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how to be a good human being

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This Article is not copied from here n there and based on my personal observation.   


How to be a Good Human Being

Today I wanted to raise a very different issue which is very important for all of us in this walk of life apart from our books, exams, career and wealth etc.

As per my personal opinion first and foremost thing in life is to be a good human being. Kindly observe friends, all the important things in life like success, wealth, good relations, respect are directly connected with a good human nature. I just wanted to share some of the points observed by me in life with you all.

As per my personal opinion some of the essential points to be a good human being are:

1.      Always respect your parents and family as nobody is more important then your parents and family.

2.      Always help others without any expectation. Some try and go out of the way to help others. Always remembers at every possible moment you can help someone in your own way, so just do it.

3.      Never feel proud and superior to anyone.

4.      Control your anger and listen to others.

5.      Keep smiling and cheerful.

6.      Stay away from bad company.

7.      Never compromise with your ethics and be on good values with all persons around you.

8.      Be humble and good to everyone. Always remember if you don’t want to be kicked in the face, don’t kick people in the face.

9.      Always give due respect to everyone. Especially women’s. Try and be good to everyone who comes your way.

10. Follow the simple rule of life-“Do well and be good”.

11. Just do what is right.

12. Don’t lie or cheat other people or cause any kind of harm, whether mental or emotional, to everyone around you.

13. Stay away from jealousy and hatred.

14. Be yourself and don’t compare yourself with others.

15. Love yourself and everyone around you. Be gentle with yourself and strive to be happy. Remember your attitude towards yourself can make a huge difference in your life.

16. Enjoy your life and achievements and family moments to the fullest.

17. Share your knowledge. According to me knowledge sharing is the best thing in this world. It gives you immense pleasure.

Please do share your comments and favorite point. Thanks for reading.


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Ankur Garg ji.


I appreciate your keen observation. If one follows life be will be happy.


Now it is a big question present generation how much percentage people are following ethics and morals in their families? Always positive thinking is good for health.

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Mr. Satya Prakash & Mr. Garg said very well.I am agree both of them.

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MY perception on the issue under context :


The   Good Human Being   "philosphical sermon"  would stop all the business of the Judiciary system and the Advocasy business, which is a essential part of our society.


Everybody is a "Good Human".  AND those who are perceived as  "Non-Good Human being", are due to circumstances, incidences, ego (of being a good human being) and medically our own hornone system.


Today someone is Good, Tomorrow the same "someone"  turns bad.

Morning there is Sun-rise, Evening there may not be a Moon-rise.

Sometimes there is Shade,  Somewhere else there is light.

People prefer to eat  "sweet dish",  after a non-sweet meal.


Remember : Inspite of the Light, the darkest spot is under the Lamp.
The above maxim means that the person who propogates "goodness", is the one who is the biggest culprit of all "evils".

"The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending, and to have the two as close together as possible"

Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal

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Wah Hemanth ji. Aap ka sandesh ka jawab nahi. Thanks for good quote.

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Nice thoughts

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Very good thoughts thanx above all members




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