husband did illegally second marriage & flied to us.

Hello Experts,

My husband illegally perfomed second marriage and flied to US with illegal second wife.

1) We are not divorced yet, we also have 6 yrs old son.

2) His divorce petition is dismissed and he went in appeal but now he did second marriage during court proceeding.

3) He perfomed illegal marriage in a temple but I found that he registered it in Registrar office.

4) He also did not pay single amount as interim maintenace since 5 yrs.We also put Distress warrent application but the court is in his favour only.

5) He and his father said that they have spent lot of money.So, no one can do anything against them not even the court.

Please advice as no one is supporting to me.I would be grateful to you.

Thanks in advance.

Please advice


you can file execution if ur husband failed to pay court can arrest him court can also issue arrest warrant against ur husband and also can pass order for arrest ur husband from abroad

you change your lawyer.

go to the police station and file a complain with section 498A 406 and other relevant sections

secondly file a case with section 125 Cr.p.c

What your husband did is an offence.

Court in his favour?     Why?     It didn't allow his Petition for Divorce.

Why?     Because it hasn't granted maintenance?      Have you asked for it?      No.      Courts don't grant maintenance suo motu.


Respectd TGK REDDI,

The hon'ble court who had dismissed his petition was with a great desk who dismissed his petition and always gave me a change to put my point.

Now, the court who has passed maintenance under sec 125, never imposed him to pay the maintenance.When I put application for D.W.to recover the amount, the concern court never entertain us.(My lawyer also never showed interest to recover the amount.) Insteda, court is now only in favor of finalizing the matter without instructing my husband to pay the amount.

And, now he flied to US with his second wife.


Already execution petition to be filed by you suggested by above gentleman. Apart from that you can to much. What is your caste. What is your husbands caste. What is the girls caste who allegedly married your husband. What was her marital status. Etc all these are points to be considered. Execution petition will not yield much. When people cheat crores of rupees to bank and run away, court, police wont do anything. What will they do for your husband? All this court kacheri etc look good for film stars who have enough money to take divorce, etc. for common man only adjusting with spouse is the option. Another option for common man is to roam to court till they die. It would be wise that you marry again and try to lead successful married life with new husband. This husband is gone because of the mistakes you did. Now nothing much can be done. I know your advocate did not do anything, hence you have come here for suggestion. It should have been in you to save marriage. That is rare quality to find in women these days. Court is no answer for marital problems. Just take divorce from court and remarry. Don’t waste life in court.

What else you expect if you try to solve household disputes in court? Keep running around courts and pay money to lawyers. You husband has found other woman who is probably younger and better looking than you and is also enjoying better life in US. Good lesson for you - no marriage problem will ever be solved in court - you can only get divorce in court - nothing else. Get ex party divorce and move on with life. Find someone else to share your life and don�t make same mistake again by taking family matters to lawyers. If you face problems in home, talk to family and resolve lovingly, if that doesn�t work go to family counselor to help resolve matters.

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The inputs of autohide4u are mostly excellent.

Thinking of getting matrimonial problems solved in Courts is a blunder.      The persons who profit are lawyers and judges.

Getting divorce is the best remedy.

Not marrying again is the best course of action.




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