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unknown (nbxcgnbxc)     13 July 2012

How to change from sc to general category

i belong to SC category, I completed my engineering  from one of the reputed institute of india using reservation, now 'm very well settled with a job and won't be in need of reservation anymore, even for my future children as 'm well settled now. So is it legal to change to GENERAL CASTE from SC? If so what are the procedures.

And if i change to General categiry will there beany problem to me in future?


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Kunal Anil Gaikwad (Student)     13 July 2012

strict proof i didnt get u sry!

Ajay K Tomar (Advocate)     13 July 2012

strict proof means "SC Category Certificate"

Kunal Anil Gaikwad (Student)     14 July 2012

so how do they easily accept that you are from general category

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     14 July 2012

Originally posted by : Ajay K Tomar
Nothing to worry about

in every department  you have give a strict proof of belonging from SC and they easily accept that you are from general category so ... you can understand what im trying to say..

more on if you required +91 9418463111

Mr Ajay being an advocate what kind of answer is this in the forum?

Nothing to worry about! Do you mean to say come to my Chamber I will give you caste certificate of any caste as you want ?

The label attached to a person born into a scheduled caste or a scheduled tribe caste continues notwithstanding today after enjoying all the "caste" fruits you come up with “magnanimous” plea that now I don’t want my label! It is highly preposterous thought you have come up with here after enjoying to your hearts contents all the best fruits. Best magnanimosity in future will be not to enjoy those fruits at all and be content with "position" that you call “safe” for yourself and for your next generation(s). Atleast with this self resolve 1 seat in "reservations" will become less for other needy candidate(s) from general category.  



Adv Umesh Gupta (Advocate)     14 July 2012

Its very simple, dont use your sc certificate anywhere, 

don't take any benefit from this certificate, 

fill your category as general in any type of forms, 

so its very easy to come to gen category from sc category

Isaac Gabriel (Advocate)     14 July 2012

As you have obtained the seat on quota,it may affect you,in case you declare as belonging to SC.Further, you can hitherto need not make any claim for your wards. It is enough you may avoid mentioning the caste.But it is not advisable to pose as general categotry, as your label will not change for ever.

Ajit Singh Cheema (practising Advocate)     14 July 2012

Instead you should be proud of being a SC, You got the prized institute because of being SC.While at the top dont through your ladder away, it may be needed while coming down.

Om Prakash Dhusia (HR assistant)     14 July 2012

There are many Indians who after enjoying the fruit of being SC suddenly have decided to be more magnnimous and want to get rid of their darkest past but what if you switch over to general catagory by dnouncing your caste. Would you be accepted in the General catagory? I don't think you will. You just wanted to play prank with the people since you yourself knew the answer beforehand. Please don't ask such meaningless question.

There are graduate advocates from general catagory who do not know English but still want to converse in English and do not bother whether it makes any sense or would be laughed off by the readers. I am referring to Mr. Ajay for instance. There are some gentlemen who are rude and if do not want to reply but waste their energy in suggesting "Repeated Query" as if they have been prompt in reply to the needy.

I am scornful of such hypocritesbut respect the real intellectuals. Help the people if you know the answer but don't be extra smart.

Sorry and regards to every reader.

SAHIL (LEGAL)     16 July 2012

Shame on this unknown person who is now changing his caste after enjoying the benefits, I hate you, you are shame on your SC Community.


it may not be possible to change your caste but definitely if you feel so strong about it , then you may not accept relaxations as available for these candidates

Mohit Kumar Rohtagi   15 March 2018

Respected Sir my name is mohit and i am belongs from a SC caste. I taught my engineering without using any reservation facility coz my father is an govt. emplyee. Now i wants to cahnge my caste from SC to Genral. So can you please provide a solution to change my caste permannentlly. Please sir 


Now i am started my own business and i really wants to change my caste. Coz i cant adjust with this.


Mohit Kumar Rohtagi   15 March 2018

i want to change my caste from SC to GEN. plz coz i cant adjust with this. I cant take any type of reservation profit in my studies. Plz tell me the appropiate solution

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