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Janaki (House Wife)     09 May 2013

Husbands duty

hi all,

i want to know that if a wife is interested to continue her higher studies and she is not having financial status she is having rights to ask her husband or not.

and what are the husbands duty.what he want to provide for his wife after the marriage.



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Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     09 May 2013

Madam.  It is a matter of understanding rather than a matter of right.  If a husband has financial status to get his wife educated it would be nice if he provides what she wishes for unless there are exceptional circumstances for him to deny her request.  But these are not matters that can be enforced legally.  Law does not say anything about these matters.

Girish (Senior Manager Operations)     09 May 2013

Husband's duties are listed in Domestic Violence Act.

Unfortunately, duties of a wife are not listed anywhere.

kavksatyanarayana (subregistrar/supdt.(retired))     09 May 2013

Generally if husband financially sound he may encourage his wife in education/any field with mutual understandings.  but dont say duty.  UNDER HINDU DHARMA SASHTRA (hindu customs and traditions) the husband cooperates and looksafter the welfare of his wife and other family members.  And the wife cooperates and manages the entire family   But in recent days the husbands have duties under DV Act.  But it mainly depends upon mutual understanding which is a most important between a wife and husband.

Originally posted by : Janaki

hi all,

i want to know that if a wife is interested to continue her higher studies and she is not having financial status she is having rights to ask her husband or not.

and what are the husbands duty.what he want to provide for his wife after the marriage.


It's his wish/earning capacity to support you financially for your studies.

Rest, you may jot down the duties of husband here.

Please do it.

And you will surely get few replies as to duties of wife too.

Ranee....... (NA)     09 May 2013

This is not duty but mutual understanding. Generally it is available depending upon 1.husband's financial condition. 2.Educational atmosphere in matrimonial home. 3.Educational qualification of other family members, specially females AND 4.YOUR MERRIT. Don't come to legal forum for this kind of problems.

Mango (Consultant)     10 May 2013

Janaki @ This is indeed a great decision taken by you to opt for the further studies. Knowledge brings the wisdom and thus makes a person enables to take the more appropriate decisions in his/her life. I see the decision you've taken is correct but the route which you are taking is NOT really right; maybe it seems to you right, but it's not really.


Legally it's NOT a husband's duty to sponsor his wife's education but morally it's.


As very rightly said by Laird Forbes, "Educate a man and you educate an Individual... Educate a woman and you educate a nation."  So it's very important to help a woman in getting the right education.


My understanding is that your husband's earning is not sufficient enough to allow him to pay for your education. It could be that he is bounded with a lot more responsibilities than other individuals, which he wants to complete it beforehand.


In India, there are many ways to opt for the higher education. If you are looking for some technical courses through reputed universities then go for GATE exams which could help you to gain scholarship. If you are looking for some non-technical programs from reputed universities, I would say go for the GMAT, CAT or XAT exam which could again help you to gain the scholarship.


If program which you are trying to pursue does not fall under any of these categories, you can avail the education loan which is provided in a very discounted rate from local banks.


If nothing works then you can write to the university counselor and seek his/her assistance in your case.


I hope this helps. Thanks!



Good Boy (None)     10 May 2013

Dr. Jyothi Vishwanath (Associate Professor of Law)     08 July 2013

If you are really interested in higher education,

and if your husband can support you financially, it is good. If not, take some part time job and finance yourself. Or take a loan and finance your self. Husband under moral duty to support. But yes he has no right to stop you from further studies, if you are really keen to go for it.  

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Ajay (none)     10 July 2013

Husband's duty ?? Did you even think what's your duty? If you couldn't study when you had age to study then how come you thought of studing now? Husband isn't an ATM machine brought to you by your parents. If you both love each other and his financial status is good than there shouldn't be issues like asking for suggestions on this form. Get up, go and work and earn few bucks and continue your studies.

If you had issues not affording/helping/managing your father in studies. I'm sure you wouldn't have asked the same question here.

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not as of now (not as of now)     11 July 2013

Dear Sister,

if your husband read this post, do you know how he will feel ?

Please stop thinking in evil manner and speak with love with your husband.

I am sure he support for your education.

If your highly education then your husband, you no need to do job, just educate your kids to be a good citizen sitting in home.

good manners is first important, not good job.


Your brother


@ Jankiji, we are going to request our Govt. to introduce a speacial subject / special classes either in school or in colleges about the husband's duty after marriage.


May be Govt.take interest and introduce it soon. But Govt. is not going to introduce for the same for wife's duty.


Instead of wasting your time here, i would suggest to love your family (husband, kids, your Parents-In-Law, your parents as well) from your heart. You really need to undergo for study on the subject compromize / adjustments with the situations.


The author request is willful but if this lady is in the same shoes of other wicked lady then definately this issue also going to be taken as a sub section in DV act by her if she will lodge false cases against her husband just by telling that my husband doesn't give me money for my education.


Now what to say for this parallized law who will favor women even when the men will come to give birth to their babies on their say.Sorry for this comment but this is natural.....

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