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my mother's great grand father had some 8 acres inam land.He had  2 sons.My grand father X & his brother Y.Then Y had 6 sons ,they all took 4 acres of share...My mother's father X ,has 3 sons and 4 daughters.That is my mother has 3 brothers.These 3 brothers gave our grand father house to only sister mentioning that she is the only daughter ( according to my mother's brother they gave her the house because she got married after 1985).Till date they never gave a single penny to my mother.we are 5 - me and my brother and my 3 sisters.we had to mortgage our house for our sisters wedding but my mother's brother did not help us in any way.My mother's elder brother passed away and now his family like wife and kids and other brother's of my mother are saying that my elder uncle wrote in a book that he gave more than 30 lakhs to my mother and 2 sisters of my mother till now... and they are not showing us details like what kind of help he did or when and how he gave us that money ..when we asked them our share in ancestral property my other 2 uncles are saying that my mother and my mother 's other 2 sisters are not born to our grandparents..they almost sold off everything..i heard that even now the  property share of X is in my mother 's grand father and father's name .Y share had got the title in their name.

1.how to get a legal heir  certificate as my mother does not have any document from her mother's side. 2. Only in her passport it shows she is the daughter of my grandparents.

3. Mandal revenue officer asked me to get succssion certificate.

4.Mandal revenue officer did not give me pahani of property .( only when we can prove that all remaining 3 daughters are legal heirs then they will give ).

5.we do not have any document from our mother's side  except the sy  no and door no of property .

6.It is a huge property and my mother and her 3 sisters are not financially strong to pay percentage of court fee.

7.They even took away the property that my grand mother got from her government job.

8.my mother's younger sister is not keeping well and if anything happens to her , how can we get right to fight a court case on her behalf .

please advice on each question as i am a Law- abiding person and do not want to bother my relatives with unlawful behaviour however i want justice to be done to my mother for her sacrifice for brothers and we have seen she did a lot to my grand parents and uncles n their families.

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First and foremost you have to obtain legal heir certificate. Apply at Legal services authority at your nearest court. They will not take any lawyers fee. For economical backward category people, the court fee exemption is there. Apprpach them immediately.


Thanks for your reply sir ...This kind of guidance from kind people like you gives justice to so many suffering..sir the said property is in hyderabad.My uncle son told me that they have crores and they can fight in court for more than 10 years. I am disheartened as i dont have any kind of support.Information is my grand father x"share is still not on my uncles name and they almost sold their of 4 acres.My grand father brother Y" children changed the title on their name by paying fee etc..now for complete land sy no is same and i think we can send notice to only my uncles and it will not be hurdle to Y ' sons.as they gave their share for development.sir how can my aunty's children fight in court if any thing happens to my aunty .




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