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Need Help...

About me

  Member Since : 19 July 2013  (Mumbai)

Dear Sir,

Kindly find below likns which i have already uploaded in this forum,

Please suggest your expert advice and guidline....

Please help me and request you to save me and my son also if possible save my wife....


Honesty is not a Spare Wheel that you pull out when in trouble. It's a Steering Wheel that keeps you on the right path throughout the life's journey

Relationship is Like a"Honey",But Don't Compare With "Money".It is Not a"Collection of ART"but It is a"Selection of HEART".

Watch :



If I am WrOng , I Need YOur Hand TO Correct Me.... If I am LOst , I Need YOur Hand To Guide Me.... If One Fine Day I Die, I still Need YOur Hand To ClOse My Eyes. S0. . . . Please hold my hand tightly in your hand

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