowry system also originated as something else, which has been interpretated something else nowadays. In earlier days dowry was basically a help given to one house, in which there was a marriage by all the other residents of the village for the preparation of marriage works as in the form of various things like food, clothes, utensils, etc.  because at that time there was batter system. But nowadays it is interpretated as a way of making profit and fulfilling greedy needs.

So, basically nobody is ready to realise that we do not have any more those law and order or security problems due to which we need to increase the population of ones community or village.

Day by day rural areas are getting converted into urban modern areas but do we ever hear that an urban area has been converted into a village??

I personally think that our ancestors were very intelligent and knew to adjust as per the changing needs. But we are the blind followers who don’t even for a minute want to realise that is there really any need to increase our community?? Is there still a kings rule or we are still involve in wars??

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ritu bhadana (advocate)     26 April 2009

 thanx a lot mr. kiran for the case.......

Manish Singh (Advocate)     09 October 2009

hey..u have been trying to make a change.. good one.. i completely support your vies and we should definitely start a campaign regarding awareness agaist the same.. the best benefit of intercaste marriage is that it will demolish our caste system gradually which is a must for our indian society if we need our india to move ahead with the time..

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ritu bhadana (advocate)     09 October 2009

 Thanks for Your Support......really it z a dire need for the upliftment of our society to start a compaign for this issue. This Caste system has led to many complexities and the attitude of People till today is discriminatory and examples of this are heinous honor killings. This attitude is a hindrance to "Secularism" which is an important part of our Constitution itself.


As Advocate Probhakar suggested in his reply, I think the Govt. should provide a financial package of some amount to the person who execute Intercaste Marriage. This will provide the financial help who executed the marriage but not in the condition to hold it for longer because of financial need because there are only few cases in which families supports to persons other wise in mostly cases thier family never takes reponsibilities.



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