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Need Help... (MIS-Executive)     18 December 2013

Guide me.... for prove...

Hi Experts... Need little help...

I got married in 2007 My wife left me in 2013... In between she sveral time gone to her paretial house....

I have baby.. 3 years old... she left me and baby with her only.... Means Last 6 years, she lived with me only 2 years after that she was with her paretial house...

After her first preganancy she was with her mother ... almost 11 months. in between i go there place and meet her and my son and come back to my home... in that 11 months she again got preganent i think after preganancy 5 month later but she never told me... and her mother gave her some aurvaidik medicin and she abort. after 1 month she told me... she having some pain in stomach so i took her to doctor then doctor told me some kachara type in her overies then i ask her then she told me she got pregnent ... i had 1 time s*x with her in that 4th months. but i never put my sperm in her. and many time in fight she told me u go to ur place and i m not going to come there...i have many people to save me...

i am not doing doubt on her but i feel there is some love tringle.... now she is asking me for MCD .. i m not ready... but she is forcing me to go for MCD ....

How can i prove to court to she have and had any extra maritial affair.... ?


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gautam (not disclosed)     18 December 2013

Getting child aborted without your consent itself would be considered negatively by the court, you can allege that it was not her child and this action will arise suspicion in front of the judge,
but will it be proved or not is not sure

Need Help... (MIS-Executive)     18 December 2013

What proofs required to prove in front of judge... ?

Video / Audio / meeting Place / Photo that they both are together

FightforGood (Specialist)     18 December 2013

After you getting this thought, no point in living with her. Even as per you its not suspicious now, it would be increase later. Better go for MCD. Even if she is willing, why you are not for MCD. Whats the point of proving her action infront of judge?

Need Help... (MIS-Executive)     18 December 2013

Thought in mind not in heart... I love her more than me and my son also.... i dont have right to spoile any bodies life.... if its proved then i will go for divorce but i have solid proof so i can take complete custody of my son... i want my baby with me... i need him and right now he is 3 years old.. he needs mine ... i dont want to live with her ... but bolate hai na Baccha Palana hai to ek Bhais ko bhi palana padata hai.... we both dont have rights to spoile his life... i do any thing to give him better future...

So please suggest me.... above mentioned proofs are enough to prove she having affair....

stanley (Freedom)     19 December 2013

As you state that she is pregnant the DNA of the child would prove if the child is yours or someone elses as this becomes a solid proof which any court of law would accept . 



Of what use is it if a man Gains the whole world and loses his soul and trust . Hence it is better to rule with your mind rather than your heart . You cant clap with one hand and so does love work the same way . 



As your wife has suggested that she wants MCD than it would be upto you to accept it stating the terms that you want or reject it . But what would you gain rejecting the same.Maybe she has an affair and hence wants to get married alternatively you to are free to remarry . In the course of time over the years you may come across some one who really loves you for what you are . Than you would seek Divorce and remember contested divorce takes years and who makes the most of it  is the lawyers in terms of your fees and your precious time . 


Hence the call is yours 

Need Help... (MIS-Executive)     19 December 2013

Yes... May be ur right.... But still its not prove & i dont have any proof.... thats why i said its in my mind not in heart....  i miss 1 chance which u told me... i m very late... if they made 1 mistake may be they made in future also... i m stilll not loosing Hopes, and trust on her... lets see all goes to god and time... But Thanks for giving me relax.... i just wait for there other mistake.

Wait and Watch.....


Thank you very much... Stanley

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     04 February 2014

have you tried peaceful nogotiation?


what exactly is the casue the she is not living with you?

answer to this question will give key of solution

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